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It takes time to catch Georgina Haig, but when I do her voice is seductive and vibrant, raw yet refined. Think good strong coffee with cream and a dash of “don’t mess with me” spice. With a two-year-old at home, a filming schedule that often begins before the crack of dawn and a slathering of auditions thrown into the mix, this Flinders Kinder, Red Hill Consolidated School, Toorak College and sometimes-living-in-LA actor is currently filming Seven Studio’s newest drama series Secret Bridesmaids’ Business on the Peninsula. Yep, you got it. She and the cast have been staying at the Flinders Hotel and soaking up the colours of autumn while shooting at Panton Vineyard and surrounds. 

As we chat over the phone I envisage her curled up on a comfy chair down south like a cat in culottes. She’s excited to be on home turf doing what she loves. We get right down to the nitty gritty and discuss the notion of LA glamour. “Glamour — ha! I don’t know where people get that one from. The red carpet. It’s so stressful. There isn’t much glamour associated with it. Your shoes are killing you and . . . ” Her voice tapers off with an exasperated giggle. 

For a girl who grew up on 2ha in Red Hill with chickens, guinea pigs, blackberries and cherries, LA seems a long way away, but you can tell Georgina takes it in her stride and enjoys the LA lifestyle just as much as she adores coming back home. She explains: “There were these tiny bright red apples when I was a kid in Red Hill. You’d bite into them and they would be so white and crisp. Snow apples, I think. Then there was the billy cart derby every year and the endless days at Shoreham and Point Leo beaches. We were always outdoors. It was ideal. Dad is a writer and film producer and Mum is a fine artist so I suppose it makes sense that I and my little brother are both in the creative arts. He’s an actor too.” Georgina’s husband, Josh Mapleston, is a scriptwriter.

But back to secret business. “We are staying in Elwood while filming Secret Bridesmaids’ Business. It’s good to be home with family and old friends, but we have a strong group of friends in LA too, especially after having Greta. You make friends with other parents. My role in Bridesmaids is great. My character, Olivia, who is a winemaker, is tough one minute and then crumbling the next and wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a near-death experience with leukaemia, which changes her outlook on life. The journey of the three main female characters is complex and the writers on the show are so good. How lucky am I to be filming on the Peninsula? It seems a bit surreal.”

Georgina has carved out an impressive bio at just 33 years old. From her first gig in a Jeans West commercial where she had to bounce up and down on a trampoline with a pair of jeans wrapped around her neck — “I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was so bad I had to think of something pretty grim to stop” — to snagging an agent in LA and almost getting the booking for Spiderman, this Aussie actor continues to expand her creative repertoire. She continues: “After I graduated from WAAPA in WA, doing the jeans ad, then an indie movie directed by Ben Lucas, which showed at the Toronto Film Festival, I began getting international auditions and got flown back and forth to LA a few times. We made the decision to move to LA to give it a go. My first international role was in Fringe, which was filmed in Vancouver, then Reckless filmed in Charleston. I then did Limitless and I played Elsa in Once Upon a Time.”

I ask her why she acts and she replies: “I want to find out why people do what they do and to understand human emotions. I’m pretty analytical too. I love the psychology of it. For a while I thought I might be behind the camera because I love the technical side too — the shape of the scene, the rhythm of it and getting caught in the truth of the moment.” Like motherhood? “Yes,” she replies. “Greta Elaine, named after my great aunt Elaine, who was a midwife, is completely in the moment. She demands all of your attention and all of you. Amazing.”

Sure is, Georgina. Simply amazing. You’re rocking it from the Peninsula to LA and back again. Keep your eyes peeled for Secret Bridesmaids’ Business promos on Seven. 

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