Tips to keep breasts in tip-top condition

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OK ladies, this is the drill: with Breast Cancer Month upon us, Mornington Peninsula Magazine thought it might be a good idea to flick a few breast care tips your way, which may help ward off cancer and at the same time have you looking and feeling great. 

Let’s start with dark chocolate. Yes, researchers have discovered a compound in the ‘good stuff’ that may help fight fast-growing cancers, so there’s no excuse not to indulge. Then there’s exercise. Why? Because fat cells produce estrogen, and high levels of that hormone have been linked to certain cancers. Just keep moving and consume less alcohol — and don’t smoke, either. Easy.  

Now, on to something you might not have thought about since being pregnant: folic acid. Not eating enough folate has been linked to irreparable DNA, and damaged DNA has been linked to cancer. So gobble up your spinach — and don’t forget to get a decent night’s sleep because the longer you are exposed to light, the more melatonin is supressed, which may help regulate estrogen too. Cripes!

Things such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding harmful chemicals in skin care products and eating dark grapes are extremely good for you too — and don’t forget to examine your breasts every month, even if you find it weird. We’re all doing it. Breast screens are recommended for the over-40s.

And finally, if you do find a lump, get it checked out by your doctor straight away. Four out of five lumps are benign, but why chance it?

See our breast cancer feature on pages 76-79 to find out more. 

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