Wireless Sensing Technology with Zigsense By Liz Rogers

ZigSense is an Australian designed and manufactured line of low power wireless sensing nodes which utilise wireless mesh network technologies to monitor both physical and environmental conditions.

Designed for ultra-low power consumption, ZigSense wireless nodes can be powered by external DC power supply, solar panels, windmill generators or small Lithium batteries, and can be used both individually or collectively. Monitoring and control applications supported by Zigsense wireless sensors include: building automation and HVAC systems, refrigeration and cold storage, soil moisture and irrigation, aquaculture, greenhouse temperature, plus environment pollution and gas amongst others.

ZigSense provides a range of options to help monitor your data by using long range (900MHz license free) radio modules. The ZigSense Cloud Controller model ZS-3GERF-001 is designed for Internet based ‘cloud’ monitoring. It enables data logging, alarm generation (email or SMS) and statistical reporting services. The ZigSense 3G SMS I/O controller model ZS3G-SMS provides straight forward monitoring and control of remote digital inputs or outputs over the 3G cellular networks (Telstra and OPTUS). Setting up the SMS controllers use simple SMS text sent from your mobile phone.

Data generated by ZigSense wireless sensors distributed throughout a site are sampled, uploaded and recorded in a secure and dedicated ZigCloud web space which is simple to use. All data logged in the ‘cloud’ is backed up through three data centres around the globe and is available for three years.

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