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Your September stars
by Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Aries: It’s a taking out the trash or rubbish kind of month. September sees Aries sweeping the kitchen floor, wiping down countertops and squeegeeing shower doors and walls. You get the picture. Focus on the satisfaction of completing tasks. Once started, you may not be able to stop!

Taurus: Put on your favourite tunes at home or work and get moving. You need to do anything that gets your creative juices flowing. This can be anything from redecorating a room in your preferred colours, or trying out new cookery recipes, landscaping your garden, to writing your life story.

Gemini: Changes are afoot on your home front. If you feel the urge to rearrange your furniture or to change rooms around then go ahead. These physical urges are symbolic of a deeper emotional need for alterations in your private life. Perhaps it’s time to make room for a home-based hobby or office.

Cancer: A decision that has been pending is about to become clear. It’s time to stop worrying and move forward. You may choose to take a short break to clear your mind. If still in doubt, or travel restrictions stop your plans, then why not pick up a pen and journal your thoughts?

Leo: It’s all about money.  Any monetary currency is really just a means of exchange. When it flows then you feel good. When it doesn’t then problems occur. Do you have enough?  If so, then you can celebrate. If not, then it’s time to examine and adjust your budget or your income.

Virgo: The month starts in your birthday season, giving you an energy boost. So take a moment to determine your strategy and then take action. Your energy may be focused on a money-making or budget-setting activity. Or perhaps you are investing in a personal makeover, a boost to your self-esteem.

Libra: The start of September sees you pause before your birthday season. You can reflect on the previous birthday year and perhaps set some private goals for your next trip around the Sun. Your focus needs to be as much about others as it is about you.

Scorpio: Friendship is highlighted in your Solar Chart this month. Thousands of years ago, philosopher Aristotle distinguished three kinds of friendship: friendships of pleasure, of utility, and of virtue. These three categories are still applicable today. Whatever your personal scenario, you now discover the value of each type of friendship.

Sagittarius: September sees you shine in your public life. This could be your profession, as a spokesperson for an interest group, on social media or in your role as a parent or grandparent. This month you are recognised for your input. And luckily, family members support your efforts.

Capricorn: A philosophical approach to your life is needed this month. The Sun is shining on the 9th House of your Solar Chart, highlighting a need to see the big picture. You have an excuse to put household drudgery on hold and focus instead on activities that lift your spirits.

Aquarius: Regrets may be on your mind this month. Why? Perhaps because you are ready to make some changes and wonder why you didn’t implement them earlier. The idea is to stop looking back and to look forward. Shift the focus to the here and now, and the future. 

Pisces: After some recent setbacks, and perhaps even some relationship issues, you are ready to move forward again. For some this may mean a relationship contract. It may be time to sit down and communicate with your loved ones, and perhaps agree verbally or in a written contract.

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