Five years of Yo-Ko Original Boutique fashion in Seaford

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Not only is Yo-Ko Original Boutique celebrating a store full of beautiful spring colours and prints this month, it’s also Yo-Ko’s fifth birthday.  Moving its Mornington boutique to Seaford in 2014 has proved a wonderful and rewarding decision for owner Anne Spoelder, Yo-Ko now being the ‘go-to’ store for affordable clothing, jewellery, accessories and giftware with a difference.

Stunning new label Azure, whose Indian-inspired prints in dresses and tops are created from natural fabrics, brings a fresh burst of Bohemian influence into this new season’s wardrobe.

New maxi dresses, jumpsuits, pants and tops will be flooding the shelves over the next few weeks, along with spring racing outfits to suit all tastes — just in time for Yo-Ko’s birthday celebrations from October 7-12. 

As well as stocking Azure, Café Latte, Orientique, Boho Australia, Miracle Fashion, Refuge Denim, Lior, PQ Collection, No! Shoes and more, Yo-Ko also boasts a vast selection of affordable jewellery and scarves, handmade earrings, hand-poured soy candles and beautiful upcycled, cotton-knit beanies and bags. Winter markdowns on clothing and footwear continue at up to 50 per cent in store.


A: 10 Station St, Seaford 

T: 9786 0602

FB: yokooriginal

INSTA: yokooriginal

Lifestyle habits to help you lose weight 

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In today's stressful and chaotic lifestyles, our diet and activity levels can get put on the back-burner. With little time to prepare a healthy meal or spend an hour at the gym, we can fall into the presumption that weight loss or exercise is too hard or takes up too much time.
Instead of taking the all-or-nothing approach to weight loss, here are a few simple strategies you can incorporate into your day to help you make simple changes towards a healthier lifestyle:
Taking your runners to work and walk 10-20 minutes on your lunch break. 

  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier in the morning to practise mindfulness.

  • Park your car farther away from work, shops or the train station so you can get more steps.

  • Walk to the supermarket to get your lunch rather than the local café; it will be cheaper and healthier if you grab a salad, tin of tuna and a piece of fruit.

  • Take a small handful of nuts wherever you go so that if you get hungry you can eat on the run, rather than overeating on an impulse.

If you're just starting out on a better health journey, choose one strategy each week and build from there. Visit Be Fit Food at 2/49 Mornington-Tyabb Rd, Mornington, for ready-made weight-loss programs and free dietitian support. 

Kate Save is the CEO and co-founder of Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more info, go to or phone 1300 2 MEALS (63257)

Tips to keep breasts in tip-top condition

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OK ladies, this is the drill: with Breast Cancer Month upon us, Mornington Peninsula Magazine thought it might be a good idea to flick a few breast care tips your way, which may help ward off cancer and at the same time have you looking and feeling great. 

Let’s start with dark chocolate. Yes, researchers have discovered a compound in the ‘good stuff’ that may help fight fast-growing cancers, so there’s no excuse not to indulge. Then there’s exercise. Why? Because fat cells produce estrogen, and high levels of that hormone have been linked to certain cancers. Just keep moving and consume less alcohol — and don’t smoke, either. Easy.  

Now, on to something you might not have thought about since being pregnant: folic acid. Not eating enough folate has been linked to irreparable DNA, and damaged DNA has been linked to cancer. So gobble up your spinach — and don’t forget to get a decent night’s sleep because the longer you are exposed to light, the more melatonin is supressed, which may help regulate estrogen too. Cripes!

Things such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding harmful chemicals in skin care products and eating dark grapes are extremely good for you too — and don’t forget to examine your breasts every month, even if you find it weird. We’re all doing it. Breast screens are recommended for the over-40s.

And finally, if you do find a lump, get it checked out by your doctor straight away. Four out of five lumps are benign, but why chance it?

See our breast cancer feature on pages 76-79 to find out more. 

Step into Bata

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Spring is now here so what a great excuse to dress up and let your true colours shine. Whether it’s bright and bold, monochrome, feminine or understated, Bata has a shoe for every style choice. With a variety of styles on offer, there’s certain to be something to suit your individual look, whether cool and casual or dressed up to the nines.

