Peninsula DJ makes tracks for LA


Tess Vockler has established herself as the go-to female DJ in Melbourne after years spent honing her craft at some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs.  She has DJed in Europe and the US, performed alongside Taylor Swift at the American star’s Red Tour concert and played at Portsea Polo.  Tess speaks to Kate Sears from Mornington Peninsula Magazine about music, her move to LA and her love of the Peninsula.

How did you get into DJing?

From an early age I always loved music and performing. I used to sing and play violin throughout school, and when I finished school I studied at a music academy and absolutely loved learning about the art of mixing and production. 

What made you move to LA?

I just felt as an artist it was naturally the right step for me with my music.  After a couple of solid years within Australia, I wanted to push myself to the next level and the US is somewhere that allows you to do that. 

Do you miss life on the Mornington Peninsula? What’s your favourite thing to do when you are home?

Certainly. I love catching up with family/friends, breakfast/lunches etc. Love heading down to Portsea for a weekend every now and then. 

What’s your favourite career avenue - music or modelling?

Music, definitely. Although modelling has always been part of my life, music is my passion. 

Who is your musical inspiration?

So many, ha ha … mostly singers like Banks, Kiiara, Tove Lo, Aluna George, Lady Gaga and Halsey. 

Are you DJing at Portsea Polo again this year? Will we see you at any events back home this season?

As much as I love the Polo and playing in the Peroni Marquee, I’ll be in the US for the remainder of the year. I will be back in Oz for March 2018 playing some shows. You can keep updated on my upcoming dates via my website: