Luxurious linen on call By Liz Rogers

Who’s got the time or inclination to get the sheets unpacked - let alone washed and dried - when they’ve reached their holiday destination?

BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services, that’s who. 

Take the fuss out of renting a private property on the Mornington Peninsula with this professional and reliable linen hire and laundry service that ensures your downtime is topped up with fun and relaxation – not washing and organisation! 

BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services offers a door-to-door pick-up and delivery service which includes the washing and ironing of all linen for bed and breakfasts and holiday homes across the Peninsula. BayLinen also has a full range of luxurious linen available for hire and will have your beds ready to go when you walk through the front door. Now that’s what I call a real escape. 

Make your next holiday easy with BayLinen Hire & Laundry Services. 


M: 0458 231 232