Scientists in the making

Toorak College provides the best educational start for your child; inspiring students to dream big and aim high, with quality teachers who develop the students’ passions wherever they may lie.


In the early years, Toorak College values the importance of having a strong foundation in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. It encourages exploration, curiosity and problem solving.

Last year the Government released the National Innovation and Science Agenda, and under the initiative ‘Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’ a plan to develop STEM knowledge in early childhood was launched.

“It is important to encourage STEM thinking in very young children,” says Mrs Mandy Whitworth, Head of Wardle House. “The secret is to tap into their natural and innate curiosity about the living world. By simply allowing children to investigate, and encouraging them to ask questions about the real world, you are engaging them in STEM. Research tells us that an enhanced and integrated understanding of STEM disciplines will assist our students to be the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future.”

As part of the Early Learning program at Toorak College, students have access to the school’s state-of- the-art facilities, including DIGI (Design, Innovate, Gamify Inspire) Zone. DIGI Zone is a place for learners to problem solve, collaborate, design and create. Most recently, three and four-year-old students have been creating stop-motion movies on tablets and experiencing new technology using the beebots, sphero balls and virtual reality equipment. Later this year, they will be working on a student-directed animated story where they will use different objects and environments to tell a story of what life is like in the Early Learning Centre. These experiences enable the children to develop a solid understanding of digital technologies before commencing primary school.    

“A vibrant Australia depends upon a foundation of STEM education, so we need to encourage STEM learning during our children’s early years, rather than wait until they get to school,” says Mrs Whitworth.

To learn more about the Early Learning program at Toorak College, visit or call 9788 7234.