Winter collections to warm the heart

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Look no further than OZ Design Furniture Mornington’s new-season winter collections for your interior renovation. Boasting styles that ensure comfort and trend are at the heart of your home, OZ Design Furniture has something for every living space this cooler season. 
For those seeking a relaxed style, Salotto is the perfect living room addition. Its slip cover, cloud-like cushion and casual design offer homes a place for their guests to feel like there is no place like it. It’s easy to dress and can be styled up to suit seasonal trends and temperatures. 
With a range of homewares that follow world trends, your interior can be updated with ease. Rattan is hot this season and can be found in a range of buffets, entertainment units, coffee tables and homewares items in-store. Add greenery mixed with rattan to create a casual, boho, layered or relaxed glam feel to your space. 

Create a haven in your home that truly inspires — view OZ Design Furniture Mornington’s collections today.


A: Showroom D4, Peninsula Home, 1128-1132 Nepean Highway, Mornington

T: 8560 1137

Booking your holiday was meant to be cruisy

Shop Front.png

KB 4 Travel & Cruise is celebrating the end of the financial year — and you can reap the rewards. Passionate owner Kylie has opened a new office in Chelsea Heights and is running a giveaway for one lucky customer to win a cruise just by entering via her website.

Booking with a specialist can save you both time and money. Kylie has travelled extensively and knows the best places to stay and what types of places would best suit you. She has excellent knowledge of the travel industry and a friendly, welcoming nature — no wonder the ratings on her service are always five stars.

Being independent, Kylie has access to a range of travel suppliers. There are always sales in the travel industry and she can arrange the best deal for you — even those that are not advertised. Not only will Kylie find you the cheapest fare, she’ll also find the quickest way to get you where you’re going. No one wants their 24-hour flight to become 34 hours due to a 10-hour stopover. Kylie will take the time to build a flight route from scratch and find the best flight for you on all accounts. After all, not every available flight comes up on an online search.

Kylie is on call 24/7, so whether a cyclone means your ferry is cancelled or a volcanic eruption forces your trip to be rescheduled, Kylie will sort everything out for you so your travel is completely stress-free.

But wait, there is more: booking your holiday or trip with KB 4 Travel & Cruise will cost you no more than booking direct or online — it could even cost you less.

So why not get expert advice at the cheapest price and have the support you need available on call. You might even win a cruise! 


A: Hillcrest Drive, Langwarrin

T: 0408 030 964



INSTA: kb4travel

Heating and cooling solutions for life

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For the past 60 years, residential and commercial property owners have turned to Atlas Webster for their heating and cooling requirements. Based in Langwarrin, this family-owned company services the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula with a team of professionals who live in the area and have the experience and expertise you look for in a heating and airconditioning specialist.

Atlas Webster works closely with architects, interior designers and builders to deliver complete heating and cooling systems that integrate with their customers’ house designs, with ongoing service, repairs and maintenance of their systems. Michael Ellis, from Michael Ellis Architects, has worked with Atlas Webster for more than 10 years on numerous projects and is full of praise for the team. “Working together to design solutions that are purpose-built, align with design concepts, aesthetics of the space and allow for the best air quality and temperature control (leave) clients satisfied every time,” Michael said. “The partnership between Atlas Webster and Michael Ellis Architects has delivered clients with beautiful and functional homes, as Reyner Banham would describe in Architecture of the well-tempered environment.”

Installing, servicing and maintaining all major heating and cooling brands, Atlas Webster is keen to build ongoing relationships with Peninsula builders and designers and maintain the fantastic relationship it has with its residential customers.

And don’t forget to get your investment or commercial property maintained before the end of the financial year so you can claim a tax deduction immediately for your service. 


A: Hillcrest Drive, Langwarrin

T: 9560 5877


FB: atlaswebsterair

INSTA: atlaswebsterdesign

Professional plumbing on call By Liz Rogers

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JR Plumbing provides 24/7 plumbing expertise to residents on the Mornington Peninsula and southern suburbs. With more than 30 years’ experience in all forms of plumbing, this locally owned business provides person-to-person service with a smile.

Focusing on customer satisfaction, JR Plumbing is fully insured and licensed and is known for meticulous workmanship and old-fashioned service. Using top-notch products including Swan Plumbing and Reece ensures client satisfaction. They’re also equipped with an onsite excavator and the latest plumbing tools, resulting in the customer saving money and time by avoiding the hire of expensive equipment.

