Get in shape for summer with BFF By Laura Ballantyne


We are fast approaching the days where we say goodbye to track pants and hello to bikinis! Be Fit Food can help you get into shape this summer!

Eat healthy proteins and fats, plant-based food and low carbohydrate

Different coloured fruit and vegetables mean different nutrients, which optimises your health. BFF meals have four to 12 different vegetables in each meal! They are also full of wholesome ingredients, containing no added sugar, low sodium and loads of healthy plant-based foods. Each meal is low in carbohydrates and includes high-quality protein and healthy fats to get that body summer-ready!

Plan meals and snacks

We all know the old saying, fail to plan or plan to fail! BFF takes the stress out of meal preparation and removes the guesswork from cooking. Remember to try not to go more than six hours without food. Skipping meals can cause you to overeat at your next meal and later in the day.

Stay hydrated

Not only is staying hydrated important to our health, it can prevent us from overeating. Aim for an average of two to three litres per day, and ensure you rehydrate post-exercise.

Stay active and socialise

Set yourself a goal of achieving the recommended 10,000 steps per day! Get outside and get some Vitamin D. Go for walks with your friends. It will make you feel better!

Laura Ballantyne is an accredited practising dietitian with Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more info go to or phone 1300 2 MEALS (63257)

Nursing in the ‘70s gone but not forgotten By Liz Rogers


Tyabb resident Clare Donovan has written a book. It was never meant to be a best-seller nor have wide recognition nor a huge print run. But it has achieved what the author set out to do. This is a book that gives readers an insight into what nursing was like in the 1970s and beyond and will remain as a chronicle on nursing long after this holistic-first generation of care-givers has passed on. 

Gone Nursing is about a time when things were done differently. It is also about a time when patients stayed in hospital for up to two weeks instead of two days, and each nurse looked after their patient one to one. Times have changed and so has the way in which care is delivered in hospital, which makes this read a ripper.

Clare explains. “We were hospital-trained, not university-trained. I did my HSC at Frankston High in 1970 and was going to be a teacher. Everybody in my family were teachers, but I didn’t want to go to university and my parents didn’t have the funds to keep me there anyway. A friend had ‘gone nursing’ and the stories she told made it sound interesting, plus it was a paid position, which I thought was fabulous! I went to live in the nurses’ quarters near Prince Henry’s Hospital in the city after growing up in Mount Eliza, then went on to Williamstown Hospital to finish my training. It was the ideal way to get out of home, and the work was challenging too. I still catch up frequently with those nurses. We have a very strong bond.”

She continues. “It took me a couple of years to finally put pen to paper because I wanted to cover other nurses’ experiences as well as my own. I had been working in the pharmaceutical industry after leaving nursing and was working full-time. I didn’t really have the space to write it until I retired, and it has been very rewarding because the response from other nurses has been huge. I’ve also had nurses of this generation tell me how interesting it is to see how it used to be done.”

Clare printed 250 copies of her self-published tome this year and has only a few copies left and will need a reprint. Dedicated to “nurses everywhere” for their “dedication and compassion”, Gone Nursing takes you through the ward rounds, exam time, nurses’ home, children’s ward, night duty, death and dying, and emergency codes for starters. But that’s only a snapshot. “It was only when I had a friend as a patient that the penny dropped. I realised that everybody belongs to someone and you never deal with a person in isolation. Nursing is about getting the whole picture and connecting. We never had any formal debriefing when something challenging happened. We relied on each other and that built real comradeship. I still have many of those friendships today.”

It’s true that advancements in diagnosis have brought about better outcomes for patients and many nurses are now nurse practitioners who have special training and can prescribe medicine, but Gone Nursing brings a refreshing understanding of what it was like to work alongside other student nurses who always had your back. It also highlights the importance of human connection. If you’d like to read more, email [email protected] to order a copy. 

Pink it up, people By Liz Rogers

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so now’s the time to find out as much as you can about breast awareness and share it with friends and family. Don a pink ribbon to show your support and to honour those who have survived the disease and those who weren’t so lucky. 

