Taylah Carroll, 21 has been hooked on music most of her life. This Mornington melody maker creates music to soothe the soul and is managed by a boutique agency in Prahran called Melodic Management. I caught up with her via FB and email while she was backpacking through Peru and Colombia!

Back on the Peninsula and having completed her Bachelor of Arts, she’s ready to devote all her time to the medium she loves. Get set to hear more of Taylah in 2017. Follow her at TaylahCarrollMusic on FB or on Instagram @taylahcarrollmusic to see how.

Have you always been a musician?

There is no time I can recall that I haven't been in love with music and performing.

When did you start singing/ playing?

When I was six or seven I joined a children's performing company, so I suppose that's when I started singing and performing music in an organised capacity. I was putting on little shows when we had people over for dinner and performing whenever and wherever I could long before signing on to CPCA (Children's Performing Company of Australia) though.

I started piano to accompany my vocals and song writing. I started taking lessons in high school, though I only attended them sporadically and didn't really like them. I much prefer to play by ear or to simply compose. I picked up the guitar about two years ago and have been teaching myself little bits and pieces.

How do you get started on a song? Where do they come from?

It depends on the song. They all come out differently. Sometimes I start with a lyric or phrase. Sometimes I write out the whole song lyrically and find a vocal melody or I'm playing around with an instrument and find a melody that I love and a song will flow on from there. Sometimes they seem to write themselves, as though they flow through me, like a stream of consciousness. These are the ones that are often the strongest songs.

What instruments do you play?

I primarily play piano, but have recently been writing more on guitar. Now that I've finished my undergraduate degree I really want to buy an electric guitar and a synth. To play the trumpet would be amazing too, although I hear it's super difficult.


How would you describe your style?

I always find this question challenging to answer and usually just say alternative, but recently a friend described it as "sad indie pop". I think that encapsulates better than I could.

Any favourite peninsula musicians/ artists?

Ruby Whiting is one of my closest friends and creates beautiful heartfelt, wandering tunes. Harrison Storm is great. Millie Souter who did the promo artwork for my Ep launch is a wonderful visual artist too.

Where have you played on the Mornington Peninsula and how was the experience?

I've played a lot at Gods Kitchen, The Bay, Portsea Pub and venues of the like.  It's been great playing on the Peninsula and being a part of the music scene here. I have made many amazing friends and been given loads of opportunities to perform.

Where were you brought up and where do you live now?

I did my primary school years in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs in Blackburn and Mt Waverley and moved to Mornington when I was 11 just before high school. I am currently based at my family home in Mornington.

What's your favourite Peninsula beach and why?

Cameron's Bite in Blairgowrie. We used to moor our boat there. It is secluded and quaint, the water is always a beautiful blue in the summer, and a tiny rickety white pier stretches into the bay from the sand.

Do you write poetry?

I started writing poetry in year seven as a form of catharsis and long before I started writing songs. The songs (not including some terrible ones written when I was about six), only really started to come out of me once I could play with instrumentation as well.

What course are you doing at Melbourne University?

I just completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and Minoring in media and communications. Philosophy filled my electives and is my true love within the realm of academia.

Favourite fashion spots?

To shop? I love Aurelia and Herman in Main Street Mornington. And for homewares, gifts, and jewellery - Greedi Lulu and Page 8.

How will you spend the rest of your holidays?

I'm in Colombia now and I will be backpacking here for the next two and a half weeks. I then finish with a week in Mexico and will be back home with my family for the rest of the break. I intend to hug and hang out with everyone I love, walk lots, go to the beach lots, and start writing more songs.

What does the future hold for you?

Now that I've completed my BA, I'm giving myself a year or two to solely concentrate on music. I will be playing more shows, writing new music and producing a new Ep. I haven't really thought much further than that, although I would love to go to India.

Which musicians inspire you and why cover Life on Mars?

I love the song! It's my favourite Bowie song. It evokes nostalgia in me and the melody is just so lovely. My musical inspirations include Tori Amos, Sarah Blasko, Laura Marling (lyrically), and, not so much an inspiration but a new love, Julia Jacklin. She has inspired me to write lately.

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