Young Skye author’s colourful debut By Kate Sears

Even though Rebecca Rose never had a huge love of reading as a child, she’s always loved words.  Now, at 25, she’s self-published a young adult fiction novel, the first draft of which she finished writing in a remarkable six days.

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Finding Technicolour is her first novel and it follows Peyton, who has a secret - a secret that would be easier to keep if it didn’t keep taking over her brain with violent flashbacks.  She’s awoken from a coma with very little memory after crashing her mum’s car, and all she sees is grey. After meeting a curious boy named Kai, she begins to let the truth come to the surface and bring colour back into her life.

Rebecca confides that she didn’t start writing in the “normal way” - she hasn’t studied at university or begun her writing career with short stories. But what’s normal these days anyway? “There’s no regrets,” she says.  “Everyone has their own journey to follow; I just jumped in the deep end.”

This rewarding experience has been a whirlwind ever since she started seriously working on her novel two years ago. “This story was knocking on the door; it was always in the back of my mind, just waiting for me to find it and write it down.”

After feeling lazy out of work hours, Rebecca felt she needed to do something with her spare time, and given her love of English during her years at Frankston High School, it seemed the right page to turn. With this, the colourful world of writing was opened. This Skye resident started writing actively only five years ago and has two other novels in the works. Her writing creates such atmosphere and empathy; it’s so real and raw, yet magically intertwined are perfect adjectives that just flow to give you a sense of the situation.

It isn’t all black and white; she’s eager for her novel to start a discussion and for it to help someone so they’re comfortable to share their own story. Rebecca’s so proud, but the journey isn’t over yet. At the end of the rainbow is her vision to have her novel on the shelves in book stores.

You know you need some technicolour in your life, and Rebecca’s book is available everywhere, including Amazon, Book Depository, iBook, Kobo and Punchbowl Canteen.  To follow rocking Rebecca’s writing, visit her website at or follow her story on Instagram at @r_roseofficial and her official novel’s page at @technicolour_ya