VCE: Ready to go! By Zahli McFarlane

Like any student heading into the VCE years I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about the decisions I need to make. As a Year 10 student it dawns on you that your choices over the next few years impact your future. Lots of questions run through your head. What subjects should I choose? Which tertiary institution offers the course I’m interested in? How do ATARs work? It’s enough to make even the most confident and capable student feel overwhelmed.

Peninsula Grammar has taken our VCE preparation to the next level. The School offered a “VCE and Pathways Expo” which gave both students and parents the opportunity to explore the 35 VCE subjects on offer. We were able to ask the teachers questions and investigate our areas of interest. There were also 13 institutions at the Expo showcasing their courses, offering us valuable insight into options, prerequisites and life beyond VCE.

After the Expo I went to a presentation with my mum where we learnt all about the mechanics of VCE. My parents did the HSC and only understand “Anderson Scores” so they were grateful to have the chance to understand the process and ask questions.

Peninsula Grammar also invited past students back to School to tell us about their post VCE lives and experiences. We found this invaluable and felt excited about the future after hearing from the VCE graduates. 

We finished Term 2 with all students having a chance to sit one on one with teachers representing the VCE subjects. This enabled me to ask my final questions and lock in my subject choices. 

I am fully prepared for the future and know that I will be completely supported by my School as I undertake this exciting journey. Peninsula Grammar has done everything it can to ease my transition into VCE and I feel confident about life after School. 

Peninsula Grammar has an Open Day on Wednesday, August 16 from 9-11am.


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