How to feel the fear and do it anyway

Last November, I had a great idea. I would launch the inaugural Regional Business Women's Day on February 6 via a documentary about regional businesswomen while going on a 3321km road trip from Geelong to Townsville. Oh and taking 2 businesswomen, 2 babies and a video camera with me. All we needed was an automotive sponsor, accommodation in 8 locations, venues and speakers and to cover it with an $8000 crowd funding campaign. And we had five weeks to do it.

Was I scared we wouldn’t achieve these crazy goals? I had half a day of freaking out at one point but otherwise, no. As the great Sir Richard Branson says, ‘You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.’

If your fear is holding you back from achieving your goals, try this:

1.     Remind yourself of your why. Why are you doing what you do and who are you doing it for? If your crazy goals will serve others, keep going.

2.     Is this goal you’ve set for yourself achievable? If you can break down what you need to do and when you need to do it and stick to your plan, you can achieve it.

3.     There’s no such thing as failure. If it doesn’t turn out, try another way using what you’ve learnt from the experience. Real growth comes from being out of your comfort zone.

4.     Believe in yourself, no matter what the non-supporters say!

5.     Visualise your goals. Top performing athletes use the technique of positive visualisation before doing it in real life. You can too.