Are you eligible for dental implants? By Liz Rogers

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is an internationally recognised surgical specialty requiring both medical and dental qualifications PLUS specialist surgical training.

Victorian Oral & Facial Surgeons are expert Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Both Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Sam Verco and Brent Woods specialise in the removal of wisdom teeth, corrective jaw surgery, facial trauma, bone grafting for implants, and the placement of dental implants which are the foundation for artificial teeth that look natural and function naturally too!

Anchored to your jawbone, the dental implants act as a stabilizer while ensuring your facial contours remain organic. After the implants are placed, they begin bonding with your jawbone and become ready for your biologically compatible artificial teeth.

Before receiving dental implants one of the specialist surgeons at Victorian Oral & Facial Surgeons will check to see if you have adequate bone level density, lack of susceptibility to infection and high standards of oral hygiene to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

Contact Victorian Oral & Facial Surgeons today to find out more about this life-changing procedure – Finally, losing a tooth (or teeth) doesn’t mean you’re left with a permanent gap or requiring dentures!

Call them today to see how.  

A: 350 Main Street, Mornington
T: 5976 4465
A: 759 Nepean Highway, Brighton East
T:  9592 6445

Transformative Tesla

If you haven’t heard about the Tesla Light Chamber, this could be a life changing discovery for you.

Did you know there are two Tesla Light Chambers in Victoria and one is in Safety Beach?

Tesla technology supports the human body to re-balance its energy, enabling the body to begin to function at optimum health. The chamber is equipped with about 90 energized plates, which focus on re-balancing your cellular structure.

It is somewhat similar in energy movement to Reiki, in that the healing energy is drawn to areas in need of re-balancing and healing. In this way, Tesla technology can promote mind-body-spirit connection, which can raise consciousness to promote natural healing.

People have reported feelings of enhanced well-being, of feeling nurtured and supported. People have also developed a more meditative attitude, giving them a sense of self love and empowerment.
For maximum effect, five sessions are recommended, then top-ups as required. Tesla plates and pendants are available for purchase.

T: 5981 0984

Re-program your mind – Change your habits

Do you over-eat, have food cravings or emotionally eat? Does it just seem too hard to stop smoking? Are stresses or anxiety getting the better of you?

Gayle Dwyer - Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Tapping expert - runs highly successful Weight Loss, Stop Smoking and Self Improvement programs from which you will experience an immediate shift and long-term results.

On your journey with Gayle you will re-program your subconscious mind to be in alignment with your conscious goals and desires. Your subconscious knows everything, it knows how to help you and it knows how to sabotage you. Gayle will also teach you how to rewire your unhelpful habits on a daily basis so that you feel like you have control back. Gayle has been using Hypnotherapy, EFT Tapping and Mindfulness for more than 10 years to help thousands of clients make positive changes in their life. Gayle is passionate about helping people feel happier and more fulfilled in their everyday life, and to live mindfully and on purpose.

Call Gayle on 0414 714 644
FB: TimeToThrivewithGayle

Shift the kilos this winter

Eileen Marx can help you shift the kilos (not add kilos!) this winter, with Effective Hypnotherapy. Her amazing Virtual Gastric Band therapy breaks the diet cycle once and for all – with no dieting, no head hunger and no sugar cravings.

Eileen was trained under Sheila Granger from London in the Virtual Gastric Banding and is
understanding, supportive and passionate in helping people create lasting change. You will
feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food and not feel like you’re on a diet.

Rodney Mcquie is a true testament to what making powerful choices and decisions can do.  Eileen has had the privilege of working with and helping him shed not only the unwanted kilos but gain back his confidence, passion and love for life again.
He is continuing to go forward from strength to strength. Well done Rodney!

Eileen is also now a Mindful Mama facilitator, reaching out to mums who need time out,
nurturing, mindful parenting tools and meditation.  More at or Eileen’s Effective Hypnotherapy Facebook page.


Improving Gut Health for Weight Management

Recent research is showing a very strong link between gut health (aka our microbiome) and many other aspects of our health, including both physical and mental health.

Inside our gut live 50 trillion creatures from more than 1000 different species, some good bacteria and others bad bacteria. This collection of bacteria makes up more than 50 per cent of our total body’s cells and around 90 per cent of our total DNA gene pool and it is known as our microbiome.  

A healthy and diverse microbiome is essential to our overall health and well-being, with many studies showing that a poorly balanced microbiome can contribute to insulin resistance, low-grade inflammation, fat deposition and therefore indirectly participate in the onset of obesity and metabolic diseases.  There is also a very strong gut-brain link and studies have shown that the microbiome can also affect mental health and has even been linked to depression.
So how do we build a healthy microbiome? Firstly, if you have used antibiotics you might need to take some probiotics (powder/capsules/chewable/liquid varieties) to replace those healthy bacteria that may have been destroyed.  Probiotics are also readily available in fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and miso. These foods will help to boost the levels of good bacteria in the gut.  