Whether you’re taking part in the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s pink ribbon breakfast to raise money, joining in with the McGrath Foundation in encouraging everyone to ‘pink up’ their towns in the quest to place more breast care nurses in communities, or just remembering someone you miss, October gives you the chance to look after your own breast health and encourage others to do the same.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women other than non-melanoma skin cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month puts women’s health at the forefront and encourages us to remember it’s not rocket science, girls! Checking for changes in your breasts regularly and being aware of any signs of unusual pain that doesn’t go away improves survival rates because early detection does matter.

Log on to, or to find out more and to ensure you’re putting your breast health first. Today and tomorrow.

From February to December the Mornington Peninsula Women’s Cancer Group meets at The Bays Hospital in Mornington on first Wednesday of each month at 12.30pm, and at the Hastings Consulting Suite, 74 Victoria Rd, Hastings on the third Tuesday of each month from 10.30am-noon. All women with all cancers at all stages are welcome. Phone Jo on 0429 929 071.

Sustainable future the aim of biosphere reserve

Cape Schanck Boardwalk (MPSC).jpg

Biosphere reserves are areas where humans strive to live sustainably within their environment, share best practice approaches to sustainability and work in partnership with like-minded communities.  The Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve is designated under UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere program, which recognises the area’s exceptional ecological values on the fringe of an expanding city.

The Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation advocates for conservation and true sustainable development, undertakes projects to protect and enhance biodiversity, co-ordinates Citizen Science events, and undertakes community and stakeholder consultation in conjunction with its partners.

Western Port is an area of high biodiversity with internationally significant Ramsar wetlands that support hundreds of threatened species.  It is also one of the fastest expanding peri-urban areas in Australia.

The Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation works with the community to create a sustainable future for the region — environmentally, socially and economically.  It does this through research, education, community engagement, partnerships and on-ground efforts, such as the Water Stewardship program.  For more information and a membership application form, go to, or drop into the office at 1/97 High St, Hastings.

Get out and walk for our bays


Fancy a picturesque stroll through wetlands or along the waterfront while raising money to help protect our marine environment? Then Walk For Our Bays is for you.

Organised by the Dolphin Research Institute, Walk For Our Bays is on Sunday, October 21, with 9.30am and 10am starts at the Western Port Marina complex. You can choose between a guided walk through the Warringine Wetlands or a dog-friendly stroll around the picturesque waterfront of Hastings. There will also be hot drinks, a sausage sizzle and community stalls open from 8.30am at the Marina Bar & Bistro, and free family entertainment including the Totally Wilde Magic Show, Faery Emma’s face-painting and boat rides with Western Port Coast Guard. 

Free marine education programs will be running throughout the event, so come and learn about the treasures that live in our backyard. Did you know that Victoria has the largest whales (blue), the largest dolphins (killer whales), fast-growing kelps (a metre a day), the smallest sea star, swarming spider crabs and oceanic dolphins coming to live permanently inside our bays?

Money raised by Walk For Our Bays will support the institute’s new ‘i sea, i care’ COMMUNITITES program that does not receive government funding. Your support will help to build a community that cares enough about our bays to change how we live around our coast. 

The institute is a community not-for-profit organisation that has been providing marine research, education and leadership for more than 27 years and acknowledges key event sponsors Mornington Peninsula Shire, Westernport Marina, Marina Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Westernport Holden, Peninsula Honda, Poyser Constructions and Mornington Peninsula Magazine. Go to or phone 5979 7100 for event details and registration.

New treatment for depression launched in Mornington By Liz Rogers

310818 - Mornington TMS Clinic launch-167.JPG

Are you someone who has trialled two or more antidepressants and still have the symptoms of depression? Perhaps you find it difficult to tolerate the side effects of some antidepressants. Or maybe you don’t want to take them at all. Then transcranial magnetic stimulation may be for you.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and Mornington councillor Rosie Clark have just inaugurated an innovative depression treatment here on the Peninsula that aims to help the one in four Australians suffering from mental health issues each year. TMS Australia is now operating from OPTIMIND Psychiatry in Mornington; it offers an alternative to traditional forms of treatment for depressive illness and is having excellent results with people who have had limited or no response to treatments previously. 

So how does it work? TMS uses controlled magnetic pulses to activate the positive mood circuits in the brain (by stimulating the underactive area of the brain associated with the emotional centre). It is a non-invasive and painless procedure that involves activating this area repeatedly to encourage performance at normal levels. Unlike antidepressants, which can cause side effects including insomnia, nausea, fatigue and weight gain, or electroconvulsive therapy, which can cause headaches, memory loss and confusion, known TMS side effects include temporary scalp discomfort and headache. That’s it. No hospital stay, no anesthesia. The procedure has been researched and used for more than 30 years without presenting any significant safety issues. 

