Women in crime By Kate Sears

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WomenConnect Frankston is all about empowering women and empowering humanity. It is an independent group of like-minded women in business wanting to connect, empower and support women in their community. The amazingly dedicated women who volunteer their time include Pippa Hanson (The Sports Injury Clinic), Beckie (Miss Velvet), Michelle Braggins (Braggins & Co Estate Agents), Allison Besanko (director of Alli’s Cleaning) and Jenny Wright and Karin Hann (Dress For Success Mornington Peninsula).  

This remarkable team hosts two lunches a year, including a March event and a spring event to follow in September. The March lunch is in celebration of the International Women’s Day and will be held on Wednesday, March 6, from 11.30am-2.30pm at Frankston RSL, 183 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston. Tickets cost $65 (or $625 for a table of 10) and include a glass of wine on arrival, a two-course meal, and tea and coffee. To book, call Michelle on 0405 512 999 or email [email protected] 

The theme is ‘Women in Crime’, and the speakers begin with Kerry Tucker, who spent five years in a maximum security prison. You’ll also hear from true crime writer Robin Bowles and trauma cleaner Sandra Pankhurst. 

The lunch is supported by The Sports Injury Clinic, Miss Velvet, Dress for Success Mornington Peninsula, Braggins & Co Estate Agents, Eview Group, and Mornington Peninsula Magazine.

The importance of goals in life and business

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Joint owner Dennice from Windrest Cattery Boutique knows you have to work long hours and keep reinventing yourself to stay afloat in both life and business. Dennice spent many years working for global companies around the world. Upon returning home to Australia, she found a greater sense of peace on the Mornington Peninsula. She understands how important it is to have short, medium, and long-term goals to keep a business moving forward. These can be combined with life changes. Dennice explains her current short-term goal is to complete a Reiki and massage course for cats. 

“This is an extra service to our clients and a real point of difference! I’m also currently learning animation/video course to enable our clients to view their cats in motion while they are away. Social media plays a big part in our business, so I want to know how to use it well.”

Dennice recently began swimming again and much to her delight is thriving. Her long-term goal is to compete again in the World Masters Games in 2021. She has set her sights on gold in butterfly and freestyle swimming, but only after she completes her current Diploma studies in Remedial Massage. This is so she can help fellow team members during the competition. 

Windrest Cattery is well-known for its stellar accommodation and care, but more importantly is its commitment to a cage-free environment for the well-being of your much-loved pet. 


A: 102 Myers Rd, Bittern

T: 5983 0041

W: windrestcattery.com.au

Keeping the dream alive By Kate Sears

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Nine months after the death of her beloved husband Antonio, Michelle and her three daughters are keeping their Unica Cucina E Caffe dream alive. Michelle knows Antonio would be ever so proud of the way she and the girls, aged three, nine and 11, have held themselves together. She also knows the girls look up to her. She is their role model, and they in turn are her driving force every day of the week. She is determined to show them that even under the worst circumstances, life does go on. 

“We understand circumstances can change,” Michelle says. “We know things happen quickly. It shouldn’t stop you from being who you are. I’m not saying to ignore what happened, but it’s OK to move forward, to smile, to laugh. I do have my days though.” 

Organisation is key when you’re running a restaurant, you have three children and you’re an only child with elderly parents. Yet Michelle doesn’t shy away from stepping in as chef and even fundraising for Make a Wish Foundation, Frocktober, and breast cancer research. 

“The busier I am, the happier I am,” she says.  “My hubby and I began this dream and I’ve continued on. I love what I do. I’m here because I love what I do. I feel blessed for what I have.” 


A: 1571 Point Nepean Rd, Capel Sound

T: 5986 1262

W: unicacucina.com

FB: unicacucina

INSTA: unica_cucina

Community comes first at TSIC

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.00.22 pm.png

The Sports Injury Clinic is passionate about helping our community to remain injury-free and proactive about their health.  We want our clients to be the best possible versions of themselves. To make this happen, we have created a workplace that seeks to nurture our team, who in turn enable our clients to achieve their health goals. Our clients reflect the diversity of our community — teachers, ambulance drivers, police officers, doctors, surgeons and people from all walks of life on whom the community relies on a day-to-day basis.