Secondly, in order for these good bacteria to breed in your body and expand their populations, they need to receive adequate ‘food’, which is called ‘prebiotics’. Prebiotics support the growth of good bacteria and are found in many foods including onion, garlic, leeks, artichokes, stone fruit, watermelon, dried fruit, barley, rye, wheat based products and legumes.  At Be Fit Food, we include a minimum of 4-12 different vegetables in every meal, which supports microbial diversity and can contribute to the formation of a well-balanced gut.

Be Fit Food is a dietitian and doctor designed, chef prepared, home delivered meal service which also has two convenient locations in Mornington and Somerville. All meals are scientifically formulated to be nutritionally balanced for vitamins and minerals, high in plant-based foods and dietary fibre to support the microbiome and high in protein plus low in saturated fat.  The formulation of our meals has been shown to assist with early satiety and results in significant weight loss, especially in people with metabolic conditions such as diabetes, who might find it difficult to lose weight on traditional diets.  So, forget the artificial shakes, bars and supplements and choose a whole-food diet which improves your health and well-being while you are losing weight. 

Come in-store to meet one of our six dietitians or call 1300 2 MEALS, email us at [email protected] or visit



Advanced Skin & Laser is excited to announce their new Cryo Slim Treatment. Fat freezing or cryolipolysis targets fat reduction in certain areas of the body. Fat cells can be compared to a balloon that expands and contracts. When you lose weight through diet you do not lose fat cells, they simply shrink. Cryolipolysis eliminates fat cells in specific areas to reduce bulges and provides a much slimmer contour.

The one-hour targeted treatment using a specialized vacuumed applicator, literally freezes the fat cells, crystalizing them, they die and are eliminated through body waste.

Start this treatment now, as it can take from 6 – 12 weeks to finally see the final result. Many clients experience the result sooner, but this depends upon a number of factors. Sue and Adelle have been trialling this new and latest version of ‘fat freezing’ equipment and have seen the outstanding results for themselves.

The Cryo Slim is the very latest equipment in this area, a number of other machines are available, but once fitted to the client’s area of concern cannot be moved, creating a sharp edge. With this new technology (used now in Sydney for more than 18 months) sculpting of the area is much smoother with divots seen with other equipment, alleviated. “It is all about the technology and the skill of the operator,” says Adelle. “We care about our results personally and train to a high level for client satisfaction.”

At Advanced Skin & Laser we stand behind every procedure we perform, that is why we have been in Mount Eliza successfully operating for more than 34 years.  The honest and trusted clinic.  Phone 9787 7475 for an appointment for a consultation now.

By Sue Verheyen


When you colour your hair, visiting a reputable precision colourist is not the only thing that helps you get the best result.  The power of perfection is in YOUR hands.  Follow Zúmay’s Top Three Tips before you book, to guarantee you get the look you desire:


Keep photos of both the looks you do and don’t love.  It makes a huge difference when you and your colourist share the same vision.  Even if you’re an expert in all colouring lingo, photos will ensure you are explaining your look exactly the way your colourist would.


Your desired colour could take as little as an hour or even multiple appointments. A consultation will help avoid disappointment and guarantee your booking(s) allow enough time to give you exactly the look you’re dreaming of.


Be true to your nature.  If your colourist knows how often you will realistically come in for touch-ups, they can determine the technique and colour that you will best be able to maintain.

Once your hair is exactly the way you want, there are a few tips you should follow after your appointment as well.  For more information about how to keep your colour perfect, visit

Pop into Zúmay Salon for your free consultation and new client colour package today.

A: 8 Blake St, Mornington
P: 5977 0711
[email protected]
F:  @zumaysalon
I:  @zumay

Please colour me Kay!

Winter’s here so it’s the time of year to add a bit of colour to your life. Why not lift your day and make the grey skies go away with some new funky specs from Main Street Eyecare?

Kay’s vibrant collection of specs come in an amazing range of colours - whether it’s bright red cat’s eyes by Australian designer Paul Taylor or paisley prints in pinks and greens by Jono Hennesey. See in store for super light frames by Lindberg, silhouette chunky retro frames by Kaelos and Tom Ford, or beautiful Japanese frames by Iyoko Inyake.

Kay stocks all the latest Australian and European designer frames and you can even purchase a hand-made pair of spectacles of your own design and colour! Match them with the latest technology lenses for a clearer view whether out and about or inside by the fire.

Winter never looked so good - with Main Street Eyecare.

A: 57 Main Street, Mornington
T: 5975 3235


Hair By John Salon is located at shop 1-10 Blamey Place, Mornington, specialising in both ladies and gents hair.

