Sound advice to find your ideal hearing aid


The best hearing aid for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. At AAA Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre, Fiona and the team will discuss the main things to consider in hearing aids.

Your hearing loss: Hearing loss is extremely individual. Maybe you have slightly reduced hearing in one ear, or you could have a severe hearing loss in both ears. This affects the type and size of hearing aids you can choose from.

Hearing aid size and style: Hearing aids come in different styles, sizes and colours. From behind-the-ear to complete-in-canal styles that sit directly in your ear canal and are very discreet, they can come in different colours to match your skin tone or bright to match your personality.

Features: You can get hearing aids that simply help improve your hearing, or you can get hearing aids that can adapt to your listening situations, stream TV sound directly . . . or even come with the latest real-time machine learning so you can fine-tune your hearing yourself in the moment. Choose the hearing aids with features that would best complement your lifestyle. 

Power: Disposable batteries need to be replaced, so you may want to opt for rechargeable batteries. They are much easier to handle and you can use your hearing aids all day and simply charge them at night, like you do with your phone.

Sound quality: Every hearing aid has its own unique sound. But the best way to decide which sound is right for you is to trial some hearing aids yourself.

AAA Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 60 years in Frankston and is offering free trials in August. Make an appointment with Fiona and Taylah and they will be able to help you find the perfect hearing aid for you.


A: 18 Davey St, Frankston

T: 9783 7677

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