My passion is people and providing a workplace that is inclusive and compassionate, a place that our team can call their second family. While celebrating International Women’s Day, we reflect on what makes the Sports Injury Clinic tick. Women and men can access working hours that suit their family lives and outside interests — they can attend their child’s first day of school or travel with sporting teams to the Olympic Games. One of my mantras is “Life happens” — some good experiences and some bad. Whatever is going on in the lives of our team that may impact on their working hours, we work out a solution that works for everyone and we ‘live life’.

We take the good and the not-so-good from our experiences, and with a spoonful of care we create a happy, nurturing environment for the team.

I am grateful to be able to follow my dreams and participate in an active, challenging working life and at the same time enjoy my life as a mother, sister, daughter and friend in the wonderful community in which we live today.



A: 365-367 Nepean Highway, Frankston 

T: 9783 9990

W: tsic.com.au

FB: TSICPeninsula

INSTA: tsic.com.au

Women supporting women By Liz Rogers

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Sorrento Trattoria’s executive chef and owner Carmela D’Amore believes balance is the key to achieving both personal and professional success. She also believes women supporting women contributes to solo female triumph. 

She explains. “Women are strong. When we fall down, we get back up. We learn from our failures. I was burnt out around eight years ago which gave me the time to look within myself to find what I loved. Women must tap into their purpose; it gives us a reason to get up in the morning. For me, it is my food, my business, my family and heritage. We all have a purpose inside us, busting to get out, be prepared to kiss a few frogs to see which one will become the prince in finding your purpose. Women in the workforce must reach out to one another for support and encouragement. This is how we will become strong and successful.”

Sorrento Trattoria is Carmela’s favourite place and you can ‘feel’ why. The magnificent aromas carry you from the Mornington Peninsula to Italy while the light-filled space finds a place in your heart and stays. Homemade breads, pastas, sauces and dishes are carried from past generations into the next via Carmela’s passion for premium produce and the importance of storytelling through her delicious creations. Her generosity of spirit, knowledge and energy has made Sorrento Trattoria what it is today. 

A Sicily-to-Sorrento success.


A: 20 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

T: 5984 5655

W: sorrentotrattoria.com.au

From run-down rink to happy place

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When Bernadine Geary and her husband, Kevin, bought a run-down 20-year old-skating rink in September 2015, it took a huge labour of love to bring it back to life rebranded, repainted and revamped. SK8HOUSE, in its new glory, was born.

Bernadine only began skating a few years earlier, following her husband and two children who were competitors at national and international level.  Bernadine loves dancing and took her new sport to a higher level, joining Kevin at Masters pairs dancing.  Both have been a successful couple, winning nationals in 2017 and 2018 and competing at Oceania level.

Bernadine says she bought the rink for her family, but skating helps soothe her soul and is highly cathartic for relieving the moments of stress in her finance broking business.  “The rink is my happy place,” says Bernadine.  “I love entertaining people, and that is what the rink is all about — families having fun.”

For many years, Bernadine has been friends with Vanessa Hammond and her family.  Vanessa's daughter, Brittany, is an international dance skater and coach at the rink and   Vanessa had been managing the rink on Saturdays. Bernadine recognised Vanessa’s managerial banking background and asked her to join the partnership in early 2017. 

“Vanessa has an extraordinary artistic flair, in particular for our themed nights at the rink,” Bernadine says.  “Our Halloween night has taken off and is becoming one of the calendar highlights on the Peninsula each year.”

With Bernadine and Vanessa sharing the same values of customer service and business ethos, the stars certainly aligned in this partnership and together the women are a force to be reckoned with. “We want SK8HOUSE to be a household name that people associate with good old-fashioned family fun that is great value for money.”


A: Unit 3/2 Amayla Cres, Carrum Downs

T: 9773 6799

W: sk8house.com.au

FB: sk8houseau

Lisa loves logistics By Kate Sears

You’ve heard about the Peninsula Vine Hop Festival; now meet the brains behind it. Lisa MacGregor started her event management business, Scarlett Mac Events, two years ago after welcoming her first child. The festival is her flagship event, which she had in the pipeline for four years. 


