Soar Collective

Last November, I had a realisation; it was time to play a bigger game. I needed to get the word out about Soar Collective’s vision for connecting more incredible regional businesswomen throughout Australia and to give them the visibility and support they deserved. I knew it had to be a big idea without the big budget to back it. The Rise for Regional Road Trip and documentary was born.

From May 29th – June 2nd, I drove from Geelong to the Sunshine Coast with another businesswoman, Bridget from Suburban Sandcastles, and our baby daughters. We held five free events in Geelong, Wollongong, Newcastle, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast and interviewed incredible regional businesswomen along the way. We had film crew Pickford Media driving another car and filming the journey. And that was only half of the project done!

We had two attempts at a crowdfunding campaign and were successful with the second. We had partnerships with Audi Australia (who gave us a car for the trip!), Airbnb (who covered our accommodation), Endota Spa, thankyou group and others. It was a six-month project, done and dusted in five days. Here’s what I learnt from the experience of managing a big idea, a big project and a crowdfunding campaign to back it up:

1.     Timing is everything

Our first funding attempt was launched a couple of weeks before Christmas and with a much bigger budget. It wasn’t successful.

2.     Timing is everything

If the first attempt was successful, we never would’ve had the partners we ended up working with! Don’t admit defeat, just learn from the experience and then have another crack.

3.     Always share your vision

I once received some great advice – the number one currency you have as a start-up business, is vision. There’s no chance we could’ve raised our target of 4k and be supported by the companies we did if we didn’t share our big vision with everyone we connected with.

4.     You need a tribe to achieve great things

There’s no chance we could’ve made this happen without the support of our community and their belief in our mission and purpose. Never underestimate the power of a group of likeminded people.