Beliefs about education

At Woodleigh, we believe that education should be a journey of ever-expanding opportunities.  One which opens up multiple pathways and helps students find their individuality and discover their passions.  We commit wholeheartedly to the words of our founding Principal, Michael Norman, who said, “We ought never do for a young person what they, with a struggle, could be expected to be doing for themselves.” 

When students are challenged, real growth will occur. There is no growth without struggle. 

Students must be challenged – they must experience the discomfort that comes with breaking through to new ways of thinking.  As children move from early childhood, through adolescence and into adulthood, they need to be given the space to grow, develop ideas, create, take risks, and importantly, to fail and learn from their mistakes.

“Content knowledge matters. Skills matter more. Motivation matters most. Because if someone is intrinsically motivated, they’re going to continuously acquire new content knowledge and skills.” (Wagner 2016). 

We can no longer apply 20th century thinking to 21st century problems. The employment landscape has evolved at an astounding rate in the past decade and knowledge is no longer enough. Today’s employers demand resilience, grit, perseverance, digital skills, critical thinking skills, tenacity, creative problem solving, collaboration and effective communication skills; qualities which are central to what we do, teach and value.

The Woodleigh School learning model actively develops a range of diverse pathways for students, encouraging individuality, creative thinking and the development of adventurous minds. 

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