As one of Australia’s leading TMS experts, TMS Australia co-founder and medical director Professor Paul Fitzgerald explains: “We are currently seeing a shift in the way depression is being treated in Australia and around the world. The development of TMS provides us access to a very well-tolerated, safe and very effective treatment for a substantial proportion of patients who have not responded to or can’t tolerate medication therapies. TMS can make a real difference to the lives of many patients with depression and their family and friends.” 

OPTIMIND principal psychiatrist Dr Jeremy Stone continues: “It is great to be able to offer this previously unavailable treatment to Mornington Peninsula residents.” 

If you’re searching for an alternative treatment for your depression, TMS may work for you where other treatments have failed. For the majority of treatment-resistant depression patients, TMS can provide relief within six weeks and last for one year as stated by TMS experts. 

Give TMS Australia a call to see if you may be one of them.


A: 303 Main St, Mornington

T: 1300 867 888


FB: tmsaustralia


Achieve real results at Arete Aesthetics


Arete Aesthetics provides many non-surgical services such as IPL (intense pulsed light) for permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation; coolsculpting for permanent fat reduction; and cosmeceuticals, which are skincare products containing active ingredients that act to improve or treat skin concerns.  Anti-wrinkle injections are available to help soften and prevent the development of lines and wrinkles, as well as specialised peels for improving skin health and appearance, skin needling inducing collagen to treat wrinkles, lines and scars, and microdermabrasion exfoliating treatments to help to soften the skin and resolve congestion.

Many non-surgical anti-ageing services are offered, so the most appropriate and individualised treatment plan can be selected to cater to your individual needs and desires.

“Arete” is an ancient Greek word that translates to “excellence” and “goodness”, so to reflect that within its services, Arete Aesthetics only provides treatments that are supported by research and clinical studies. This is why Arete Aesthetics is able to confidently and safely provide such high-quality services.

Let Arete Aesthetics’ experienced and friendly team care for your cosmetic needs.

A: Level 1, 262 Main St, Mornington
T: 5973 4566

Siobhan’s here to care for your hair


Meet Siobhan Miller. She’s Hair On Barkly’s new salon expert in all things hair and beauty, and she has a few tips on how to care for your hair.

For starters, did you know silk pillow slips are better for your hair than cotton ones? They actually help avoid tangled hair and split ends.

We all know that excessive heat is really tough on hair, so Siobhan has a simple message: turn down the temperature on that hair straightener! “You can definitely still style your hair below 160C. By turning it down you will feel the difference in two weeks. A good-quality heat defence product will also help a lot.”

Organic honey is not only good for your insides, it's also amazing for your hair. Add two or three drops to your shampoo routine and feel the difference. 

Finally, if you’re suffering from hair loss, come and have a chat to Siobhan about some fantastic products available.

A: 3/74 Barkly St, Mornington
T: 5975 2397

Fresh, vibrant skin for spring


The Spring Racing Carnival is upon us, so what better way to prepare your skin than with a clinical peel, lash and brow package valued at $85.

A clinical peel is a procedure in which PARC Beauty & Wellness therapists apply either salicylic acid or glycolic acid — depending on your skin's needs — in order to correct skin tone. A peel can help restore a youthful, vibrant appearance as it is used to remove dead skin from damaged upper layers, refining the skin’s texture. After the peel has been on your face for those 10 to 20 minutes, it will be removed. The acids used during the treatment are quite gentle and can also help eliminate oil congestion and stimulate natural collagen production.

PARC Beauty & Wellness is coupling this offer with an eyelash tint and eyebrow sculpt and tint to have you looking and feeling fresh for the spring racing season. Go ahead and feel transformed with the ultimate 45-minute package at PARC Beauty & Wellness. 

A: Cnr Cranbourne Rd and Olive Grove, Frankston
T: 9781 8449

Flaunt your legs this summer


Are you tired of covering up your legs? Well, we have the solution you’ve been looking for! Endermologie is the world’s No.1 treatment for cellulite, with more than 95,000 treatments performed every day in more than 90 countries. The technology’s been around for more than 30 years and is proven by more than 150 clinical trials, so you can be sure that it really works!

