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Your August stars by Stephanie Johnson
by Mornington Peninsula Magazine

August Stars

Aries: Your passions are aroused this month. A romance or a new project spark your love of life and give you a boost of energy. The planets are aligned in a way to encourage you to enjoy your daily life, to follow your dreams and to spark something or someone new.

Taurus: Life is changeable on the home front at the moment. In fact, you may be juggling a few home tasks or connecting with family in a different manner. The erratic planet Uranus is going Retrograde in your Sign, indicating that matters from 2018 may still need to be resolved.

Gemini: Your mind is sharper than ever this month. So the question is how to put it to good use.  You could learn some new skills, start a new hobby, read books or manuals, or perhaps teach others. It’s time to boost your connections with neighbours, siblings, and other close connections.

Cancer: Money matters are on your mind in August. It’s time for a review of your personal spending habits. Perhaps you need a new budget, or you could be ready to ask for a pay rise. Either way, confidence in your own abilities is the key to success.

Leo: It’s all systems go for Leo! You are setting sail in all areas of your life in fine Leo weather. The planets are aligned in a way that gives you a real boost this month. This is your month to express and love the real you. Party, party, party.

Virgo: As a Virgo you have the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task. And this month your skills are put to the test. Your social life is on the back-burner as you take time out for a private or work project that requires concentrated effort.

Libra: It’s time to get out your social planner – diary, social app, online calendar etc. Librans love a good get-together and this month sees you in your element. So organise your wardrobe, rearrange your accessories and get ready to party whether in person or on Zoom, with individuals or in groups.

Scorpio: Your profile is set on public in August. Everything you do is noticed. In particular your professional life is highlighted. Your good deeds are recognised. Your application to professional tasks is praised, promoted and perhaps even rewarded. Your role as a parent, or perhaps your parents have greater influence this month.

Sagittarius: Something or someone is giving you pause for thought. You may be questioning life at a deeper level as a result. There’s a need to dig deep and try to see the bigger picture. You could travel abroad, if possible, as this can give a different view on life and broaden your horizons.

Capricorn: Financial affairs are highlighted in your Solar Chart. Joint monetary affairs are the flavour of the month. This includes joint bank accounts, investments in stocks, shares and property, insurance, inheritances and business affairs. Your personal finances may be restricted while you attend to the bigger picture.

Aquarius: This time of year highlights your key relationship. There’s a saying that ‘affection is when you see someone’s strengths; love is when you accept someone’s flaws’. Currently, you are focused on love. You are assessing your current status and making serious decisions. You have reached a fork in the road.

Pisces: Daily life needs to be safe, comforting and fun. You need to be living in sync with your own biorhythms – physical, emotional and intellectual. This can be easier said than done. This August the planets give you the impetus to adjust your everyday life so that you experience more enjoyment.

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