So if you’re searching for an expert plumber who is fast, friendly and meticulous, look no further than JR Plumbing. Call them today.


A: Rosebud

M: 0438 862 892


Bathroom perfection for your home


Specialising in mid to high-end bathroom renovations, the family-run Victorian Bathroom Company has the expertise to create a bathroom that’s perfect for Peninsula living. The highly skilled team know that your bathroom must be practical yet reflect your style, your personality, wake you up and relax you. With all these conflicting requirements it can be an overwhelming experience knowing where to start.

The Victorian Bathroom Company offers a fully comprehensive bathroom renovation service from design right through to completion, and also works with Australian and New Zealand suppliers, including Timberline, Decina and Methven, to ensure exceptional quality and longevity in your bathroom. 

Supply and install packages are available from $19,000 in these stunning styles: 

  • Monochrome (matte black tapware and white suite); 

  • Nature (simplicity, timber vanities and clean lines);

  • Timeless (transitional style combining modern tapware against a heritage profile vanity and feature floor tile); and,  

  • Industrial (sleek and contemporary greys and concrete textures).

Need inspiration? View the portfolio of completed projects at or on Instagram @victorian_bathroom_co, and know you can renovate with confidence by choosing the Victorian Bathroom Company, a registered building practitioner and licensed plumber. With a permanently employed team of skilled tradesmen, the full project is completed from start to finish by the same team. Respectful and clean, they will cause minimal disruption to your daily life and leave your house so spotless you’d think they had never been.

The Victorian Bathroom Company has an excellent reputation for its trades and services and is one of highest rated bathroom renovation companies in Melbourne, as its client testimonials show. So if you’re looking for a legitimate, reliable and professional bathroom renovation company, contact the experts at the Victorian Bathroom Company and let them create your dream. Book your free quote online at 


A: 2 Bond St, Mordialloc

T: 9587 1875


FB: VictorianBathroomCompany

INSTA: victorian_bathroom_co

Tricky trees no more By Kate Sears

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Look up and you’ll find Nathan Walker tending to emergency call-outs for fallen trees, difficult situations and removing large trees. Nathan and his five-man crew at Tree Walkers offer a full range of services from consultations to pruning, stump removals and timber milling. They have the experience and equipment to handle any tree and any situation.

With 22 years of experience in the tree industry, Nathan decided 11 years ago to branch out and start his own business. As the director of Tree Walkers and the head climber, he has his hands full yet is proud to say he is the best in the industry. He is extremely efficient and skilled, making sure the job is done safely. This small family-owned and operated business has your best interests at heart. 

Nathan offers free quotes and advice as well. Tree Walkers even has a qualified arborist available to supply reports when needed. Tree Walkers’ services include long-term maintenance, service wire pruning, hedging, possum guard installations, transporting logs, mulch and firewood sales, onsite chipping, advice on diseases and disease treatments and so much more. 

Since stepping out on his own, Nathan has successfully serviced the whole southeastern region of Victoria. His company provides the community with a skilled service while respecting environmental concerns. His experienced team act with the utmost care towards the location in which they are working so your garden beds will be safe. As a lover of trees and nature, Nathan makes sure your trees are in good hands with Tree Walkers. 

For emergency call-outs, phone 0404 709 595 or 1300 MR TREE (1300 67 8733)

FB: treewalkers
T: 0404 709 595

Ovenu cleans your oven so you don’t have to

Ovenu owners Nathan and Kim know you can’t live without a functioning piece of equipment. With the holidays just around the corner, now’s the time to give your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue a thorough pre-Easter clean. 

Ovenu technicians use an exclusive range of fully biodegradable, non-caustic and sustainable products that are completely safe for your family and pets. Fast and friendly, the technicians use a ‘no nasty fumes’ clean with a carbon remover approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association, and they separate the glass panels in your oven door for a transparent, seamless shine.

Clever Ovenu!


T: 1300 683 681


FB: Ovenu Mornington Peninsula

From the Big Bang to a big ban

Here’s something to consider: if plastic microbeads had been created at the time of the Big Bang, they’d still be around now — 13.8 billion years later. That’s just one of the startling findings in a study by UK-based packaging supplier Rajapack on the impact single-use plastics are having on our environment.

