From the source to you By Liz Rogers


Nestled in the Red Hill hinterland on a 2ha allotment with sea views is a secret. Deep within the Earth’s core is an ancient water source so creamy, sweet and pure that it delivers award-winning flavour that is set to knock other bottled water contenders off their perches.

Aqui-Live premium Still and Sparkling mineral water has arrived on the Peninsula and is soon to dive into the Asian, Northern European and US markets. This family-owned and operated business has been working hard at bringing nature’s gift to the world. Part-owner Olaf explains. “We knew there was a spring on the land when we purchased it, but the previous owners had never investigated the properties of the water. My wife Dayle and I noticed that the wildlife was going nuts around this 18m by 9m hole which just keeps filling up. There were huge red kangaroos. And the frogs — there were thousands of frogs. A health-conscious Swedish friend of mine tasted it one day when we were walking around the spring and said he thought we should have it tested. We did, and Aqui-Live was born.”

Here’s the breakdown of Aqui-Live’s composition. Excellent levels of magnesium (92mg/litre), a great balance of chloride, sodium, zinc, iodine and potassium plus the perfect pH level of 8.3 to establish ideal alkalinity and hydration make this “gift from the Earth” something to take notice of. Coming off the back of gold-winning performances for both its high-minerality still and added carbonation sparkling waters in the annual FineWaters Taste Awards in May in Ecuador, this Peninsula-born and bred business is keen to provide locals with its delicious product. It’s an ideal accompaniment to wine and fine dining because of its palate-balancing capabilities, which means the local restaurant scene is set to benefit too.

“Dayle spoke to a friend who is clairvoyant who said, ‘The water has been waiting for you’ and it’s true. We believe in this 100 per cent. It is nature’s perfection bottled. Hydrologists informed us that the source is the Palaeolithic Basement, a prehistoric catchment estimated to be around 600 million years old. The water comes to the surface without any drilling. It is filtered by 900m of untouched soil and rock, which results in an un-matched purity as measured in nitrate.  Tap water can have up to 45mg/litre nitrate; Aqui-Live only has 0.008mg/litre nitrate,” continues Olaf.

There’s more to this Peninsula business than natural charm and quality water. Both Dayle and Olaf have a deep commitment to donating 100 per cent of the Aqui-Live profit to build and run Hope House — a semi-permanent, free and safe house for victims of domestic violence — once their mineral spring has operated at capacity for a year. Olaf explains. “It was Dayle’s idea. We will continue to take a wage but are determined to make this facility available. We didn’t design, build or manufacture Aqui-Live – nature did, so we think it is only fair that we give back the benefits to an incredibly worthy cause.”

Raise your glass of pristine Aqui-Live Peninsula mineral water to that and drink in the goodness. Check out Peninsula suppliers, including Flinders General Store, Torello Farm in Dromana, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Go Vita in Rye and Soul Vegan Foods in Mornington, among others.

The secret’s out. 


A: Red Hill

M: 0417 766 164 



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