Having worked for Frankston Council and Carlton United Breweries, Lisa’s expertise is second to none. She’s had her side hustle as a freelancer on the go for 15 years because it had always been her intention to go out on her own. Lisa knew she wanted to run a craft beer event and bundle it with wine and cider from the Peninsula. “My passion is craft beer, and as the craft beer scene grew it was time to put the wheels into motion.” 

Three amazing women contract for the Peninsula Vine Hop Festival, which gives Lisa more time to focus on her favourite area of event management — logistics. “I’m very lucky to be supported by them. They are mums who work too. They’re highly skilled and so strong. They are just as passionate as I am.” 

Lisa loves the idea of making her own success. “I like not being the one to be directed by someone else. If something is successful, I know I’ve done it myself. On the flip side, if it’s not working, I know how to implement change when I see inefficiencies. It motivates me. I’m in charge.” 

The dream is real By Liz Rogers

Pure Fiji PBS.jpg

Aleshia-Ann Fowler may be young, but at 28 she’s already been running her business for six years and has just been awarded the Professional Beauty Solutions Salon of the Month Award. You can tell this beauty therapist owner/operator loves what she does. Saya Medispa has gone from strength to strength and is soon to reinvent itself once more with the recent purchase of a new building. She explains. 

“It’s a bit scary taking over a space that is three to four times bigger than this. The business has grown more quickly than I expected, but you’ve got to dive right in and take a chance. We have a fabulous clientele and my staff are wonderful. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a beauty therapist and run my own salon. I started working in the industry when I was 15 years old and completed my full diploma at 19. I’m glad my parents pushed the idea of gaining as much experience as possible because you need to be dedicated to run a business.” 

And dedicated is what this young woman is. The past few years she’s worked an average of 50-plus hours a week. She continues. “The business is my baby. We offer an amazing range of services, including facials, massages, nails and make-up and signature treatments. I love what I do.”

You will too. 


A: 2/10 Eramosa Road East, Somerville

T: 5977 6790

W: sayamedispa.com.au

FB: sayamedispa

Dr Deb creates better relationships

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.52.04 pm.png

When Positive Psychology’s Dr Deb Campbell sold her book Lovelands to her publisher, she revealed private loves, losses and a dramatic personal journey — an unusual move for a psychologist. She wrote about childhood demons and exactly how they fed into relationship struggles as an adult, telling it all without fear or regret. 

“I wanted to use my own story with all its drama, good and bad, as an example of how our childhood experiences colour adult relationships, and more importantly, how we can untangle ourselves from those influences if they work against us,” Dr Deb says.

After almost 20 years as a couple therapist/psychologist, Dr Deb focuses on three kinds of love as central to our health and emotional freedom. “Knowing how to have mindful relationships, finding your personal passions, and developing your self-compassion are central to mental health and well-being for most of us. Creating better relationships with family, friends and community, finding your sense of purpose, and treating yourself kindly — like how you speak to yourself internally — are just some core skills we help clients develop for better mental health. 

“Everyone needs help sometimes with these broader life matters and with more specific problems. Ideally, we humans are interdependent — self-sufficient and connected. Always reach out when you’re struggling.”

Dr Deb and her colleagues can be found at Positive Psychology, and Deb also offers a free daily online program of mindfulness and positive psychology resources at drdebracampbell.com 


A: Mornington, Frankston & Oakleigh

T: 1300 995 636

W: positivepsychology.net.au

FB: positivepsychologycentre

Lifelong travel buddies

Allison Yeates is an ideas woman. Where some people see obstacles, Allison sees challenge and possibility. When the opportunity arose to purchase Peninsula Travel in Mount Martha, Allison seized it with both hands. Operating a travel business comes naturally. With 23 years’ experience in the industry and as a passionate traveller, she’s got this one in the bag — or suitcase. 

Peninsula Travel manager Vicki Carmichael, left, and managing director Allison Yeates.

Peninsula Travel manager Vicki Carmichael, left, and managing director Allison Yeates.

As with all good things, it doesn’t come without hard work and sacrifice. Allison’s family life remains in Echuca, so she divides her time between two beautiful parts of the world. The commute from one to another is certainly not lost time, spending much of it on the phone running the business. And at the heart of this successful venture is a lifelong friendship.

Allison and Vicki Carmichael met on a netball court many years ago, and have been integral parts of each other’s lives ever since. Allison’s vision for Peninsula Travel included Vicki from the very beginning “We knew we’d work together at some stage,” said Allison. “I guess you could say that it was a 15-year job interview. Vicki articulates what I am usually thinking, which is why we complement each other so well. She gives me a look and I know what to say. She inspires me.”

Vicki comes from Deniliquin, and this month marks one year of her managing Peninsula Travel and 25 years of working in the industry. “We complement each other on our strengths and weaknesses,” Vicki said. “Allison has great energy, foresight and is so brave. She also has great vision and makes good decisions. She always has ideas for growth and opportunity. She’s a good operator who looks out for her staff. She’s inspiring and motivating.”

Together this powerful duo brings much of what they have learned on the court, and in friendship, to the business. “There is no ‘I’ in team. I give my staff every opportunity I can,” said Allison. Inspiring members of the team to shine bright creates a positive working environment. It also allows everyone to do what they do best — craft remarkable travel experiences for locals of the Mornington Peninsula. 

Travel and business go hand in hand for this entrepreneur. “At Peninsula Travel we empower each other. I’m all for that. I really believe we can experience fulfilment within our working environment and achieve great things. The opportunity to see the world as an important part of our careers is also pretty wonderful! I’m glad I’m living it.”

One-woman band

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.47.00 pm.png

Niamh Hislop never had any intention of starting a business, but when her husband began working full-time and she was unable to return to her marketing career with two small children at home, she decided to jump. She explains. “My plans to travel to town for endermologie treatments to help get rid of cellulite were also put on hold, so I decided to bring endermologie to me and bought my first machine. I launched the business in June 2016.”

Peninsula Endermologie offers a non-invasive, negative-pressure massage treatment which helps to noticeably reduce the appearance of cellulite and unwanted fat deposits. It also specialises in endermotherapy protocols for a myriad of facial rejuvenation and therapeutic indications such as the treatment of scars, inflammation, heavy legs and discomfort associated with fibromyalgia to name a few. 

Operating as a “one-woman band” means Niamh works long hours, takes care of administration duties — including the recent addition of an online booking system — after hours and juggles her children’s extra-curricular activities. Being her own boss does have advantages though. “I can adjust my calendar to suit. I hope our kids learn a healthy work ethic and understand what it takes to successfully manage your own business.”

Niamh considers it a privilege to work with her clients and loves seeing them become more confident when desired results are achieved. Call her to find out how.


A: 120 Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza 

M: 0434 946 209

W: peninsulaendermologie.com

FB: peninsula.endermologie

Lifelong friends are good for business By Kate Sears


Having been best friends from the age of 13, Nicole from Panda Blairgowrie and Kate from Be Fit Food reflect on their 22-year friendship and how they guide each other in business. 

What’s your favourite thing about the other?

Nicole: I have always admired Kate's ambition and determination; her love of food and how she wants to change the way we see health through her business. Watching Kate win the Telstra Business Awards for Be Fit Food for Victoria was an amazing honour that represented how hard she has worked over the past years and I have never been more proud. 

Kate: I’ve always respected Nicole's work ethic and loyalty. Once you have Nicole on your team, she is a teammate for life. Over the course of the past few years her drive towards business has shifted, and while she still works hard in her business, there are other factors that motivate her. If you look at Panda Blairgowrie, you can see that organic and whole locally sourced produce is now a key motivator. 

How did you work together?

Nicole: We have not worked a lot in each other’s businesses, but have been more of a helping guidance to each other over the years. This did change in 2017/2018 after Be Fit Food featured on Shark Tank. I jumped in and assisted Kate with the growth and marketing of Be Fit Food. We worked well together with an honesty that not all employees can have. 

