Milo’s a bit hit and Miss by Liz Rogers


Imagine this. You’re standing in the hallway in a pair of shorts. After all, it’s a hot night in Mount Eliza, right? Then, without warning, a cat launches at you, claws and all, leaving scratches up and down your legs and giving you a right scare in the process. A cat named Milo, who also goes by Miss. A cat who usually sits around purring, talking and receiving sweet tooth treats (if he can get them!). A feline who appears to have just a little bit of a split personality.

Hannah Scott explains. “That’s what happened — just out of the blue with no warning at all and there he was on me! We got him when he was about three or four months old from the RSPCA. Apparently he’d had a previous owner who brought him back. We’ll never know what he experienced, but every now and then he just attacks. The rest of the time he snuggles and sits at the back door chatting to the birds. He doesn’t go after them. He just meows.”

There’s a running argument in the Scott family over the origin of his name. Hannah’s business-studying brother Chris —who is really Milo’s owner — says he named Milo after the cat tried to drink his Milo. Hannah reckons he was named after a dog in an Xbox game her father was playing — and she has no clue why she calls him Miss. Either way, this Bachelor of Nursing student at Federation University Australia in Berwick thinks Milo’s just a little bit weird, but in all the right ways. She continues. “He lives inside and sleeps on my bed during the day, on Mum when she’s on the couch and on Dad when he’s in bed. He hides under Chris’s bed when he’s afraid. He’s really scared of baking foil and rubbish trucks and hates the wind. I think he’s a bit of a man’s cat. He prefers to hang with Chris and Dad.”

This 10-year-old tabby cat is spoilt rotten. Whether it’s a chicken dinner or a bit of Weet-Bix and milk, he’s got this family wrapped around his slightly nutty but perfectly self-cleaned and preened paws. Who cares if he’s a bit on the chubby side, doesn’t like his vegetables and lets off a bit of aggro steam every now and then. Hannah doesn’t. “If he jumps on the bed or couch, he wants to be as close to you as possible. Purring.” 

Who needs scratch-free legs anyway?


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