Bata Shoes is well known for its wide range of men’s, women’s and kids’ footwear. This season’s styles bring comfort, class and creative styling to the fore. Women’s shoes are available in flats and well-honed heels with a choice of imaginative embellishments, including buckle-ups for an alternative edge and zip styles for easy on/off accessibility. 

There’s also plenty of footwear variation available for the man about town at Bata Shoes. Think casual styles for day-to-day chic, dress shoes perfect for night-time adventures and hiker styles for weekend escapes. All boots come in a variety of traditional colours, including blacks, browns, wheat and tan to make a winning style statement.

Bata Shoes provides the ideal shoe to complement your stylish spring look. Whether you’re at work or play, you’ll find a style to suit in leather or fabric and always at a most competitive price. And don’t forget gumboots and school shoes for the kids for outdoor fun and term-to-term hard-wearing comfort.

Drop by Bata Shoes to experience friendly and expert service today. Your spring picnic awaits. Available in-store at Mornington only.   


A: 1158 Nepean Highway, Mornington

T: 5970 8500


FB: Bata Mornington Australia

INSTA: batashoes

Mums go into battle for breast cancer

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Statistics from the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia tell us that in 2019 alone there will be an estimated 19,535 new cases of breast cancer detected and one in eight women will be diagnosed with this insidious disease before they reach the age of 85. 

Whether you have been diagnosed yourself or know someone who has, it’s the people behind the statistics that matter; the stories of how families, friends, carers and advocates unite to fight for them to live another day. Bree Ambry, left, and Malene Sorensen are prime examples of this. 

Bree explains: “Malene and I have been friends since our daughters Isabella and Phoebe were at kinder together, and breast cancer has always been a cause that I have supported. We have participated in the Mother’s Day Classic for the last three years and our girls get dressed up in bright pink and come along too. I had no idea that Malene’s mum, who fought through the disease 15 years ago and is still with us today, had been diagnosed with breast cancer before my mum was diagnosed. My mum wasn’t so lucky. She was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer two years ago and told she only had months to live. She lost her fight early this year. We spent last Christmas in Frankston Hospital having Christmas lunch. The whole experience was devastating. Isabella was only five when Mum got sick and I found it very hard to come to terms with the fact that I was going to be motherless somewhere in between 32 and 35 years of age. It was also very difficult watching my daughter go through the whole process. Can you imagine hearing your daughter say, ‘I know Nana is going to die’?” 

So, what to do? Never forget and keep supporting the cause. Bree and Malene are holding their second breast cancer fundraiser at Barmah Park Vineyard on November 9 in their quest to increase awareness. Last year they raised more than $1000 in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and this year’s funds will go to Breast Cancer Network Australia. Bree continues: “All services have been donated and every cent goes to the Cancer Network, apart from paying for the food. There’ll be a raffle, a silent auction and Fashion in the Vines, plus personal stories from women who have been touched by the disease in one way or another.” 

Log on to or go to Facebook for more information and to purchase a ticket in support of those who have already been diagnosed with cancer and those unfortunately to come. Bree and Malene purchase their own tickets and you should too. From woman to woman to man, breast cancer often arrives without any warning. So remember: keep checking and keep on fighting.    


Hairdressers named fourth-best in Melbourne

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This team of colour technicians and their leader, Melissa Kuster, have not only been named in the top 10 hairdressers in Melbourne, they have placed fourth! Melissa, who has been hairdressing for 12 years after beginning at the age of 14, has been running Lissara Hair Boutique for two and half years.  

“We are constantly busy and our team just keeps growing,” said Melissa. “We’ve got seven staff now. We’re like a family. It’s like you’re catching up with friends when you come in. We all get on really well; we joke around and laugh. What’s the point if you can’t have fun at work?”

While most of Melissa’s stylists can complete men’s cuts, Chanelle is even barber-trained. In addition to Chanelle, the talented team consists of Lucas, Jess, and of course Melissa. Her team of colour technicians are colour specialists for blondes and balayage styling, with apprentices Willow, Paige and Lily learning the ropes. She’s beyond proud of the fact that they’re known for their quality blonde hair-colouring skills.

