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Your May stars by Stephanie Johnson

Aries: The Rams of the Zodiac need to find outlets for pent-up energy. Planets aligned in your money sector indicate that a new budget or a new outlook on your personal coffers is needed. It is time to change how you earn your money, or at least look at different ways of spending. 

Taurus: It’s time to look at your health and happiness. This is your month to focus on self-care. Comfort eating, lack of physical exercise and indulgences do not augur well in the long term. As difficult as it may be, you need to adopt a new and more active routine. 

Gemini: Social distancing is the polar opposite of active and stimulation-seeking Gemini energy. You love to connect, network, chat, create, transport and flit from one activity to another. If possible, take a deep breath and use the month of May to start activities that help calm your mind. 

Cancer: You love nothing better than to nurture others, and this means touch – hand-holding, hugging and cuddling.  What can you do during lockdown? You can start online. You need an interest that is shared with others to stop you worrying about loved ones who are out of reach.

Leo: It’s time to focus on your career. If you are not an essential worker then you may wonder how to do this. You need to be inventive. What can you do that advances your professional interests? Is there an online course that would boost your knowledge or skills? 

Virgo: It is time to broaden your mind and think outside the square. Travel plans have been cancelled but there are other ways to escape. The planets herald positive times for teaching, publishing, studying, religion, sports or anything that lifts your spirits. Research a subject of interest. 

Libra: It’s time to examine your resources. This means looking at any joint ventures as well as any investments that you have made. Are you making the most of your resources?  It is a time for introspection, especially after the 13th when your ruling planet Venus goes Retrograde.

Scorpio: The 7th House of your Solar Chart lights up this month, indicating that dating, mating and relating are high on your agenda. The usual courtship rituals have changed under the lockdown laws in place in so many countries. The lockdown lowdown is that you need to get clear on your relationship priorities.

Sagittarius: You may find it difficult to establish a routine during the month of May. Daily life is full of surprises. The trick is to remain adaptable. Go with the flow. What improvements can you make to your own well-being? How can you adapt your working life to the current social requirements?

Capricorn: May is a creative month. This means that you can work steadily on a current project that excites your imagination, or you can start a new one. It is time to focus on something that helps you feel young at heart. Several planets in your fellow Earth Sign Taurus propel you forward. 

Aquarius: Gregarious Aquarius may find it difficult to hunker down and social distance. Air Signs love to connect with others, but the planets are aligned in the 4th House of your Solar Chart, calling you home. The ‘stay safe, stay home’ hashtags could be your personal ones this month. 

Pisces: Your mental health is the focus this month. You need to keep your mind occupied with positive interactions and activities. May is the perfect month to learn a new language, pick up a musical instrument or art brush, or just about any short-term uplifting hobby. Choose inspiration, not worry.

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