Scholars to share their stories

Every year TOPSA, Peninsula Grammar’s alumni, organise a breakfast and invite the community to join them. At this year’s breakfast, to be held at Peninsula Grammar on July 20, TOPSA has brought back a number of Peninsula Grammar scholars to share their stories. Five impressive young women who followed different pathways and found their passion will talk about where they are now and how they got there.

The guest speakers include Lauren Wood from the Class of 2006 who is looking forward to sharing her story about her career in a male-dominated industry. A sports journalist for the Herald Sun, Lauren loves where she is now. “I really enjoyed being involved in as much as I could at Peninsula – I loved the sport and music programs,” she says fondly. “I went on to study Business and Commerce as well as Journalism, and as a footy and general-sport lover, I now have a dream job that has already provided many highlights.”

When asked what advice she might give to today’s Peninsula Grammar students, she has some wise words. “Soak it all in and engage in as many of the programs that Peninsula has to offer,” she said.  “Since leaving school, I have realised how lucky I was to have so many different experiences that helped me develop into a well-rounded person. Put yourself out there - you never know what will come of anything.”

Another guest speaker, Caitlin Miers from the Class of 2010, had a slightly different pathway. Cait is a Surf, Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer based here on the Mornington Peninsula. She started a Sports Science degree and then moved to a Bachelor of Photography at Melbourne’s RMIT University which she completed in 2014. Cait has since been freelancing for major brands including Roxy and Lululemon and has travelled to work in all corners of the globe including Biarritz, The Maldives, LA, Bali and Japan.

Cait also has some valuable advice for the Class of 2017 and beyond. “I would just say, you have time. You have time to go to uni, try a course, not like it, switch courses, go travelling and come back to it later on, or don’t come back to it! Just do what makes you happy,” she said. “It’s ok to change and do what you love!”

Other guest speakers include musician Chloe Smith from the Class of 2011, who has studied music and teaching since leaving Peninsula Grammar and released an independent single and an EP. Maddie Featherby, Class of 2009, will also join the panel. Maddie studied Media majoring in film and cinema and also studied at NIDA and has been able to combine work and her love of musical theatre, winning one of the main roles in the upcoming production of Paris. As a more recent graduate Alexandra Karamesinis, from the Class of 2016, will appear on the panel providing some perspective on life so far after school.

This is a complimentary event, proudly supported by TOPSA and includes a sit down breakfast.

7am – 8.30am, July 20, 2017, H.A. MacDonald Pavilion, Peninsula Grammar.

Book your place at: by July 13, 2017.