Brooke Hogan, Life in the Fast Lane

Brooke Hogan, 24, is one of Australia’s top models, she’s from Frankston and she has just been named the Female Ambassador for the 2017 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix (March 23 – 26)!

This ‘girl next door’ shot to prominence when she appeared on Australia’s Next Top Model 2013 and she now has more than half a million followers on social media. She spoke with Mornington Peninsula Magazine about her meteoric rise, her new role and her love for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula (for more on the Grand Prix and to purchase tickets go to

You have more than half a million followers on social media and a skyrocketing career. We love that you are from Frankston. Please tell us where you grew up and what you love about the area.
Oh thank you! Yes, I am a Frankston girl born and bred and I love it. My parents still live there now and I love going home to visit them! I went to Ballam Park Primary School and McClelland College in Frankston. I have always loved living on the Peninsula, they say home is where the heart is and I believe that 100 per cent. There are so many things I LOVE and the list is continuing to grow! There are some great new little cafés and shops but my favourite thing about the area would have to be that it is where my family are ☺

Do you still spend time on the Mornington Peninsula?
Yes, I do spend a lot of time here. My family still live there and I go home quite a lot. My boyfriend Myles lives in Portsea so I would say I spend 50 per cent of my time in Melbourne and the other 50 on the Peninsula!

Favourite café, restaurant and beach on the Mornington Peninsula to hang out at and why?
I have two favourite cafés - 6 nutrition in Frankston, they have THE BEST acai bowls ever and also Store Fifteen in Mornington - really healthy and organic foods with delicious smoothies! Favourite restaurants would be Doc in Mornington and Hotel Sorrento in Sorrento. Favourite beach would be Shelley Beach in Portsea, the water is super clean, there is a beautiful view on the walk down, a little pier to walk down as well and it isn’t too crowded (unless it’s peak summer time).

Do you use Peninsula locations in your Instagram photos?
Yes all the time! ☺

What does it mean to be named the 2017 Formula One Rolex Australian Grand Prix Female Ambassador? Tell us a little about this amazing role!
I am so excited to be named Ambassador for Grand Prix for 2017. It is a role that I have had my eye on for quite a while now and I am over the moon that the opportunity has come around. The Grand Prix is such an iconic time for Australia and we are so lucky to host such a prestigious event here in Melbourne. It’s going to be an action packed exciting few days and I am thrilled to showcase Melbourne in all its glory!

You were at the Portsea Polo, please tell us a little about that. We photographed you there :)
Yes, I remember that photograph! ☺ The polo is up there with one of my favourite times in Melbourne! Being close to home makes it even better. As much as it’s all about the sport, it’s also about such a great atmosphere with your friends!

What is your message to young women, particularly local girls, who might wish to dream big and follow in your footsteps?
I could write an essay on this haha. My advice would be, don’t doubt yourself. If you want something, you need to work as hard as you can to get there. You can’t just sit around waiting for something to happen, it doesn’t work like that. Figure out what it is you want to do, get up and go get it ☺!