“I ran a workshop last Monday to teach other hairdressers how to get the blonde we get,” said Melissa. “After whipping up a revamped look, our clients often tell their blonde family and friends about our quality colour. So we call ourselves a little community as sisters and mums or groups of friends book in together to socialise while they get their hair done.”

The salon offers Lakme, Evo, Cloud 9 and Olaplex. Olaplex is a bond building system that repairs the inside of the hair to avoid damage when lightening. 



A: 3/277 Point Nepean Rd, Dromana
T: 0408 901 018
FB: lissarahairboutique
INSTA: lissarahairboutique

Time for a metabolism reset 

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Weight gain is common during the cold winter months. This can be due to overindulging on heavier, calorie-dense meals or less physical activity as we try to escape the cold. As we welcome spring and the sun starts shining again, it is a great time to give your metabolism a seasonal reset and drop some unwanted kilos with Be Fit Food. 

Our Be Rapid program is scientifically formulated to induce mild nutritional ketosis whereby your body uses stored fats for fuel, rather than relying on dietary intake. There are several studies that show two weeks on a Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) every quarter can assist with increased insulin sensitivity, stabilising blood sugar levels, improving blood fat profile and improving metabolic markers. In two weeks of a VLCD, such as our Be Rapid program, you can expect to see a 2-5kg loss.* 

This initial weight loss can encourage you to continue on a sustained weight loss journey, give you the motivation you need to get started and get a spring in your step this September. 

To find out more, come in store or call us on 1300 2 MEALS. 

*Individual results may vary. 

Kate Save is an accredited practising dietitian, exercise physiologist and co-director of Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more info go to or phone 1300 2 MEALS (63257)

Erica gets Glamorlicious

Erica at the Wakeful Club Lady of Racing Awards Lunch .jpeg

Those of you in the know will recognise the name Erica Macpherson. Whether you’ve spent an afternoon at the Mornington or Melbourne races or bought a perfectly pristine race day outfit from her fashion-first store Fiona’s of Mornington, which she had for 16 years with her daughter before it closed its doors in 2018, the name Macpherson and panache are intrinsically linked. Still an avid race day-goer and dripping with distinctive style, Erica has just extended her already talented fundraising hand to supporting more charities close to home and has partnered up with Mornington Peninsula Magazine publisher Lisa Walton to present an innovative and exciting ladies’ lunch series where raising money for those in need is the main game —besides meeting up with your friends and devouring an extremely delicious lunch with a glass of bubbly while looking gorgeously glamorous! 

Erica explains: “There will be a theme for each lunch we present. The Glamorlicious inaugural luncheon will be held at the Ranelagh Club in Mount Eliza on October 3. Adrian Dickens, from Circa Ad Jewels, will present Diana, Princess of Wales — The Jewels of a Modern Day Princess. Lady Fox will be performing (see separate story pages 108-109) and there will be goodie bags, prizes and a raffle which will be supporting cerebral palsy and undiagnosed sufferer Rye Johnson and his family. We are keen to make a real difference to Mornington Peninsula people’s lives.”

Erica has always been a go-getter. She was at riding school at six years old, off to the races with her stylish mother as a teenager and modelling in Melbourne in her early 20s. She continues: “I entered Fashions on the Field at Flemington during the spring carnival when I was 18. I won my heat and was runner-up in the final. I suppose fashion and racing have always gone hand in hand for me. My husband, Peter White, was a trainer at Randwick in Sydney when I met him; however, upon moving to Melbourne he retired for a while. When my son decided to start a horse-training career, we moved to Mornington Peninsula opposite the Mornington Racecourse. That was in 1998. We’ve always had a great love for horses. Peter took out his trainer’s licence again when we came to Mornington and was successful. Jungle Ruler won over 20 races, including two Peninsula Cups at Mornington, and Inspector won the Peninsula Cup in 2015. I started fundraising in 2010. Our first lunch was at Morning Star Estate Winery for the National Jockeys Trust.”

