Earth inspired beauty by Liz Rogers

Not sure if you remember our story last year on Somerville pageant contestant Mikaela-Rose Fowler, but Mornington Peninsula Magazine thought you’d like an update on what this 21-year-old is up to now.

When we last spoke, this driven woman was involved in the Miss Galaxy Australia National Finals. Twelve months on (after placing in the top 10 of the Miss Galaxy competition) she’s heading to the Golden Nugget in Los Vegas in June to represent Australia in the Ms Earth Pageant!

Mikaela-Rose Fowler is part of a family of go-getters who like to keep moving. Having already held the title of Miss Westernport 2015, the Ms Earth title is all about what the name suggests – promoting a sustainable lifestyle and reducing human-kind’s impact on earth - and that’s something Mikaela-Rose is passionate about. 

“I’ve been in pageantry for a couple of years now and wanted to find a pageant that aligned with my values. Ms Earth, run nationally by Danielle Marsh and internationally by Rachel Fikes, is exactly the kind of title I’m interested in upholding. It allows me to focus on important issues like sustainability, natural resources, reusing and recycling. I grew up outdoors, always working and playing in the garden and I’ve always had a love for animals. I suppose the connection with the earth has always resinated with me,” she explains.

Pageantry work is gruelling. There’s the behind scenes of building a portfolio of charity and community involvement, attending events, pageant coaching and lots of exercise and attention to diet. Mikaela-Rose also has months of hard work building up a social media profile ahead of her.

“Ms Earth is a week-long pageant. You spend your time connecting with other contestants from all over the world, and making sure your message and personality shines through. Then there’s a three to five-minute question/answer segment with seven judges. On stage, you are assessed on overall health and fitness whilst sporting swimwear, and elegance and grace while in formal wear. It’s very demanding.”

So, what are the benefits?

“Working on things that are close to my heart, meeting great people and making a change. Oh, and I get to travel too!”

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with her adventure. She could be going to Nicaragua if she lands the Ms Earth crown.


Mikaela-Rose is sponsored by Saya Beaute’ Bar, Straight to Hairven and is Ambassador for Eco Bling Recycled Jewellery.