A low chignon for squares and volume for rounds:  Know your face shape to look your breathtaking best 

A bride’s checklist is extensive to say the very least.  The dress is fun, the venue is crucial, and the flowers take consideration, but nothing transforms a woman into the most ravishing bride more than an incredible hairstyle matched seamlessly with stunning colour in a style to suit her face shape.

Internationally awarded long hair stylist and educator Lorna Evans, who owns Zumay Hair Salon at 8 Blake St, Mornington, offers wise advice. “I think that hair colour and style should be a permanent part of the wedding essential to-do list.   Almost every bride has a look in mind as soon as they say ‘yes’!  Visiting a senior stylist for a consultation about your face shape, desired look and desired colour should be done right away.”

A low chignon for squares and plenty of volume for round:  there are six standard face shapes and so much to consider.  Zumay’s hairstylists are highly trained to both recognise a client’s face shape and determine which hairstyle will look best.

“We often have women come in to request a style that they’ve seen in a magazine,” says Lorna.  “At Zumay we believe in educating our clients so that they make informed decisions.  No-one likes unexpected surprises on their wedding day, so we will explain why a certain style does or does not suit your face.”

Colouring hair is a science and it is crucial to be on the same page as your colourist.  Senior stylists are trained to analyse your hair and determine whether it can be coloured in one sitting or if it needs more time.  Starting your colour process well before your wedding ensures you are stress free and only need touch ups in the busy weeks leading into the big day. 

“Colouring your hair to compliment your wedding day style has breathtaking results,” raves Lorna.  “Imagine a French twist that sweeps down the face, with fishtail braids woven through and warmly highlighted with perfect symmetry?  You’ve gone from having a gorgeous up do to becoming an absolute work of art”. 


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