Peninsula Endermologie owner Niamh Hislop is passionate about sharing this technology with the Peninsula. “After I had my kids my legs badly needed some TLC, so I went looking for the only solution I know that works to get rid of cellulite. I couldn’t believe Endermologie wasn’t available on the Peninsula, so I made it my mission to make it available locally.”

The gentle mechanical massage gets rid of cellulite and stubborn fat deposits with zero risk and no downtime. Endermologie also delivers amazing anti-ageing facials and helps treat scars, swelling, fluid retention, lymphedema and myofascial and muscle pain.

To find out more, call Niamh to book your free consultation today.


A: 120 Humphries Rd, Mount Eliza
M: 0434 946 209
FB: peninsula.endermologie


Peninsula Hot Springs unveils new Bath House Amphitheatre


Internationally recognised wellness destination Peninsula Hot Springs is launching its biggest expansion to date, a new amphitheatre in the social Bath House. The facilities bring a new level of health, wellness, learning and cultural offerings to the Mornington Peninsula and cement the business’s position on the global health and wellness map.

Drawing on ancient and new therapies used across the world, Peninsula Hot Springs has tapped into the latest trends in healing for its expansion, with the inclusion of seven new hot spring pools, two cold plunge pools, an outdoor stage, food bowl, new café, wellness centre and cultural meeting space.

The new Bath House Amphitheatre also includes an Australian-first -10C Ice Cave, -25C Deep Freeze chamber and heated sauna experience known as Fire and Ice. The experience draws on the hot and cold therapy phenomenon, providing a unique well-being and healing experience for guests.

Positioned throughout the amphitheatre, seven new geothermal mineral spring pools have been designed to look out over the lake and stage area. Guests will be able to relax and take in the scenic surrounds or enjoy an array of entertainment on the new open air stage. Underwater speakers have been fitted into each pool for guests to enjoy the music and entertainment, even while floating in the healing waters. The selection of new pools includes an aquatherapy pool which will encourage guests to experience floating treatments.

Peninsula Hot Springs co-founder and CEO Charles Davidson explains that hot springs are fast being recognised in Australia as a means of healing, health and well-being.

“Across the world hot springs have offered wellness experiences that provide lasting physical and mental health benefits. Our new Bath House Amphitheatre will not only build on our current bathing offering but will also provide guests with a means to refresh and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul, allowing them to reconnect with nature and the community,” Charles said.

“Visitors will experience even more diverse globally inspired experiences that have never been seen before in Australia and in some cases internationally.”

The Bath House Amphitheatre will open for World Wellness Weekend on September 22-23. Guests can experience an array of activities and experiences over the weekend with the ‘wellness journey and bathe’ experience. From yoga and Pilates classes to sound bathing meditation; body clay workshops to forest bathing walks; tea ceremonies to Fire & Ice workshops, the weekend promises to be a mindful and immersive journey through wellness and its various aspects.

For more information and to book, visit Bookings are essential.


Let the world see you smile


“Smile and the world smiles with you,” wrote Stanley Gordon West — and how right he was. A smile is incredibly infectious; it is often the first thing we notice about another person, and it makes us feel better.

Specialist orthodontist Dr Peter A. Scott knows this too, and for more than 30 years he and his team have been creating beautiful smiles on the Mornington Peninsula. Peter is also a consultant orthodontist at the Royal Children’s Hospital and offers orthodontic care to children, teens and adults in the inner Melbourne areas as well as across the Peninsula.

The friendly team of experienced staff at Dr Peter Scott Orthodontist in Frankston will provide care and guidance to families and individuals throughout their entire orthodontic journey. With their expertise in child and adult orthodontics — braces, invisible braces, clear aligners (including Invisalign), removable and fixed functional appliances — as well as digital orthodontics, they will help you achieve a winning smile that will last a lifetime.

They specialise in the early assessment of dental development and facial growth. The ideal age for an initial assessment is seven to nine years, and early intervention where appropriate is recommended for the best outcome

No referral is required at Dr Peter Scott Orthodontist and interest-free payment plans are available. So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment today — and smile!