Erica has always had a way in business of bringing people together, and just like the thrill of watching a horse like Makybe Diva win the Melbourne Cup three times or Subzero thundering down the wet-weather straight in 1992, this Mornington Peninsula gal about town continues to commit to making life better for those who need a helping hand. She may have hobnobbed it with the cream of the racing crop in the Freedmans’ marquee at Flemington and dressed some of the most stylish people around, but her focus on community welfare is steadfast and true. Combine that with her love of all things racing and delicious, and you’ve got a filly who’s fit for making a difference.

And of course she’ll be Glamorlicious while she’s doing it. 

The list of sponsors continues to grow (see ad opposite) so expect plenty of spot prizes, great raffle prizes and sensational Glamorlicious goodie bags filled with products.      


Say it BIG and LOUD


Leading the way in Parkinson’s rehabilitation, St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital provides a range of comprehensive, evidence-based programs to help people living with Parkinson’s disease maintain their independence and well-being. 

Parkinson’s disease affects movement, speech, memory and sleep and can have a significant impact on your life. The role of the interdisciplinary team is vital when working with people with Parkinson’s and the team of specialist health care professionals works alongside you and your family to develop a tailored health care plan to help you live a fulfilling and productive life. 

Inpatient rehabilitation: A comprehensive assessment and tailored program to meet the individual’s needs. This includes medication reviews, falls and balance and reconditioning programs. Advanced inpatient Parkinson’s drug therapies are also offered.

Outpatient rehabilitation programs: Group Outpatient Program — Incorporating balance, strength, endurance and co-ordination training as well as reconditioning. Also included are education sessions that family and carers are encouraged to attend.

LSVT BIG®* — Trains people with Parkinson’s disease to avoid inactivity and keep movements alive during everyday activities by using techniques that teach the use of bigger movements anywhere, anytime in daily living. 

LSVT LOUD®* — Retrains the brain to be more aware of voice volume and assists with the communication issues many people with Parkinson’s face. 

* Individual sessions with an LSVT® certified therapist.

A referral from your GP or specialist is required for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs.

People diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, their families and carers are invited to come along to learn more. A PD group information session will be held on Thursday, August 29, from 3.30-4.30pm, and LSVT® information sessions will be held on Thursday, September 12, and Thursday, November 28, from 3.30-4.30pm. Phone 9788 3367 to book.


A: 255- 265 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston

T: 9788 3333


Banish winter’s chill with MerinoSnug

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Winter is well and truly here, and if you love warm, adaptable, easy-wearing, effortlessly fashionable knitwear, MerinoSnug is definitely for you. 

Proudly Australian owned, MerinoSnug’s range of merino wool clothing is created with Australia’s finest merino and is sustainably and ethically manufactured at a purpose-built factory outlet in Carrum Downs.

From bale to retail, MerinoSnug is committed to connecting customers and woolgrowers by highlighting the origin of each of its garments, allowing customers to learn about the garment’s provenance. Each garment boasts a QR-enabled tag that showcases the woolgrowers who contributed to the making of the garment and the environment in which the wool was grown.

The Carrum Downs factory outlet is open and currently has an end-of-season winter sale on to the public with a huge range of firsts, seconds and factory overrun discounted garments available for sale. 

A: 140 Colemans Rd, Carrum Downs
T: 9786 1113

Guava reaching new heights in luxury hair, skin and beauty

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If you’re after a premier hair, beauty and relaxation destination on the Mornington Peninsula, Guava Hair Beauty Clinic will have you in awe. Set among lush acreage in Baxter on a family-owned estate, Guava’s experienced team believes in achieving beautiful results without compromise, so you’re in good hands. For more than 30 years Guava has been proudly family-owned and run, and 23 years ago it became one of the first salons on the Peninsula to become ammonia-free. 

This amazing team of hairdressers comes with a wealth of experience specialising in all aspects of hairdressing old and new – from style cutting, blow waving, foiling and balayage to creative colouring and hair painting. There’s also a dedicated team specialising in bridal styling, colour corrections and hair extensions, achieving their results through the highest quality ammonia-free, organic and certified vegan-friendly products.

This one-stop beauty oasis offers you the chance to indulge your senses in your private beauty lounge with garden views where you can really treat yourself. The highly qualified beauty therapists specialise in beautiful full brows, healthy lifted lashes and glowing skins. With a full menu of beauty treatments on offer, you will be spoilt for choice.