The use of plastic microbeads in ‘rinse-off’ cosmetics has been banned in many countries, including the US, the UK, New Zealand, Canada and France; Australia’s environment ministers agreed in 2016 only to support a voluntary industry phase-out. But those that already exist aren’t going anywhere ever.

Microbeads are a microplastic, which describes any plastic fragment less than 5mm in length. Primary microplastics, which include microbeads, are those that have been purposely manufactured for a variety of uses from cosmetics to clothing to industrial. Secondary microplastics are created by the breakdown of larger products, such as plastic bags and bottles, by natural processes such as sunlight exposure. Microplastics have been found everywhere from the Mariana Trench to the human gut. Given they can not only absorb pollutants from their environment but are also often made from toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, that’s food for thought.

Rajapack’s study — at — estimates that 4.8-12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year, adding to the more than five trillion pieces of plastic polluting the marine environment. While this global problem might seem far beyond our control as individuals, there are many simple things each of us can do to help eliminate single-use plastics that don’t require a massive lifestyle change. Rajapack has isolated three: straws, cups and scrubs.

A single plastic straw can take 200 years to biodegrade; a paper straw takes three days.  If you really need a straw for your drink, buy a reusable one or find a retailer that uses paper straws.

Polystyrene foam cups don’t biodegrade; if they’d been around during the Jurassic era, Rajapack points out, archaeologists would still be digging them up today alongside dinosaur fossils. A cup made from 100 per cent biodegradable material will be gone in three to six months. Better still, find a café that accepts reusable cups and take your own.

Finally, manufacturers of exfoliating scrubs might be voluntarily phasing out microbeads, but you can also make your own scrubs and face masks easily and cheaply from such common household ingredients as coconut oil and sugar; olive oil, honey, lemon and sugar; raw oats, honey and olive oil; and baking soda and water.

Regular readers of this column will be aware that many Peninsula businesses are trying to eliminate or at least reduce single-use plastics. From paper straws to reusable shopping bags to bring-your-own coffee cups, businesses are stepping up. It’s up to us to do the same. Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up at home before you hit the gym or set off on your daily walk. Keep a few reusable shopping bags in the car so you’re not caught short if you decide to duck into the shops on the way home. Keep a cutlery set at work so you can refuse the plastic knife and fork that usually accompanies your takeaway lunch. And those plastic containers your lunch comes in can be cleaned and reused more than once — to store stuff in your fridge, as a pet’s food or water bowl, for the kids to keep their Lego bricks, colouring pencils and crayons and other bits and pieces in or to make things with.

There are so many ways we can eliminate single-use plastics from our lives; all it takes is a little forethought and a touch of determination to leave our children and grandchildren a healthier planet Earth.


Photos courtesy of Rajapack

Photos courtesy of Rajapack

A non-toxic post-Christmas clean


Christmas has come and gone, so now’s the time to give your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue a thorough post-festive season clean. Ovenu technicians use an exclusive range of fully biodegradable, non-caustic and sustainable products that are completely safe for your family and pets.

Ovenu owners Nathan and Kim know you can’t live without a functioning piece of equipment. That’s why their technicians are fast and reliable and use a ‘no nasty fumes’ clean with a carbon remover approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association. They separate the glass panels in your oven door for a transparent seamless shine too.

Clever Ovenu.


T: 1300 683 681


FB: Ovenu Mornington Peninsula

Empire strikes back with Christmas savings By Kate Sears

Roman 4 copy.jpg

The Roman Empire is more than just a supplier of beautiful custom-made products for the soft furnishing industry. Its staff members also offer valuable product knowledge that they’ve gained from years of experience and an underlying passion for design.  

The festive season is the ideal time to get a taste of their style and offerings by getting in before the Christmas rush to guarantee New Year delivery of your window coverings. Embracing the seasonal spirit of giving, they are offering you 20 per cent off until Saturday, December 15, when you mention this editorial. 

Priding themselves on providing a high standard in everything they do means you’re in the safest of hands. Everything they offer is tried and tested before it goes out to the client. This includes testing their roller blinds and hanging their drapery before installation so that they can ensure the product sits exactly the way it’s supposed to.

Selecting the right soft furnishings for your home can be daunting but we spoke to Lloyd Bradshaw, senior sales consultant at The Roman Empire, about his knack of picking the right options for his clients. 

“I’ve learnt over my 40 years that if I take three samples to a client after speaking with them on the phone, most of the time I get it right,” said Lloyd. “With blinds, I have the full range in my car. The client can also come into the showroom and look at our full range. And we give honest advice.”