A: 13 Beach St, Frankston

T: 9783 4511


FB: drpeterscottorthodontist

Three high-protein healthy weight loss breakfast ideas By Kate Save

As we all know and have heard many times before, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. And, believe it or not, it’s true (of course there are ‘horses for courses’ but this theory is supported by several scientific studies). Some studies show that by eating breakfast, it starts your metabolism for the day, and it leaves you eating less at the other end of the day when healthy breakfast foods are most likely not on offer. Some of these studies have even showed that if you have a high protein breakfast, you won’t be as hungry throughout the day (and hopefully your improved energy levels may result in you being more physically active too). No matter what time of the day you start eating, be consistent with your timing of meals so that you spread your protein out as your body can only efficiently metabolise around 20g protein every three hours. 

Eggs — two eggs will provide 12g of protein, which is a great start to the day or add an additional two egg whites to boost this to over 20g protein with only an extra 60 calories. Alternatively to boost protein you can serve your eggs with some ham/lean bacon/smoked salmon. For fibre and essentials vitamins and minerals, add some baby spinach and mushrooms to form an omelette; this will keep you going all morning, reducing that temptation for a mid-morning snack, assisting with weight loss. Including a slice of toast is completely optional, and a slice of high protein, low carb bread will bump up that protein intake even further.

Oats — porridge is one of the most underrated breakfast options. It’s relatively quick and easy to prepare; it’s a great source of fibre, increasing satiety.  If weight loss is the aim, keep the quantity of rolled oats to ¼ cup and make up with your milk of choice, chia seeds, nuts, LSA and seeds to increase the protein content. Adding a spoonful of protein powder or some high protein yoghurt at the end will further increase the protein to carb ratio to help to keep you full for longer. 

Chia Pudding — soak three tablespoons of chia seeds overnight in almond milk or soy milk and allow to swell overnight. This can then be topped with high protein natural yoghurt, some fruit and nuts. This will provide an excellent source of protein and fibre, which are essential for increased satiety, assisting with weight loss.

Variety is also important when it comes to staying on track with weight loss. Different meals contain different nutrients; therefore, by mixing it up from day to day, not only will your body receive different nutrients, it will also keep things interesting, helping to stay on track.

Kate Save is an accredited practising dietitian, exercise physiologist and diabetes educator.


From the source to you By Liz Rogers


Nestled in the Red Hill hinterland on a 2ha allotment with sea views is a secret. Deep within the Earth’s core is an ancient water source so creamy, sweet and pure that it delivers award-winning flavour that is set to knock other bottled water contenders off their perches.

Aqui-Live premium Still and Sparkling mineral water has arrived on the Peninsula and is soon to dive into the Asian, Northern European and US markets. This family-owned and operated business has been working hard at bringing nature’s gift to the world. Part-owner Olaf explains. “We knew there was a spring on the land when we purchased it, but the previous owners had never investigated the properties of the water. My wife Dayle and I noticed that the wildlife was going nuts around this 18m by 9m hole which just keeps filling up. There were huge red kangaroos. And the frogs — there were thousands of frogs. A health-conscious Swedish friend of mine tasted it one day when we were walking around the spring and said he thought we should have it tested. We did, and Aqui-Live was born.”

Here’s the breakdown of Aqui-Live’s composition. Excellent levels of magnesium (92mg/litre), a great balance of chloride, sodium, zinc, iodine and potassium plus the perfect pH level of 8.3 to establish ideal alkalinity and hydration make this “gift from the Earth” something to take notice of. Coming off the back of gold-winning performances for both its high-minerality still and added carbonation sparkling waters in the annual FineWaters Taste Awards in May in Ecuador, this Peninsula-born and bred business is keen to provide locals with its delicious product. It’s an ideal accompaniment to wine and fine dining because of its palate-balancing capabilities, which means the local restaurant scene is set to benefit too.

“Dayle spoke to a friend who is clairvoyant who said, ‘The water has been waiting for you’ and it’s true. We believe in this 100 per cent. It is nature’s perfection bottled. Hydrologists informed us that the source is the Palaeolithic Basement, a prehistoric catchment estimated to be around 600 million years old. The water comes to the surface without any drilling. It is filtered by 900m of untouched soil and rock, which results in an un-matched purity as measured in nitrate.  Tap water can have up to 45mg/litre nitrate; Aqui-Live only has 0.008mg/litre nitrate,” continues Olaf.

