Romance is back at Marlene Miller’s 
by Liz Rogers

“It is lovely to see the young men coming in to choose a ring for their partner as a surprise. They are so romantic,” says Marlene Miller, Sorrento’s eagle-eyed provider of antique and contemporary jewellery on Ocean Beach Rd. 

“They are taking the time to choose and paying attention to aesthetics and craftsmanship. It’s refreshing,” she continues.

And you know what else is refreshing? Having someone who knows jewellery like the back of their hand help you select that special something.

Marlene Miller has been part of the antique world for about 30 years. Her keen eye is personified in her eclectic range of fine jewellery, which includes Gold Rush brooches, necklaces and of course wedding and engagement rings.

Marlene Miller Antiques is open seven days a week from 10am (ish) until 5pm (closed Christmas and Good Friday).  Visit Marlene in-store to select your piece of history or a marvellously made modern design today.

A: 128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento
T: 5984 1762
M: 0438 537 757