Beach Bites Lane a testament to couple’s hard work

Aldo and Lea da Silva Gomes have spent the past two years trying to find a place on the Peninsula to trade from their food truck Brazilian Bites.  They have had no luck - until now. After a lot of hard work and persistence, they created their own permanent food truck location, Beach Bites Lane, the only one of its kind on the Peninsula.


Going back and forth to Melbourne all the time in their food truck was taking its toll financially, physically and on their young family. “What people don’t realise is that it’s incredibly expensive to run a food truck and we were spending $100 a day just getting to and from the city, even without all the other costs involved,” owner-operator Aldo says. 

The long days and hours of travel took their toll in April when Aldo had a terrible accident due to total exhaustion, giving him the fright of his life. “The truck got pretty banged up and we had to take it off the road for a while. In the end, we had to sell our house to survive.”


The Dromana couple decided enough was enough and it was time to start working closer to home. A venue they had had their eye on for some time finally became available for lease and they jumped at the opportunity; 813-817 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud, is now their permanent home and they couldn’t be more proud of their achievement.

Opposite the beach and the Rosebud foreshore camp ground, Beach Bites Lane has a gelato shop on site and a rotation of some of the best food trucks Victoria has to offer - and coffee is available now too. Keep an eye on social media to find out who’s trading and when.



A: 813-817 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud