All-hours gym a perfect fit

Less than three months after opening, Balnarringym has reached its target of 300 members.
“The fact that we are open 24 hours every day has been a big factor,” said manager Tiffany Jukes.  “For example, a lot of tradies tend to use the gym early in the morning, whereas some mums are coming around 8pm after the kids are in bed.  Shift workers also appreciate the 24/7.  Retirees seem to enjoy working out during the quieter times of the day.  We’re finding a lot of young lads are getting fit for the football season in the gym after work.”

Tiffany’s colleague, Brendan Potter, added: “The wide variety of fitness equipment is a real plus.  The sled run, the battle rope and the boxing circuit are all proving popular.  The True Stretch Frame is also in great demand. And with the snow season approaching, our new True Traverse Lateral Trainer (pictured), which increases the muscle on the outside of thighs, is also in high demand.”

The True Traverse is a revolutionary piece of cardio equipment that combines the motions of a stepper, elliptical and treadmill all in one, allowing users to achieve a more complete workout in a fraction of the time spent on traditional cardio pieces. 

A: 2992 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Balnarring
T: 5931 3131
FB: Facebook/balnarringym