COCKTAIL FEATURE - Simply sensational at The Milbri


When it comes to a great summer cocktail, you want fresh ingredients and you don’t want to wait, right?  Well, The Milbri agrees.

The Milbri has unveiled an exciting new cocktail menu for summer and has gone for simplicity and freshness.  This means no one has to wait too long - because we all know how annoying that can be ­– and the cocktails are moreish to the max! Over the silly season The Milbri will be using as many fresh ingredients as possible to achieve maximum flavour while the gorgeous fresh fruits are in season.

Three of the lip-smacking new cocktails are the Frozé (raspberry syrup, strawberry puree, gin, cranberry juice and rosé), Professor’s Espresso (bourbon, instant coffee, maple syrup and a biscuit), and Mac's Mojo (white rum, passionfruit, mango puree, lime juice and egg white; pictured).  We’re impressed! 



A: 1183 Point Nepean Rd, Rosebud

T: 5982 3901