What’s your favourite thing about being in business?

Nicole: For me personally, the direction that we took when we opened Panda Blairgowrie changed in comparison to if we opened it a few years ago. I have been going through IVF for nearly three years now and the main thing that has changed is our perception of food and beverages. I now try and stock as much organic and local produce as possible. 

Kate: I love getting up and going to work every day to hang out in the office with a really motivated, optimistic and enthusiastic team of 20 females in our head office, and I am now proud to say we have added one full-time male too. Yes, we have plenty of males across the business too! 

Any advice for other women hoping to get into business?

Nicole: I have worked in a male-dominated field my whole adult life, and while it was not always easy, I have always worked hard and stayed true to myself and my vision. Also, surrounding yourself with strong women who lift you up instead of dragging you down is a must. 

Kate: I totally agree with Nicole here — surround yourself with amazing people who lift you up and tell you that you can! I love that my best friend backed my business even when times were tough, and not only did she make her husband jump in and help us, but she invited all of her friends and family too. 

It’s a family affair at Olieve & Olie By Liz Rogers


Sarah Kirk would have been devastated if someone else had taken over the business her mum Jude Steele had begun in her backyard studio. It was 2015 when she went to Jude, who was then still making her natural and gently magnificent olive-based product on kitchen stoves and asked her if she could take over the business side of Olieve & Olie. Failure was not an option for this Melbourne University commerce degree graduate mum of two who is a great believer of the business working for “us, not us for the business”.

“When I first asked Mum she said no way! We are not going to get along.” We chuckle. “But it was about a week later when she came back to me and said, ‘When can you start?’ That was it. Mum is the product person and I handle the business and marketing side. It’s been working out well. We do get along mostly. Dad (Andy) and my brother Hal are on board too. We are a real family business.”  

Olieve & Olie is a gorgeous handmade natural and chemical-free skincare product made right here on the Peninsula. Sarah continues. “I’ve believed in the product from the beginning, so started looking for a factory straight away. Mum is so clever. First, we used multiple saucepans, then went on to 80-litre kettles and will soon be using 500-litre kettles.” The giant shiny structures beam though the windows into the office where we are having a cup of tea. “It’s grown so quickly. We expanded to a second factory in March 2018 and are now stocking stores right across Australia and exporting to the US. We are set to export to China sometime this year. We had 40 stockists in 2015 and now have 250.”

Apart from the belief in their premium product, hard work plays a big part of Olieve & Olie’s success story. You don’t double each year for three years straight by sitting around and watching the olive trees grow or giving up just because you’ve made a mistake. Sarah plans two to three years ahead, sets targets and is a master of social media marketing, which has played a huge role in expanding Olieve & Olie’s committed customer base.  

“I feel like I’ve blinked and the kids have grown up. My partner, Steve, is also involved in the business. You’ve got to be able to problem solve and not get overwhelmed. Things always go wrong; something breaks. That’s part of it.” 

Drop by Olieve & Olie in Rosebud to begin your journey to no-nasty love the skin you’re in care. It’s well worth the drive. Or go online to view the full range and choose to say yes to ecologically sound beauty.   


A: 7/16-18 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud 

T: 5982 0992

W: olieveandolie.com.au

FB: olieveandolie

INSTA: olieveandolie

Mountain of talent at Music on the Hill 


Music on the Hill hosts its fourth International Women’s Day Show on Friday, March 8, in a celebration of women in music. Previous MOTH IWD shows have featured such prominent Australians as Ella Hooper, Angie Hart, Rebecca Barnard, Gretta Ray, Sally Seltmann and Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, and this year’s line-up promises to be every bit as spectacular.

It includes four world-class vocalists — Australian soul and funk legend Kylie Auldist; Melbourne contemporary violinist and singer-songwriter Xani; Zimbabwean-born r’n’b singer-songwriter and former The Voice star Thando; and jazz/pop singer and RocKwiz orchestra keyboardist Clio Renner. They’ll be joined by Peninsula-based world music a cappella group Ling Marra and a seven-piece all-female band featuring a string section. The musical director for the show is Xani Kolac.

