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Please meet Theodore Laurence Harold Milne. He’s a labradoodle with a personality as big as his name. His human family chose the name after an extensive voting process, but luckily he’s scored Ted for short. And what a teddy bear he is!

He’s gearing up for his first birthday on Thursday, November 21, and why shouldn’t he? It’s going to be a big one. Ted, as he’s affectionately known, hasn’t requested a special birthday treat because all food to him is simply fantastic. He will actually eat anything, whether it’s cat food, dog food or human food. Currently, his favourite pastime is to escape across the road where he visits the tradies working on a house by scaling the fence like the escape artist that he is. Not only does he make friends with the tradies, but he also sniffs out the remnants of their takeaway food, like sauce packets and wrappers, to snack on the crumbs before bringing the rubbish back to his family and proceeding to distribute it to all of his family members. Sharing is caring, right?

His mum, Dr Fiona Milne, dotes on him despite the cheeky boy destroying cushions when he’s left to his own devices. This caramel bundle of cuteness adores playing tug of war with his brother Stanley, a spoodle, who joins him playing in their large backyard. The pair are social butterflies, and true blue beach boys. He’ll even take on any dog, big or small, to play a game, but he knows to retreat if it’s more than he can handle. This energetic puppy also likes to hang out with his feline friend, Mrs Tabitha Twitchit, but honestly, she only tolerates him. Oh, sibling love! 

“Once at the beach, Ted went into the water,” said Fiona. “He then crumbed himself in the sand and ran over to a mother and daughter sitting on their towel sunbaking. Then Ted jumped on the towel and shook himself, covering the pair in sand. But they still loved meeting him.” 

Master Ted’s skills include sitting on command and putting out his paw — whether you asked for it or not. You see, he’s learnt that when he’s asked to put up his paw he gets a reward, so now he just pre-empts his tasty treat. His fur is super-soft and doesn’t shed. Unlike other labradoodles, his fur isn’t too curly but he requires lots of baths because he’s always getting dirty during his escape missions, and upon returning he likes to leap on the bed with his dirty paws. He thinks he’s the master, you see.

“Everyone asks me what breed he is,” said Fiona. “I think it’s the lack of curly fur. He came from a breeder in New South Wales — yes, he’s had a plane trip. Ted’s mum was a 31kg labrador while his father was a 3kg toy poodle that we think looked like a 1970s adult film star with his perm-like fur.”

Paw over the cuteness of Master Ted on his official Instagram @mastertedthelabradoodle


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