Go on, the Empire awaits. 


A: 91 Brunel Rd, Seaford

T: 1800 671 456


A non-toxic pre-Christmas clean By Liz Rogers


Christmas is on the way so now’s the time to give your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue a thorough pre-festive season clean-up by a company that only uses sustainable and non-toxic cleaning products.

Ovenu technicians use an exclusive range of fully biodegradable, non-caustic and sustainable products that are completely safe for your oven, family and pets too, so you can enjoy cooking with near-new appliances completely free of nasty chemicals.

Ovenu owners Nathan and Kim realise you can’t live without a functioning piece of equipment, especially heading into the ‘let’s celebrate’ season. That’s why their technicians are fast, reliable and professional. They also understand the importance of a ‘no nasty fumes’ clean using a carbon remover approved by the Vitreous Enamel Association, and the importance of separating the glass panels in your oven door for a seamless transparent shine to ensure 100 per cent safety peace of mind. Clever Ovenu.

You can be clever too by giving Ovenu a call today, so your oven will be sparkling clean and super healthy by the time Christmas comes calling.


T: 1300 683 681


FB: Ovenu Mornington Peninsula

Take a stroll through stunning gardens


Two Mornington Peninsula gardens will be featured as part of Garden DesignFest 2018 next month. Flinders’ Musk Cottage garden, designed by Eckersley Garden Architecture, and a garden at Red Hill South designed by Kate Seddon will be open from 10am-5pm over the weekend of November 17-18, with their designers represented on site.

Musk Cottage has been a pet project of Rick Eckersley and his design team for several years. Originally, it was laid out as a trimmed English garden with manicured lawns and a wisteria-draped lattice, but Eckersley Garden Architecture’s thoughts were to create something that was uniquely Australian in flavour. This non-irrigated garden relies on the mulch at its base and the toughness of its plants, and it now stands as a testament to low-maintenance, sustainable gardening. 

Decorative, remnant walls at the Red Hill property gave rise to a walled garden, creating a whimsical and welcoming entry.  A broad deck, fire pit and strategically placed rock platforms create seating areas, while beyond the walled garden, refurbished buildings and meandering paths invite you to wander and explore.  Character and whimsy abound in this garden with found objects and repurposed materials.

Billed as Australia’s best display of professionally designed gardens, Garden DesignFest is a fundraising event managed by the Rotary Clubs of Kew, Brighton North and Central Melbourne. The main charity to benefit from this year’s event will be End Trachoma by 2020.

For more information about Garden DesignFest 2018, go to

New opportunity to make super contributions when downsizing

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.43.57 AM.png

The downsizer contribution provides an excellent opportunity for anyone aged 65 or over who sell their main residence (your home) held for at least 10 years to contribute up to $300,000 each ($600,000 for a couple) into super. The usual work test and total super balance restrictions do not apply when making a downsizer contribution.  Only Contracts of Sales entered into from 1 July 2018 may qualify for a downsizer contribution.

Implications for investors

·      You do not have to actually downsize living accommodation to be eligible and can be moving into Aged Care.

·      Downsizer Contributions are not tax deductible and may impact Centrelink Age Pension.

·      Downsizer Contributions converted to a tax free super pension count towards your transfer balance cap.

·      Downsizer Contributions needs to be made within 90 days of receiving sale proceeds.

·      Downsizer Contribution amount cannot be greater than total main residence sale proceeds.

This is a complex area, so if you (or anyone you know) are looking to downsize your home, contact Michael Stout on 97838077 to discuss the suitability of this strategy.

RetireInvest / RI Advice Frankston, Level 3, 454 Nepean Highway, Frankston 

Michael Stout is an Authorised Representative of

RI Advice Group Pty Ltd ABN 23 001 774 125, AFSL 238429

The information (including taxation) above is general advice only and does not constitute personal advice. It has been prepared without taking into account any of your individual objectives, financial solutions or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider the appropriateness of this advice, having regard for your own objectives, financial situation and needs. You should seek personal financial advice from a qualified financial adviser before acting on the advice.


Five tips for choosing a retirement village you love 


For people considering a move into retirement living, and even those who might not have considered it, the options can be overwhelming. Here are five top tips to ensure you make the right choice. 