The Peninsula rarely sees so much talent together on the one stage, so this show really is a must-see. It’s on at the Southern Peninsula Arts Centre Theatre at Rosebud Secondary College, 245 Eastbourne Rd, Rosebud. For bookings and more details, go to musiconthehill.com.au

Music on the Hill is a series of community music events that bring singer-songwriters and bands to listening audiences and are usually held in Red Hill. Coming shows include Ryan Downey and Hannah Cameron at Red Hill Pavilion on Friday, April 5; and William Crighton (NSW) solo and unplugged and Beans on Toast (UK) on Friday, May 3. 

See the world with Maree

Maree Hutchins has been operating Maree’s Tours for more than 20 years. This year she’s putting together a six-day tour of Sydney, Norfolk Island and Tasmania in November as well as her regular day trips and theatre shows, and next year she’s hoping to do the Greek islands.

Maree’s Tours are a great way to travel either with or without a partner, where you will feel safe and included. For more information and bookings, call Maree on 9750 0066 or email her at [email protected]

Room for business By Kate Sears

After catching the escape room bug in 2015, Carolyn Parker was disappointed to discover there weren’t enough escape room challenges here to satisfy her puzzle cravings. So Carolyn decided to build her own. 


Owned and designed by Carolyn, Locked in Escape Rooms in Mornington will no doubt immerse via her realistic set design. Her elaborate set design was inspired by her experience in theatre, where she also learnt the vital skill of constructing creative plot lines that truly engage the players. Madame Jarvier Fortune Teller was Carolyn’s first escape room venture. The now retired room included sensory inputs and a variety of puzzles that required different skill sets to be employed to solve them. She feels it’s vital that tasks requiring a variety of skill sets are included so that everyone who attempts the room can have the chance to face a challenge. Carolyn said she watches as the players emerge from the game genuinely surprised by how captivated they were and how the time just flew by.

“The most rewarding aspect is the interaction I have with my customers. It is great to see them escape the room and experience the mutual joy of successfully completing the room,” Carolyn said. 

This Mornington resident holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Melbourne and previously spent 20 years teaching vocational education and chemistry at Mornington Secondary College. Puzzles and puzzle design have always been a passion for Carolyn. Even as a teenager, she would find herself designing and building escape room-type challenges for her family and friends to solve. The minute she discovered that escape rooms had become a ‘thing’, she just knew she would be hooked.

Time is of the essence while completing an escape room challenge, and running a business is much the same. “The most challenging aspect is the time commitment that is required,” Carolyn said. “When you run a small business, the rest of your commitments keep going as well. It’s definitely a juggling act to balance work, family, and time for myself.”

What can we say — she’s mastering the challenge. 

Top speakers for Rotary breakfast

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.33.16 pm.png

A leading Australian soprano and a high-profile lawyer and human rights advocate will be the two keynote speakers at the Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast at Mornington Racecourse on Wednesday, March 6.

Soprano Tania de Jong, pictured, is an inspirational speaker and storyteller, social entrepreneur and creative innovation catalyst. Tania is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators, having developed five businesses and two charities over three decades. She is a global authority on creativity, innovation and collaboration and is an agent for change. Her keynotes and workshops, combined with the power of song, are transformational, and her work and knowledge span the business, public, creative and community sectors. 

Lawyer Prue Gilbert co-founded Grace Papers to challenge traditional stereotypes, drive gender equity and empower working parents and their employers, winning an Australian Human Rights Business Award for this work in 2014. Last year, Prue was named one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence. She volunteers for the legal steering committee of NOW Australia and has been influential in driving gender equality through her role as an advisory board member of the AFL Players Association for the AFLW.

Co-organised by Frankston North Rotary with the Rotary Clubs of Frankston and Mount Eliza, the Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast is entering its fifth year and is attracting interest from a diverse range of professional men and women who are inspired by incredible women every day, women who are raising kids and building businesses and transforming communities. 