John has been a senior hairdresser for more than 35 years and now he has arrived in Mornington to do what he does best.  Pop in and see what John can do for you. If you require a colour or style change, John has the knowledge and expertise to transform you. Hair By John Salon also provides refreshments (coffee and tea) to all clients.

Hair By John Salon has the following JUNE SPECIALS: Half head of foils with trim $99, Mens hair trim $19.95, Colours (regrowth) only with trim $99, Hair conditioning treatment $29.95. Or, mention this add for 20 per cent off another service!

Hair By John Salon uses all natural and organic colours and products that are low Ammonia free and PPD free: Pure, Juuce and Davines. Phone 5975 2978.

Winter at Fiona’s of Mornington by Andrea Kellett

There’s nothing like a beautiful coat, Italian boots, luxurious knitwear or designer pants (or all of the above!) to get a girl through winter.

Give your wardrobe a winter makeover at Fiona’s of Mornington and let Erica, Victoria and Susie (pictured) style you in the latest trends. This experienced team stocks designer brands in limited numbers and their priceless styling advice is free.

You’ll find gorgeous leather biker jackets in a variety of colours (the nude jacket featuring a rose gold zip is irresistible), faux fur jackets by Sabatini and Moss & Spy, exquisite Thurley dresses, Aldo Martins fashion knitwear from Barcelona and more. For the woman on the go, the effortless style of a Mela Purdie garment is a must.

This season is all about navy, shades of green, pastels in pink tones and even plum as worn by Kate Middleton, and Fiona’s of Mornington has it all.  And when you’re done, team up your new outfit/s with an Olga Berg clutch.

* SAVE THE DATE: Pop Wednesday, September 13, in your diary for the annual Fields of Fashion Spring Charity Luncheon - a fabulous Peninsula race-day fashion luncheon to kick start the Spring Carnival. Tickets on sale soon. Follow Fields of Fashion Spring Charity Luncheon on Facebook.

A: 46 Main Street, Mornington
T: 5976 2524

Complete family practice at the Village Clinic by Liz Rogers

The Village Clinic in Mount Eliza provides a multifaceted and intergenerational holistic approach to health care. There are 11 General Practitioners on-site in this family friendly clinic, plus an allied health team including a physiotherapist, psychologist, podiatrist, masseuse, melanographer and a dietician - so all your health-care concerns are taken care of under the one roof.

Village Clinic provides a comprehensive travel vaccination service and is one of the few clinics accredited in the area to deliver the Yellow Fever vaccine. They also offer complete skin cancer checks including serial digital image monitoring, so now’s the time to book in for your thorough examination before next summer begins!

Open from 8.30am until 7pm during the week and until 1pm on the weekends, the Village Clinic takes pride in offering personal one to one service.

Doctor Anja Grunt has just returned from maternity leave, while Doctor Jeremy Chan will be back on board in August 2017.

Call today to make your booking with a doctor who takes the time to understand your needs. Children under 16 (conditions apply) are bulk billed too – because it’s family first at the Village Clinic.

129 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza
T: 9787 4999

Holistic Gift Hampers for Health & Wellness

When someone you love receives a cancer diagnosis it can be difficult to know what to do.
Now you can let your loved one know they are in your thoughts with a bespoke gift hamper to gently nurture and uplift their spirit.

Targeting some of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, The Cancer Hamper offers a luxurious yet holistic gift hamper.

Herbal scented heat packs help to alleviate aches and pains. Natural soaps, bamboo face cloths and body creams allow for gentle personal care.

Dairy free dark chocolate-covered goji berries provide super food energy and a variety of herbal teas and ginger cubes assist with nausea.

Wellness guru Sheree Disaya says: “Some hospital wards don’t allow flowers for chemotherapy patients so The Cancer Hamper offers a perfect solution. When you unbox our hampers, the gentle aromas of all our quality products is even more delightful than a bunch of flowers and they last longer.”

The Cancer Hamper offers free delivery to hospitals and homes Australia-wide. Order online today:

Long weekend relaxation at Moonah Links Day Spa

It’s all about you this Queen’s Birthday weekend at Peppers Moonah Links Day Spa where relaxation and stress relief are top priority.

Why not pamper yourself this June with a personalised beauty treatment provided by highly trained and qualified beauty therapists whose aim is to give you the most indulgent experience designed specifically around your skin’s needs?

Moonah Day Spa is a premium relaxation space where you take centre stage. The beauty therapists at Moonah Day Spa focus on each client’s skin type and age and offer simply transformative massage therapies including full body massage, hot stone therapy and quick stress relieving shoulder massage. They also offer a range of customised facials that reinvigorate tired and overworked skin, while specialising in manicures and pedicures that will have your extremities feeling limber and lovely.

Book your (or a friend’s) secluded oasis Queen’s Birthday weekend getaway today at Peppers Moonah Links Day Spa.

It’s your time to rejuvenate, radiate and unwind.