Location, location, location

For many people, the thought of leaving the area they’ve known all their life is overwhelming. In fact, many retirement villages are made up of locals who have lived in the area their entire life. If you’re set on staying local, the first step is to find out what villages are nearby. 

Consider your ‘must haves’ 

All villages are different, and working out what’s important to you can help narrow down the search. ‘Must haves’ might include a pet-friendly policy, a bowling green or an extra bedroom for the grandkids. 

Arrange a casual tour

Once you’ve got a list of villages to inspect, you can arrange a tour. Lendlease holds weekly ‘Tea and Tour’ events at a number of villages, which provides the opportunity to explore the village in an informal setting. 

Attend an event

Attending an event is a great way to meet and mingle with current and future residents. Koorootang Court and Martha’s Point are holding an open day from 10am-2pm on Saturday, October 13. So stop by and get a real feel for the village lifestyle on offer. 

Speak to the team

Once you’ve decided on a village, it’s a good idea to book in a one-on-one meeting with the sales manager. They’ll provide you with helpful information about the different ways you can buy and how to make the move. 

Lendlease has two villages within the Mornington Peninsula: Koorootang Court and Martha’s Point. To view all events, visit or call 1800 550 550. 


Escape to a world of fun

Escape copy.jpg

It is amazing what hidden gems are waiting to be discovered in the back streets of the Mornington Industrial Estate.  One such gem is Locked in Escape Rooms.

Escape room games are the newest trend in entertainment. Teams are pitted against the clock in themed rooms from which they are trying to escape before their time runs out. Teams need to explore the rooms, hunting for hidden items that they can use to aid their escape. Puzzles and brainteasers inside the rooms will reveal further clues, codes or combinations.

Locked in Escape Rooms has four different, fantastically themed rooms that immerse players in the story they are a part of. A quick look at Facebook or Trip Advisor shows just how popular and well-reviewed Locked in Escape Rooms is.

Consider Locked in Escape Rooms for your next social event or work team-building function.



A: 2/2 Carbine Way, Mornington

T: 0413 010 431



Smart furniture at a smart price by Kate Sears


It was a smart decision by John and Mary a year ago to start a business that provides high quality brand new furniture that is accessible to everyone through their show-stopping wholesale prices. It was an even smarter move to respond to their success by progressing from an online store to a warehouse where they invite everyone to touch, feel, sit, and even lie down to explore their quality furniture options in person.

“Our display is warehouse style so that our products are the hero, not the warehouse. We are all about the furniture,” said John. “And when you’re here you deal with us directly, the owners.”
At Smart Living Furniture’s warehouse, John and Mary source their furniture from one of Australia’s high quality furniture manufacturers so you can expect to see brand new furniture made from Australian timber and materials. There’s now no need to visit clearance stores that sell ex-demo, ex-display or damaged furniture because John and Mary don’t sacrifice quality for price.

They boast wholesale prices on brand new quality designer furniture from one of Australia’s largest manufacturers that is available at major retailers for 50 per cent more.  They strongly believe in offering superior dining room tables, deluxe lounges, tallboys and much more to everyone. They want great furniture to be accessible to everyone — so much so that they focus on keeping their overheads low to keep the prices down and pass the savings on to the customer.

Shop smart and snap up an absolute bargain at John and Mary’s warehouse today and join their grand opening raffle for your chance to win a Zoe accent chair.



A: 3/100 Dandenong Rd, Frankston (cnr Tooyal St and Dandenong Rd)

T: 0411 330 287
FB: @smartlivingfurnitureau
INSTA: @smartlivingfurniture

Cool-weather eggs at Somerville By Liz Rogers

Any time’s a good time to visit Somerville Egg Farm, where family and friends love to gather while buying only the freshest eggs. This winter why not take the time to visit the Napolitinos and their animal friends on an egg farm that connects people with scrumptious Mornington Peninsula produce. Take home the freshest and most delicious eggs with luscious golden yolks to cook up a storm over the cooler months ahead or just say hi to the free-range hens, maremma dogs, alpacas and goats on this family-friendly farm.


Winter warming treats have never been so easy to prepare with Somerville Egg Farm eggs. This experienced family of farmers, who represented the Mornington Peninsula on Channel 9’s competitive cooking series Family Food Fight in 2017, offer the best quality eggs at an affordable price, and because you know they care for their chooks you know the quality is top-notch. This is the perfect place to stock up on eggs for all your baking and cooking needs because Luigi and Maria Napolitano have been supplying eggs to the Peninsula since 1978 and love what they do. They now share the running of their farm with son Anthony and daughters Linda and Anita, who continue the Napolitano tradition with flair.

