Appetite for instruction By Kate Sears

You can’t miss this duo. Steve Owens wears gregarious, brightly coloured abstract chef coats as he cruises around the Mornington Peninsula in his yellow Jeep while his wife, Michele, operates the cameras.

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They are the team behind the successful online cooking show Steve’s Kitchen, boasting more than 190,000 subscribers on YouTube and 2.8 million views on just one of their most popular videos. Steve’s Kitchen is hosted by YouTube chef and food enthusiast Steve, with more than 20 years of food study and hands-on experience. Steve is passionate about food and how it gets to our tables, and he loves to recreate easy-to-follow but genuine recipes while bringing a little colour into your kitchen.

The couple owned and worked on a hobby farm in France for some years, where Steve studied French cooking and charcuterie using their own rare breed pigs and farm animals to reproduce classic French, Italian and European cured meats and sausages.

Last year Steve’s Kitchen scored an invite from YouTube directly to attend Australia's first VIDCon in Melbourne. More recently with partners in the US, they’ve cooked up a new deal with Amazon Prime, in which they are producing a longer format food and travel series, Steve’s Kitchen - Australian Food Odyssey,  featuring artisan producers, restaurateurs and growers from all over Australia. The series will kick off on their home turf - the Mornington Peninsula.

It was during a relaxing lunch on our foodie-loving Mornington coast and enjoying a locally brewed beer that Steve was inspired to show the world how we Victorians brew our beer. He’s focusing his next episode on the Peninsula, visiting craft brewers such as Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Jetty Road Brewery, Red Hill Brewery, and St Andrews Beach Brewery and calling the feature episode, airing on Amazon Prime TV, A Brewer’s Tale. The mini-documentary sets out to show the passion behind the story of how each brewery began, why they decided to grow into a larger production, often from very humble beginnings, and what fuels their passion to brew what Steve states are some of the finest beers in Australia.

Two and a half years ago the couple left their home in Melbourne to take a culinary world tour, studying food in such countries as Mexico and the US, then on to Sicily, Italy, France and South-East Asia from Malaysia to Vietnam. As they explored the globe they collected little crumbs of information, traditions, cultural techniques and foreign delicacies.

“We just enjoy sharing food, travel and learning new culinary skills,” Steve says. “We share with our followers what we learn on our journey. There’s passion anywhere you go. You only have to mention food to anyone and their eyes light up.”

The idea to spend the next year exploring Australia occurred when many friends overseas asked them, “Have you seen your own backyard yet?” Now they’re determined to see as many small producers in Australia as they can and show the world how expansive our food culture and diversity is.

When they call “Cut!” and the beers stop flowing on the Mornington Peninsula, the pair will be off to Perth, which they aim to reach by the end of the month and where they plan to explore artisan cheese makers, wine producers and food enthusiasts. In the meantime, you can catch our beloved Peninsula’s beers on Steve and Michele’s YouTube channel at or on Facebook at @StevesKitchen.