To top it all off, the newest addition to the Guava family is a stunning skin clinic launching in Somerville in August 19. Specialising in problematic skin conditions, the clinic will boast some of the newest and best treatments on the market for skin health, including analysis and diagnosis, skin needling, power peels, LED and more. With corneotherapy at the forefront, Guava’s clinics are set to define a new standard in results-driven skin care for their guests. Watch this space!


A: 87 Lower Somerville Rd, Baxter


T: 5971 4927

FB: guavahairbody

INSTA: guavahairbodytan

Your face is in expert hands

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.22.08 pm.png

Cosmetic physician Dr Fiona Milne has more than 16 years’ experience in nonsurgical enhancement and rejuvenation.  A member of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Physicians, Fiona’s emphasis is on a global approach to beautification.

“The whole face must be taken into consideration; it must be harmonious,” Fiona says. “Sometimes I am simply augmenting lips but frequently I am considering age-related restoration, which is multi-faceted. Changes in skin, bone and fat loss, and facial proportions all need to be considered.”

Fiona’s area of expertise is injectables.  “Safety and risk minimisation are paramount. Shopping around for the cheapest product in a largely unregulated industry risks a poor aesthetic result and dangerous complications.  I fix a lot of poorly injected lips, for example, where anatomy, product choice and proportions have not been well considered.  This can be unnecessarily painful, increase downtime, and is more expensive than it should ever have been.”

Fiona has opened spacious new rooms at 60 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston, and has been joined by cosmetic nurse Tara and dermal clinicians Peta and Jayde, who are university educated in skin treatments and skin care. Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing with Alex is also available. 

Fiona’s approach is holistic and tailored to each patient’s budget, goals and lifestyle. “Skin quality is integral to getting a good result with injectables. We aim to educate patients in quality skin care and treatment which is not complicated and is time-efficient, whether your skin concern is acne, pigmentation, rosacea or age-related.”

Consultations are welcome.


A: 60 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston

T: 9783 2362


FB: FionaMilneCosmeticPhysician

INSTA: drfionamilne

Revolutionary vein treatment comes to Peninsula

Headshot Close Up.jpg

Just the mention of ‘varicose vein treatment’ can conjure up disturbing thoughts of vein ‘stripping’, major surgery and extended hospital stays.  Thankfully, long gone are the days of painful surgery to remove unwanted and uncomfortable veins.  Dr Ganesha Param recently opened a state-of-the-art vein treatment facility in Frankston that champions the non-surgical removal of varicose and spider veins.  

“We find so many people are put off seeking help for varicose veins because they fear the ‘stripping’ treatments of yesteryear,” says Dr Gan. “The reality is that technology has evolved to a point that no major surgery or general anesthetics are required.  In fact, the outcomes of the new treatments are far superior to old surgery methods and patients are able to return to daily activities almost immediately.”

The Doctor Vein specialist clinic opened in August 2018 and has already treated hundreds of patients with non-surgical and non-invasive vein treatments.  With a range of treatment types available from laser technology to ultrasound guided injections, Dr Gan works with patients to create bespoke treatment plans. Dr Gan finds patients seek treatment for a number of reasons, from the medically motivated because veins are causing discomfort and pain to the cosmetic to improve the physical appearance of legs . . . and sometimes a combination of the two.  

“Varicose and spider veins unfortunately don’t discriminate and can affect both men and women of all ages.  The great news is that treatment doesn’t need to result in lengthy recoveries and time off work or ongoing commitments.  We find winter is a popular time to undertake treatment so patients can be confident and comfortable with their legs when the warmer weather arrives.”

To discuss your treatment options and book an initial consultation please contact 9781 0646 or email [email protected]  No referral is required. 


A: 7 Winifred St, Frankston

T: 9781 0646


FB: doctorvein1

INSTA: doctorvein

Water’s a winner for winter hydration

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 2.16.38 pm.png

Staying hydrated in the winter can be difficult. The colder weather can decrease our thirst sensation, causing us to drink less. Your body needs water to function properly and is essential for the function of cells, tissues, organs and is vital for digestion and excretion of waste products. Drinking water can also help you feel full, preventing us from over-eating during winter and gaining those unwanted kilos. 

