It’s a cat’s life by Liz Rogers

So you’ve gone on holidays. Well, while the owner is away, the cat will play – at Windrest Cattery Boutique in Bittern, that is. This premium cattery will have your feline friend feeling very spoilt indeed.

Here’s what’s in store when you leave them at the door.

MPM Nov 2017A19V9332.JPG

The day starts early at Windrest as carers greet the cat guests about 6.30am. Litter trays and water are replaced, while any floor material is swept away. Then food and water mats are changed with all dry food placed in a clean tray, along with some other special treats. Mellow music is piped through each cat villa. Then there’s the resetting of requested movies too.

From 8.30-10.30am the guests are cuddled, massaged and brushed.  Each cat guest has 15 minutes of ‘me playtime’; cat games include hide and seek with mouse, ball and chain and strobe light chasey.  Cats can enjoy their individual outdoor courtyards to relax, climb their skywalk or play in the ‘tunnel’.

From 11am-1.30pm, new pet parents are welcome to walk through the gardens, check out the award-winning administration and facilities building and inspect a display villa with a Windrest carer.  At 1.30pm, carers conduct an afternoon walk through the cattery to replace all litter trays and water bowls. The session from 3.30-5pm includes cat naps, more brushing; optional photographic session or video communication with pet parents. Families with young children particularly love this.

Dinner arrives from 5.30pm to 6.30pm; piped music is resumed unless continued viewing of movies is preferred. A final inspection of all cat guests occurs between 8.30-9.30pm to ensure all is well.

Talk about living the life!


A: 102 Myers Rd, Bittern

T: 5983 0041