There’s more to this Peninsula business than natural charm and quality water. Both Dayle and Olaf have a deep commitment to donating 100 per cent of the Aqui-Live profit to build and run Hope House — a semi-permanent, free and safe house for victims of domestic violence — once their mineral spring has operated at capacity for a year. Olaf explains. “It was Dayle’s idea. We will continue to take a wage but are determined to make this facility available. We didn’t design, build or manufacture Aqui-Live – nature did, so we think it is only fair that we give back the benefits to an incredibly worthy cause.”

Raise your glass of pristine Aqui-Live Peninsula mineral water to that and drink in the goodness. Check out Peninsula suppliers, including Flinders General Store, Torello Farm in Dromana, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Go Vita in Rye and Soul Vegan Foods in Mornington, among others.

The secret’s out. 


A: Red Hill

M: 0417 766 164 



The diamond wedding experts


In the time that Avedis Jewellery has been trading, it has become renowned for both its modern, chic designs and its non-compromising attention to detail when it comes to diamond engagement and wedding rings.

When you visit the store, you are immediately drawn to the vast selection of classic, contemporary and modern styles on offer. Every ring has been created using only the highest-quality GIA-certified and ethically sourced diamonds set into exquisitely hand-crafted pieces of refined luxury.

Also offering personal consultations, at Avedis Jewellery you are invited to sit and discuss your design vision with expert jewellers who can guide you through the selection process to make the ring that perfectly reflects your unique expression and style.

Trading hours are Monday-Wednesday 10am-5.30pm, Thursday-Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.


A: Shop 26, Karingal Hub Shopping Centre, Karingal

T: 9789 2388

Lisa loves travel By Liz Rogers


Lisa Phillips knows the world like the back of her hand. Having travelled to more than 55 countries in her 25 years in the travel industry, Lisa is full of fantastic ideas on where to go, how to get there and where to stay.

No trip is too big or too small for Lisa to organise, and because she’s made a life of exploring far-off places, she knows how to get the most out of your travel plans, itineraries and your bottom dollar. As a personal TravelManager — part of The House Of Travel Group — she can offer fully accredited travel organisation from go to whoa so you can sit back and enjoy the ride, and because she has access to a wide range of wholesalers and travel deals she can prioritise and personalise. She is also experienced in booking large school trips with precision and care.

Lisa has always been a spirited voyager and motivated organiser. Her knowledge is unsurpassed because she’s visited multiple countries from north to south and east to west.

If you’re ready to hit the road or your business is searching for an experienced corporate travel adviser, Lisa can assist. It's also nearly that time of year when European Earlybird deals for 2019 are released, so contact Lisa to be added to her Earlybird List so you don't miss out on all the inspirational travel deals. These will include huge savings on flights, touring (APT, Trafalgar, Insight etc), travel insurance, hotels and cruising.

As a mobile consultant, she comes to you or you can visit her at her home office in Mount Eliza by appointment.

Call Lisa, will travel.  


A: Mount Eliza

M: 0404 855 173


FB: TravelManagersLisaPhillips

Experience the Eliza Blue difference

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.15.07 pm.png

Shopping at Eliza Blue is a pleasure, and not just because of the award-winning décor and delightful ambience.  Cathryn and Magda’s friendly, attentive service puts everyone at ease, and they listen, making sure you look and feel great, no matter your age or shape.

Complementing the great service is Eliza Blue’s unique range of smart casual fashion, shoes and accessories.  Owner Cathryn personally chooses every item, ensuring her collections are distinctive, perfect for you, and affordable (nothing over $200). Her selections take well-known labels such as pingpong, Hammock & Vine, Yarra Trail and Marco Polo to a whole new level, and to add European flair she sources stylish niche labels such as Fred Sabatier.  To complete the experience, she showcases a glittering array of jewellery, bags and scarves that perfectly match the fashion.

During August, mention Mornington Peninsula Magazine and receive a free gift valued at $20 with every purchase over $100 (T&Cs apply).


A: 114 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

T: 9787 6119

Now is the time for a new you


After the summer sun destruction to your skin, the tell-tale signs of ageing such as brown hyperpigmentation and red capillaries are  scattered over our facial and body skin. The cooler months are the best time to rejuvenate your skin using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial. This treatment is also known as photorejuvenation.

IPL used light photons to rejuvenate skin and is the world’s most popular skin rejuvenation treatment. In contrast to laser resurfacing, IPL does not injure the skin’s surface and has no or little recovery time. The light is converted to heat energy, which fades specific targets resulting in a more even, youthful clearer complexion. Clients who have had IPL treatments once or twice a year over five years or more have healthier, more radiant and youthful skin.

IPL is used on skin to even out a range of skin issues, including discolouration, texture, distended capillaries (redness), rosacea and poikiloderma on the neck. Most clients who have IPL tolerate the treatment well. The sensation is likened to the snapping of a few rubber bands at one time.  The treatments are designed to give visible results over multiple visits, varying from one to three over a few months. Almost all clients see the improvement after the first treatment. For some people the side effects of the IPL may include swelling or redness of the area, which may last a few days. Darker brown pigmentation usually washes off after seven days, and make-up can be used to cover this.

Remember, IPL is a procedure with outstanding results, not a relaxing facial, giving our clients a more youthful you. Remember your body also. This treatment is suitable for face, neck, chest, arms, legs, backs etc. (remove those freckles).

While becoming a more youthful you, remember skin tags and fibromas (Adele says barnacles). Do not simply burn barnacles off your skin, leaving white marks. Have your skin feeling smooth like a baby’s bum. We use Lam probe. Again Sue and Adele have been performing this procedure over many many years. It is not new; it just delivers results.

While visiting Advanced Skin & Laser to have a free consult on those difficult to move fat deposits using Cryo Slim — yes, it works — ask about IPL rejuvenation, barnacle removal, IPL hair removal, microdermabrasion, peels and more.  Phone 9787 7475 for an appointment now.



Revive and shine with Ovenu By Liz Rogers

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to give your oven, range hood, cooktop and barbecue a thorough post-winter clean. It’s time to call the experts at Ovenu Mornington Peninsula.


Ovenu technicians use an exclusive range of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic products that are completely safe for your oven, family and pets too, so you can enjoy creating sumptuous meals and treats with near-new appliances free of nasty chemicals.

Ovenu owners Nathan and Kim realise that you can’t live without a fresh and functioning piece of equipment. That’s why Ovenu technicians are fast, reliable and professional. They can even separate the glass panels in your oven door for a seamless transparent shine you simply won’t believe and ensure real peace of mind that your food is being prepared on or in an appliance that’s 100 per cent safe for you.

So to get your oven and cooking appliances ready for the busy warmer months ahead, call Ovenu for a quote today. You and your family will be glad you did.


T: 1300 683 681



Access to therapists available to all

Photo with AHW logo.jpg

The Active Health and Well-being program at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital ensures access to therapists is open to everyone, whether you’re privately insured or not. You can access experienced rehabilitation health professionals using private insurance ‘extras’ cover, or via a referral from your GP for chronic disease management schemes. TAC, WorkCover or self-funding patients are also welcome.

Programs available are:

·      Dietitian Services

·      Exercise Physiology

·      Hydrotherapy

·      Occupational Therapy

·      Physiotherapy

·      Speech Pathology

·      Women’s & Men’s Health

The hospital’s modern consulting rooms are equipped to provide the best possible care with some programs offered in its rehabilitation gyms and hydrotherapy pool.

Their physiotherapists assist people affected by accident, injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise; manual therapy; education and advice. They maintain health for adults by helping patients manage pain and prevent disease.

Women’s and Men’s Health is provided by experienced physiotherapists who have specialist knowledge in this area. A variety of conditions are assessed and treated for incontinence and bladder/bowel dysfunction to musculoskeletal complaints of the pelvis using the latest in technology, such as real-time ultrasound.

Exercise physiologists design safe and effective exercise programs specifically for an individual to ensure maximum performance. They also work with people affected by acute or chronic medical conditions after injury, trauma or disability.

Occupational Therapy enables people to participate in their activities of everyday life. Whether it is by a specific exercise program, use of assistive devices or modifying the way we do things, Occupational Therapy provides a practical approach to making life easier.

Services such as dietetics, speech pathology and hydrotherapy complete the comprehensive services now available.