The theme for 2019 is “Balance for Better”, and all net proceeds from the breakfast will be donated to charity. The breakfast is from 6.45-9am and tickets cost $51.64 per person from eventbrite.com.au/e/international-womens-day-breakfast-2019-tickets-55545875208.

This breakfast is likely to be sold out, so get in quickly for your tickets.

Café flourishing after 11 years

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.32.15 pm.png

This will be Flourish Café’s 11th year in business, and it’s not hard to see why it’s still going so strong. Owner Maree Hutchins prides herself on fresh homemade food and caters for vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements. “We have also changed to biodegradable takeaway coffee cups, which are not only beautiful to look at but are safe for our environment,” Maree says.

Flourish Café, which won the 2018 Fantastic Food Safety  Award, combines fine presentation, excellent service and a family atmosphere to create a place where you’ll always feel welcome and at home. There are many activities on offer, including Wednesday pasta or parma nights, Friday night happy hour with $5 drinks from 5-7pm, high tea Sundays — keep an eye on Facebook for the next one — and three-course sit-down dinners with live music. Private functions are catered for too.

Maree also operates Maree’s Tours, which include day trips every fortnight, theatre shows with coach transport, dinner and tickets, extended trips away within Australia, and an annual overseas trip to a selected destination. “We are a friendly social club which encourages all age groups, single or attached, to venture out and explore our world with like-minded travellers.”

There’s always something happening at Flourish Café. 

Holistic approach to cosmetic medicine

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 2.28.06 pm.png

Dr Fiona Milne has been involved in cosmetic medicine for nearly 20 years, attending conferences nationally and internationally and teaching other doctors advanced techniques. Her background is in general practice and her interest is in holistic care of the patient and their face.

“Self-perception is complex and complicated,” Fiona says. “I believe it is important to understand the reason my patients attend, and give honest advice on what would make them look better.”

Looking attractive is not just about having big lips and erasing every wrinkle.  Treatment should be age-appropriate and the whole face should be considered — it should look harmonious. That said, face shape and skin quality are probably the most important things when trying to look your best at any age.  A common question is “How long will this last?”  The problem is we keep getting older!  Like maintaining your home, the best approach is to do regular ‘tweaks’, preserve as much as augment, and be sympathetic to the era.

“This week I have treated an 18-year-old and an 87-year-old, a patient with terminal cancer, a bride-to-be, a 30-year-old male tradie and a television personality,” Fiona continues. “Everyone has their reason to look and feel their best. Many women are doing what I am — juggling home, partner, children (I have four) and career. It’s always important to make a little time for yourself. Cosmetic medicine is an exciting, evolving and expanding field, but emphasis should be on safety and good aesthetics.”


A: 60 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston

T: 9783 2362

W: fionamilne.com.au

FB: FionaMilneCosmeticPhysician

INSTA: drfionamilne

Moving and grooming By Liz Rogers

MPM Nov 2017A19V9168.JPG

One thing Amanda has learnt over 25 years in business is to not take things personally. “You’ve got to accept you’re going to make mistakes,” she explains. “The grooming industry didn’t exist when I started giving my mum’s fluffy dogs haircuts years ago. Dashing Designer Dogs began with me, and today we (Amanda and her five female staff) have over 50 years of experience collectively.” 

Recently moving into the business precinct in Mornington and offering a full grooming service for all breeds of dogs, Amanda and her team understand how dog coats work and what they need to be maintained. She continues. “We are constantly updating our skills and looking for new ways to grow the business. We have a new totally enclosed grassed area for our four-legged clients and doggie day care is in the works too. Our new premises is huge. ”

Starting out working with a lady groomer in the poodle scene who taught her how to groom, Amanda has worked hard to be where she is today, but there’s always more to learn. She concludes. “It was a great way to begin my career. Dashing Designer Dogs is built on experience and delivering a premium personalised boutique dog grooming service. We’ve been established for over 20 years and are looking forward to the future.”

Now that’s room to groom.


A: Factory 2, 15 Bennetts Rd, Mornington

T: 5976 2504

W: dashingdesignerdogs.com.au

FB: dashingdesignerdogs

INSTA: dashingdesignerdogs

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