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After meeting in high school music class, four mates started jamming without much of an idea of a musical style. Having hints of jazz, rock, dirty tones and small amounts of reggae, Mornington Peninsula band Seaweed on Sticks are quickly discovering their own unique sound. Releasing their first single, Illusions, in 2019, they are focusing on releasing a lot more music by the end of the year. With all four mates enjoying a jam and bringing different music tastes to the table, they have their keen eyes set on future gigs and new recordings, as 19-year-old drummer and keyboard player Jamie Fay explains. 

Could you please tell us a little about the band members?

There are four members in Seaweed on Sticks: Flynn Shepherd, 18, on vocals and rhythm guitar; 19-year-old Zach Robinson on lead guitar; 18-year-old Mitch Randall on bass guitar; and me. 

So how and when was the band formed?

The band was formed by jamming in a high school music class. Everyone had a similar taste in music and could all play an instrument. We started out playing some pretty heavy metal music and quite quickly started to find our own sound. 

How did the name Seaweed on Sticks come about?

I was on the beach one day and I simply saw a pile of seaweed placed on top of a bunch of sticks that were shoved into the sand. Thus, Seaweed on Sticks!

We’re loving your new song, Illusions. Could you tell our readers a bit about it?

Illusions started out by Flynn having a few chords and lyrics in mind. We all started jamming and soon enough it had formed into a full song. Illusions is one of Seaweed’s slower songs, consisting of just a few chords, a flowy bass line and some simple drums. We were playing it at all of our gigs and then we decided to head into the studio to record it. It was then released in July and so far it’s had a really good reaction.

Where have the band performed, and which venue was the favourite?

We have played quite a few places. One of our main ones was Waterfront Festival in Frankston — we played that two years in a row with a pretty big crowd. Other than that it’s been just bars and events around Melbourne. After releasing all of our new music, we have a few gigs lined up for the next few months.

What’s the band’s style of music?

When people ask us this question, we always just say “indie rock”. But I guess there are hints of jazz with a reggae kind of feel to it. All the four members of the band bring different music types to the table, which is helping us to find our own sound pretty quickly.

What is the band’s five-year goal?

Seaweed’s goal over the next five years is to record and release heaps more music, play gigs and festivals and hopefully make a mark in the Australian music scene. All four members are super-keen on their music and love playing it. 

What does everyone do when they’re not playing music?

Everyone in the band pretty much works full-time. Flynn and Zach are concreters and spend a fair amount of time doing that. Mitch and I work in local surf shops and spend a fair amount of time surfing. We all regularly go to gigs around Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, checking out and making friends with other bands. We all think it’s pretty important to watch heaps of live music because there’s heaps to learn from other bands.

Check out the band’s relaxed, quirky tunes on Instagram @seaweedonsticks 


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