The amount of water you need depends on your age and activity level. If you are a healthy adult under the age of 65, you require 35-45ml per kilo of body weight. You could start off by aiming for a minimum of eight glasses of water per day with a combination of foods with a high water and nutrient content.

Water should be the choice of drink — it’s calorie-free, with no added sugar or preservatives! Not a fan of water? You can naturally flavour your water by adding mint and chopped up pieces of fruit, like berries or lemon, depending on what you feel like. Alternatively, you can drink warm water for those winter blues, or sparkling mineral water if you need to quench your thirst. Cucumbers, celery, watermelon, berries, mixed greens and spinach all contain a high-water and nutrient content.

Kate Save is an accredited practising dietitian, exercise physiologist and co-director of Be Fit Food in Mornington. For more info go to or phone 1300 2 MEALS (63257)

Reimagine and recreate your jewellery with the help of Anny’s Jewellers

Anny's Garnet - Editorial.jpg

Do you have any old, outdated jewellery that you no longer like to wear? The team at Anny’s can create new, modern pieces from your old, worn-out jewellery. You have the freedom to create your own designs or leave it to Anny’s master designers and jewellers to create a special bespoke piece unique only to you.

As part of their remodelling service, they are able to unset the stones from your previous jewellery, clean then polish them back to perfection. Diamonds, no matter how old, will always shine brilliantly. All that’s left to do is think of a new piece of jewellery you would like to have, whether it be a ring, pendant, or bracelet. Anny’s talented designers and jewellers can bring your dream piece to reality — “You imagine. We create.”

Anny’s has some of the most talented jewellers within the industry. Harry Ozkoch, the owner of Anny’s, has lived and breathed jewellery since he was 16. Jewellery has been his life’s work with more than 40 years of experience. To Harry, jewellery is more than just a job, it’s his passion. He personally leads and oversees all jewellery work in the workshop to ensure each piece is created to the highest standard possible. Harry has a very simple rule that he abides by: don’t stop until the customer is absolutely happy.

The greatest joy for Harry is seeing the happiness his masterpieces bring to the faces of his clients and when they say, “Wow, is that really my jewellery?!”


A: 92 Young St, Frankston

T: 9783 6226


INSTA: annysjewellers

FB: AnnysManufacturingJewellers

E: [email protected]

Sound advice to find your ideal hearing aid


The best hearing aid for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. At AAA Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre, Fiona and the team will discuss the main things to consider in hearing aids.

Your hearing loss: Hearing loss is extremely individual. Maybe you have slightly reduced hearing in one ear, or you could have a severe hearing loss in both ears. This affects the type and size of hearing aids you can choose from.

Hearing aid size and style: Hearing aids come in different styles, sizes and colours. From behind-the-ear to complete-in-canal styles that sit directly in your ear canal and are very discreet, they can come in different colours to match your skin tone or bright to match your personality.

Features: You can get hearing aids that simply help improve your hearing, or you can get hearing aids that can adapt to your listening situations, stream TV sound directly . . . or even come with the latest real-time machine learning so you can fine-tune your hearing yourself in the moment. Choose the hearing aids with features that would best complement your lifestyle. 

Power: Disposable batteries need to be replaced, so you may want to opt for rechargeable batteries. They are much easier to handle and you can use your hearing aids all day and simply charge them at night, like you do with your phone.

Sound quality: Every hearing aid has its own unique sound. But the best way to decide which sound is right for you is to trial some hearing aids yourself.

AAA Peninsula Hearing Aid Centre is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 60 years in Frankston and is offering free trials in August. Make an appointment with Fiona and Taylah and they will be able to help you find the perfect hearing aid for you.


A: 18 Davey St, Frankston

T: 9783 7677

Did you see the Tooth Fairy?

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 1.43.21 pm.png

Today, dentists use the Tooth Fairy to encourage good dental health and hygiene practices, and they even encourage parents to propagate the legend through the idea that a tooth that is cleaner commands a larger price from the Tooth Fairy. This encouragement and the concept of the Tooth Fairy make dental work on children much easier for dentists.

