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Magical Meredith By Kate Sears

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Although Meredith Gaston turned down a university offer to study law, she knows for certain that she’s taken the right path in life. And with just one glance at her artwork you’d have to agree. Her chosen path is colourful and includes being an internationally acclaimed artist, best-selling author, inspirational wellness coach and speaker. Her lavishly illustrated books are available in various languages, her vibrant original artworks are exhibited internationally, and her watercolours on Italian linen and limited edition prints are lovingly collected.

After publishing her first book at 22, she’s now been self-employed for 14 years and her team has grown from one to three. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she’d have sell-out books, let alone have them translated and sold all over the world. She’s travelled and lived overseas. And the same goes for her artwork, which has been exhibited locally and abroad from a young age. Meredith majored in Art History and Theory, and Gender and Cultural Studies at The University of Sydney. She hit the books again and studied to become an integrative nutrition health coach, which sees her frequently featuring in the media and public sphere discussing well-being and creativity in daily life. Speaking to mothers, schools and corporate groups is a real privilege for Meredith because she gets to share her very significant message about self-care and self-love. Her work has also provided her a chance to raise $1.5million for Breast Cancer Network Australia.

Meredith’s designs are whimsical, vibrant and fluid. Since she was a child, her style has always had the same essence to it: uplifting representations of the world. Instead, her signature designs portray the joy of living while evoking youthful tones throughout her prints, books, and candles. This passionate wellness advocate resides in Mount Eliza and is celebrating the release of her seventh book, The Art of Kindness — Caring for Ourselves, Each Other and Our Earth. “I see the world in a whimsical and lovely way,” Meredith says. “My work flows with vibrant colours and unfussy lines that express the joy of living. Children and grown-ups alike love the rainbow palette I draw from . . . I believe we are all young at heart.”

Surrounded by drawing implements and a variety of materials, Meredith’s childhood was heavily influenced by her architect father, who encouraged her to experiment with new materials that he’d bring back from his overseas travels. From the initial drawings, scribbles and journal entries that she made in his home office, her style has grown over the years. Now there’s a greater sense of ease and comfort within her work. It’s her absolute passion. In fact, Meredith will scribble on anything.

Motifs seen in her dreamy work vary from plants, fruits, animals and flowers to human beings. Her palette is nature, her inspiration is sourced from such human qualities as love, care, and imagination, and the incredible tones of the ocean and petals establish her colour choices. “I use the palette that nature offers us. I admire it. I prefer being outside and looking at how we are connected to each other and nature.”

Her description of her studio is art itself. She explains that the breezy indoor studio brings the outside inside with the surrounding windows opening right up to the flourishing garden and nearby woodland area in Mount Eliza. A refreshing breeze wafts in as the natural light beams on to her desk under the window. Winter sees her creating in front of an open fire, while in summer the rafters supporting hanging plants offer a tropical feel as the breeze catches the floating curtains. Clients visiting for wellness coaching sessions feel at home in the cosy corner as they take a seat on her pieces of sentimental furniture that she’s inherited from her grandparents. Her natural and environmentally friendly boutique giftware collection of hand-poured candles matches her down-to-earth studio. It’s no wonder that her past and present homes have featured in Country Style, In Style and FLOW magazine.

Tending to go with the flow, there’s no specific five-year plan in Meredith’s mind except for her desire to always have a book on the go. Continuing to build her Love Meredith brand, which was launched last year, is also high on the agenda. There’s more beautiful natural products inspired by nature and embellished with her sophisticated signature style and inspirational words in the works. 

“The books come to me. I never feel stressed about it. I am in flow with my work. The ideas just drop in. My words and pictures combine to tell a story.”

Visit her website via to discover more about what she has to offer for tending to your inner world, or browse her carefully curated Instagram @meredithgaston 

View some of Meredith Gaston’s artwork at Manyung Gallery Group.

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