Please call 9788 3331 to inquire and make an appointment. Chronic disease management schemes will require a GP referral/management plan.


A: 255-265 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston

T: 9788 3333


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Organic body bliss


Peninsula business Kis My Body is well-known for its organic perfume and aromatherapy-infused body range and essential oil blends. A new addition to this range is Mr Smooth.

Many men’s shaving products are full of nasty chemicals that we now know are not good for us, and aerosol is bad for the environment. Kis My Body’s Mr Smooth men’s range includes shave soap made with Australian clay, organic olive oil from an olive farm in Victoria, and essential oils. The shave brush is made from up-cycled wood, the everyday moisturising cream and vitamin C anti-ageing treatment are palm oil-free, and all products come in environmentally friendly packaging. 

With Father’s Day just around the corner, the Mr Smooth range makes an ideal gift. Check Kis My Body’s website for a stockist near you.


M: 0418 271 504


FB: kismybody

INSTA: kismybody


Finest merino fashion from bale to retail

Merino & Co4579_MERINO&CO_MASTERBRAND_FINAL_first draft.jpg

If you love adaptable, easy wearing, effortlessly fashionable knitwear that you’ll wear time and time again, Merino & Co is definitely for you.

Merino & Co houses three merino and natural fibre fashion brands — MerinoSnug, Hedrena and Only Merino, showcasing Australia’s best modern merino wool in everyday basics, apparel and accessories for women and men, as well as luxurious items for the home. Proudly Australian owned, Merino & Co contemporary designs are created with Australia’s finest merino wool, loved for its natural breathability and softness.

Merino & Co is proudly owned by Australian Wool Network, Australia’s largest independent wool marketer, bringing woolgrowers, wool processors and consumers together. From bale to retail, Merino & Co is committed to connecting its customers and growers by highlighting the origin of each of its garments, providing customers with the opportunity to learn more about the provenance of garments.

Each garment boasts a QR-enabled swing tag that showcases the woolgrowers who contributed to the making of the garment, their sheep and the environment in which the wool was grown. The wool is then blended with other premium natural fibres and sustainably and ethically manufactured at a purpose-built factory outlet in Carrum Downs.

The Carrum Downs factory outlet is open to the public with a huge range of firsts, seconds and factory overrun discounted garments available for sale.


A: 140 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs

T: 1300 030 718



Five keys to a healthy weight loss By Kate Save

PROOF_BE FIT FOOD August 2018 copy-01.jpg

Weight loss shouldn’t be difficult if it is done correctly. Here are five rules to ensure that all the hard work you are putting in pays off.

1.     Hydration — make sure that hydration is a priority by aiming to consume at least 2L of water every day. Thirst is commonly misinterpreted as hunger, leading to the consumption of more food than needed, when really a glass of water may be all your body is asking for. If you feel that you are hungry, have a glass of water first, wait 30 minutes and see if the hunger has subsided.

2.     Exercise — even though diet is the key to losing weight, exercise also plays a role. So, to ensure that your body is happy and healthy, aim to move your body for at least 30 minutes most days. This can be a run, brisk walk or even some yoga or Pilates. The combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise will give the best results, as the cardiovascular exercise burns fat whereas the resistance builds muscle mass, which increases metabolism. Daily exercise also improves mood and increases energy and metabolism for the day.

3.     Don’t cut out foods — if weight loss is the goal, yet you are depriving yourself of your favourite foods, it won’t work. Rather than cutting out chocolate altogether, it is better to include a small amount and enjoy it, or rather than trying a NO carb diet, try a LOW carb diet so your body is still receiving all the key macronutrients and will be less likely to crave certain foods.

4.     Mind your portions — portion control is key. Society tells us that we should eat more through serving size at a restaurant to serving size on a packet, even the size of plates affect the portion we consume. Try using a side plate or reducing the meat or carbohydrate portion of your meal and increasing the low starchy salad or vegetables.

5.     Don’t skip meals — the longer you go without eating, the hungrier you will be, so rather than skipping breakfast and lunch then eating your whole daily intake in a few hours in the evening, try eating 3-5 small well-balanced meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Start each day with breakfast to kick-start your metabolism and boost energy levels for the day.

Kate Save is an accredited practising dietitian, exercise physiologist and CEO of Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more details, go to

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