Cultural preservation and generational continuation By Liz Rogers

Objects tell stories. Tiaki Objects Conservation founder and object conservator Erina has been working in the museums and heritage sector for more than 10 years and is intent on preserving your story through her passion for all things that connect past with present.


She explains: “Object conservation gives future generations an insight into the past to connect with place and heritage, which leads to a sense of identity and belonging. Tiaki means to guard, preserve and protect. It is the stem of the Maori word ‘kaitiakitanga’, meaning custodianship, preservation or protection.  We preserve and care for your material heritage to ensure your stories live on.”

Erina’s experience with restoring objects is vast. She has undertaken more than 3000 remedial and preventive conservation tasks relating to exhibitions, loans, acquisitions, access, relocation and storage, and has worked across Museum Victoria’s extensive collection. She has also developed a range of skills and expertise which is reflective of her work with Australian Indigenous and world Indigenous objects and delves deep within their stories. She has a Masters of Cultural Materials Conservation from the University of Melbourne.

If you have a precious object that needs preserving, call Erina at Tiaki Objects Conservation. She can repair, stabilise, preserve or look after archival and heritage items or collections - but more importantly, she understands just how precious your piece of history is to you.


M: 0425 799 958