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At just five months old, Coco Heath first stood up on a board holding her mother Molly Heath’s hands while they were on a camping trip. This was just the beginning. By nine months old, Coco was riding along on her own and dropping in a bowl that was just under 2m – while holding hands with Mum, of course. 

Coco’s just turned two and there’s no doubt that she is a natural. With Molly surfing and skating while pregnant, Coco must have caught the board bug. As a winter baby, she’d make use of the forced inside time by forever rolling around on boards inside the house. Coco and Molly’s passion for skating has become a super-special pastime they can share.

“I guess when you grow up with certain activities as part of your family’s lifestyle, it’s just a natural thing to try,” said Molly. “Coco’s watched everyone around her play on boards since she was born. I could tell how much she loved it when she squealed with delight when I rolled her along on a skateboard as a baby.”

Fashion is key for Coco – but it must be practical, so when it’s time to skate she prefers to wear shorts and a top because it’s easier for her to move around in. Off the board it’s a whole different story – the girl loves a good tutu, and it’s a look she owns. Despite her passion for fashion, she’s actually a down-to-earth nature girl. If Coco isn’t at the skate park with Molly, she’ll be busy exploring. She’s got a passion for the outdoors, being creative and hanging out with her friends. 

When the first COVID-19 lockdown restrictions came into play, Molly noticed that Coco truly missed skating. For the second lockdown, Molly made sure they were better organised and created an impressive indoor space so Coco can continue learning new tricks and having a blast. Now the talented toddler has a mini-half-pipe and a tiny quarter-pipe to keep her occupied during isolation.

And what’s in store for this mini-shredder’s future? “It’s hard to say,” said Molly. “She has incredible skill and can go really far with it, but I don’t push her or force her in any way. She may want to take it to skate comps and compete, which she will have every opportunity to do, or she may only do it for fun. Or she may move on to something else and that’s totally up to her. But for now I will continue to encourage her and help her with these skills.”

Professional Peninsula skate coach Craig Mitchell, who has coached Coco since she was 11 months old, told Molly he can see a great future ahead for Coco. A special friendship has formed between Craig and Coco, especially after he built her a skate ramp.

Follow Coco and Molly on Instagram @cocoskatergirl and @mollyheath_photography, and you can follow Craig on Instagram @progression_skate_sessions


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