Get cracking and purchase some of Somerville Egg Farm’s very fresh eggs this winter while enjoying some downtime with family and friends on the magical Mornington Peninsula. Fresh air and fresh produce provide the perfect winter weekend escape, then head back home to bake and taste.

Are you there yet?



A: 220 Eramosa Rd West, Moorooduc (cnr Eramosa Rd West and Binnak Way)

T: 5977 5405

Open: Monday-Friday 8am-4.30pm, Saturday 8am-12.30pm; closed Sunday and all public holidays


Truffle up at Red Hill By Liz Rogers


Are you up for a hunt that delivers edible treasure? Are you ripe for an early morning wander in the mist-imbued Red Hill hinterland? Or a truffle-infused breakfast tasting? Then give Jenny McAuley at Red Hill Truffles a call and get set to relish in a magical Mornington Peninsula foodie experience.

Two Hunt and Breakfast at Red Hill Truffles events are on this winter and you’re invited. These most special gatherings are ideal for lovers of the hard-to-find fungus that is being used in delicious dining across the Peninsula and beyond.

Red Hill Truffles was the first farm to produce truffles on the Mornington Peninsula. Jenny and her sensational sniffer dog Thomas will lead you through the hazelnut and oak trees in search of the elusive black gold that is ripening as you read this. After the hunt you’ll return to Jenny’s beautifully rustic tasting pavilion to taste breaking-fast recipes.

For anyone who knows something about truffles, farming them isn’t easy. They start growing here in the ground in the first week of December and don’t ripen until the beginning of June. There’s the pH levels in the soil to consider, the right trees to plant and foster — it takes years before a tree will produce its first truffle — and then you’ve got find them. That’s where Thomas comes in. Jenny began her journey into the seductive yet hard-working world of truffle farming by growing a mix of oaks and hazelnut trees from 2005. She found her first truffle under a hazelnut tree five years later.

Truffles are available for purchase from Red Hill Truffles in early June. The first Hunt and Breakfast is on June 10. The next is in August. Phone Jenny or log on to her website to find out about other events and to truffle up!



A: Red Hill


FB: @redhilltruffles


Revive and shine with Ovenu By Liz Rogers

OVENU_FEB_2017_1 copy.JPEG

If your cooking appliances are in need of some extra care over the cooler months, Ovenu Mornington Peninsula is the expert at reviving and restoring your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue to near-perfect showroom condition.

Ovenu technicians use an exclusive range of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic products that are completely safe for your oven, family and pets too so you can enjoy creating sumptuous meals and treats with near-new appliances free of nasty chemicals.

Ovenu owners Nathan and Kim realise that you can’t live without a fresh and functioning piece of equipment. That’s why Ovenu technicians are fast, reliable and professional. They can even separate the glass panels in your oven door for a seamless transparent shine you simply won’t believe and ensure real peace of mind that your food is being prepared on or in an appliance that’s 100 per cent safe for you.

Kiss your holiday season residue goodbye or simply give your appliance the mini makeover it deserves by calling Ovenu on 1300 683 681 for a quote. You and your family will be glad you did.



T: 1300 683 681



It pays to install Enertec windows and doors

EWD logo_dark.jpg

Don’t lose money through your windows and doors.  Choose Enertec Window & Door Systems and save!

Cut down your utility bills and keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with Enertec windows and doors.  Using the latest in German technology, Enertec manufactures high-quality uPVC double-glazed windows and doors to suit every style.

“Greater insulation in winter and summer means substantial year-round energy savings, lower power bills, and a healthier home,” says Rudi Frey, the owner and technical director of this family business.  “Plus, our technology reduces noise from outside by 80%.”

Get added safety and security for your peace of mind with a sophisticated locking mechanism and reinforced steel structure in all Enertec windows and doors.  They are virtually maintenance-free, environmentally sustainable, renewable, and recyclable.  The 10-year warranty and affordable price tag makes Enertec windows and doors the obvious choice for savvy shoppers.

Check out the Enertec range online or drop by the showroom.

Mention  Mornington Peninsula Magazine  when you call for your free measure and quote to receive your 10% discount.



A: 3/45 Macbeth St, Braeside

T: 9587 2655


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