Olive oil a la Peninsula! By Andrea Kellett

If you had the choice of buying olive oil grown and pressed on the Mornington Peninsula or olive oil made elsewhere, which would you choose?

If you love where you live, chances are you’d answer the first. And, if you make these types of conscious buying decisions and aren’t yet aware of the local Mornington Peninsula Produce (MPP) brand, then listen up.

The MPP brand was launched last year and it’s changing the way we identify locally grown food. Basically, if it’s grown, bred or raised entirely on the Peninsula, you can instantly identify it via the MPP Certified Trade Mark. Think Peninsula fruit, vegetables, wine, meat, dairy, seafood, eggs, cider and olives.

Mornington Peninsula Magazine spoke with the owners of two Peninsula olive groves who have signed up to the MPP brand and have earned the right to use the MPP Certified Trade Mark. We spoke with Penny Hart from Hart’s Farm in Shoreham and Sui Tham from Cape Schanck Olive Estate.

Hart’s Farm was one of the first businesses to apply for MPP accreditation. Owner Penny explains: “We thought it was a great idea,” she said. “People who buy a product with that logo, they know there’s very clear certification that it’s from the Peninsula.”

Sui said she was happy for her award winning estate to be associated with a brand that promotes produce made entirely on the Peninsula. “I’m very happy to use the MPP brand,” she said. “We grow and press all our olive oil here, it’s 100 per cent from the Mornington Peninsula.”

Hart’s Farm and Cape Schanck Olive Estate are two of a growing number of Mornington Peninsula olive groves already, or soon to be, bearing the MPP Certified Trade Mark.

Find out more about all our MPP Certified local producers at mpproduce.com.au and enjoy the confidence of knowing where your food actually comes from.