A: 55 Peter Thomson Drive, Fingal
T: 5988 2000

Shift the kilos this winter

Eileen Marx can help you shift the kilos (not add kilos!) this winter, with Effective Hypnotherapy. Her amazing Virtual Gastric Band therapy breaks the diet cycle once and for all – with no dieting, no head hunger and no sugar cravings.

Eileen was trained under Sheila Granger from London in the Virtual Gastric Banding and is
understanding, supportive and passionate in helping people create lasting change. You will feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food and not feel like you’re on a diet.

Rodney Mcquie is a true testament to what making powerful choices and decisions can do.  Eileen has had the privilege of working with and helping him shed not only the unwanted kilos but gain back his confidence, passion and love for life again.

He is continuing to go forward from strength to strength. Well done Rodney!

Eileen is also now a Mindful Mama facilitator, reaching out to mums who need time out,

nurturing, mindful parenting tools and meditation.  More at or Eileen’s Effective Hypnotherapy Facebook page.


Yes, the time is here after summer to remove your brown spots, red vines and enjoy a general

freshen with an IPL rejuvenation for your face and body by the highly qualified experts in their field - Sue and Adele at Advanced Skin and Laser, the Peninsula’s most advanced paramedical clinic. 

We can help your concerns including medical grade peels, acne, blocked skin and milia, along with rosacea, skin tags and much more. Ask our highly qualified doctors about Botox and dermal fillers. We have been helping our happy clients look their natural, fresher best for more than 12 years with injectables.  No need for yearly top ups for your IPL and laser hair removal. After 17 years’ experience with medical grade equipment we guarantee our results. No expensive retreats each year. HAIR BE GONE.

Phone 9787 7475 for your appointment NOW.


Fat freezing…body sculpting has been around for a number of years. And now newer, more advanced equipment is available.

You can reduce love handles, stomach bulges, inner and outer thighs etc and it is ideal for clients on a stable weight with small to moderate, stubborn areas of fat that do not reduce, even with diet and exercise. A good example is back fat or, as we say, "back bra fat".

A controlled cooling system is used to freeze fat cells, thus destroying them at a low temperature, killing them. 

These fat cells will gradually disappear over the next few months (often less than six weeks), without damaging surrounding tissue with the benefit of skin tightening. Natural looking fat reduction occurs without surgery, needles, or risk. No downtime.

Simply read a book, work on your iPad or listen to music. For a consultation, please phoneAdvanced Skin & Laser on 9787 7475.

IT IS TIME... remove that stubborn fat.

By Sue Verheyen

Sensational Smooch

Smooch Fashion & Décor has now been established in the new premises at 12/81 Watt Rd for two years, sourcing beautiful fashion and exquisite décor at prices that are the envy of other outlets.  With a café next door and plenty of parking, why not make a morning or afternoon of it?

A: 12/81 Watt Rd, Mornington
T: 5906 5856

‘Wicked vibes’ at cosy hair lounge

Looking for a hip place where the hairdressers always know what looks good? Then drop by the cosy Pure Joy Hair Lounge where every aspect of your hair is taken care of. This thriving business which has grown from two to five staff in just 18 months, provides fresh colours and cuts while making each client feel ultra-special - plus they make a ‘mean’ coffee too.


A: Shop 1/137 Rear Main Street, Mornington
M: 0402 767 459
FB: Purejoyhairlounge

When Care is the key!

“Never stop caring.”

Why? We need to do it for ourselves. We care for the family, we care for our friends, we care for our work and colleagues.

To have a good group of friends is like looking after a nice garden. Keep it watered, weeded and fed…show some care.  The rewards are immense.

The same could be said for our hair. If you find your hair is not performing or feeling the way you like, do something about it. Spend some time talking with a professional, someone who does care, to recommend a product or products that really do make a difference.

“With great care comes great HAIR!” 

At Hair on Barkly a new range of professional KEUNE CARE products has just arrived.

“Please do it for yourself,” the team advise.  

T: 5975 2397

New Ownership at Curves Mornington

Curves Mornington is Under New Ownership, by local resident Bonnie Douglas.  A long-time member of Curves, she is passionate about helping women achieve their health and fitness goals through the Curves fitness and weight loss programs.

Curves is a facility specially designed for women featuring a complete 30-minute workout and weight management program that’s fun, fast and safe.  It’s a friendly, supportive environment where women can socialise and exercise together. 

To celebrate the re-launch, Curves Mornington is holding an Open Day on May 6, 10am - 3pm, with door prizes, show bags and product samples.  Try the equipment and talk to a Curves coach about membership options.  Take advantage of their ‘6-weeks for $99’ offer to purchase a gift certificate for mum!


A: Mornington Industrial Park, 33/1140 Nepean Highway, Mornington (behind moor room storage)
T: 5975 5526