Traditions suggest that when a child lost a baby tooth, it was buried to spare the child the hardships in the next life. In Europe, for a child’s first tooth the tradition of the ‘tand-fe’ or ‘tooth fee’ occurred. It included Vikings using the children’s teeth and other items from their offspring to bring them good luck in a battle. However, the more general tradition was born out of fairytales and popular literature. The most popular was the story of a ‘tooth deity’, which was a mouse that would enter children’s rooms and remove baby teeth that had fallen out. This was a folklore that was prominent in Russia, Spain and many Asian countries. Yet the Tooth Fairy as we know her today was popularised as a good fairy myth in 1927 when a book contained an illustration of what we now know as the modern Tooth Fairy. The legend had been obscure for quite some time; however, with the popularity of Walt Disney’s fairy characters, the Tooth Fairy gained momentum and quickly became a presence in most households. 

While Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny have been adopted and grossly over-used in promotions by Coca-Cola and Cadbury, which in turn gave them a strong identity, the Tooth Fairy seems up for grabs. Quick sticks, dentists, catch her while you can! 

Schlink tribe takes simple steps towards a sustainable future

Noah, Willow and Harper explore Nature’s Window at WA’s Kalbarri National Park.

Noah, Willow and Harper explore Nature’s Window at WA’s Kalbarri National Park.

Imagine this: hitting the road in a caravan with three small kids aged four, one and eight months, a kelpie and a labrador, and the knowledge that most people think you’re insane. Perhaps you are.

Imagine this: one year on the road with the above lot, tantrums in the red earth, meltdowns on the sand and recuperation in the salty sea, wildlife up close and personal and environmentally conscious choices that are indelibly linked to what it means to be a sustainable human. Can you see a pattern emerging? 

Theresa Schlink explains: “It was our greatest achievement as a family. I loved how we connected with the Earth, and Ben and I loved watching our babies observe the ever-changing environment and wildlife while learning how to leave a lighter footprint behind. People said the kids were too small to remember such an adventure, but that’s not true. Just like learning manners when you are young, valuable life lessons stay with you for ever, and the realisation that their Earth needs to be looked after by them has affected them deeply. They understand that every living thing on this planet deserves respect. That trip was in 2016 when we had three children. We have four children now and are heading off again in July, but without our beautiful dogs this time as they have passed away.”

This Safety Beach family live a quiet life and that’s the way they like it. The simpler the better, says Theresa, who is proud to give her children the hands-on experience of learning how to look after their world now to ensure there will be one to look after later on. She continues: “We just figured the best way to teach our children about the environment was to show them. We want to grow eco-conscious kids and to create a new normal by encouraging them to speak up about their environment and step forward. They are the key to conservation and future sustainability. Our caravan is six years old now so it’s not the perfect eco-friendly set-up, but we do what we can. It has roof-mounted solar panels with extra portable panels for overcast days, plus two water tanks and a battery system.  This can keep us self-sufficient for about a week when we go off the grid. We recycle and reuse as much as we can on the road and try to teach our kids that less is more. It’s about balance. If there’s one area where you use a little bit more of the resources available, then you cut back in other areas.”

Sanity is just a state of mind, right? Just like hooking up a caravan to a 4x4 with four kids in tow and getting ready to explore the great unknown may seem crazy to some, it seems like the ideal eco-learning solution to others. The Schlink family isn’t certain when they’ll be returning to the Peninsula but they are certain they’ll come home with more environmentally-conscious cogs turning. This time round they’ll be heading up the east coast first in their Caravan of Conservation and be doing environmentally-based incursions into pre-schools and primary schools and hopefully meeting like-minded eco-friendly people along the way. Kids and all.

Talk about sowing the seeds of sustainability through hands-on learning. Lessons on the environment are calling. Can you hear them?

Follow the Schlinks’ journey on Instagram @caravanofconservation

Jo’s loving touch is making a difference

Jo Lovelock was working as a nurse/midwife at The Bays Hospital when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, contact with breast cancer nurse services was limited to a one-hour consultation at surgery, so Jo decided to pursue further education to continue the service in 2004 and become a breast cancer care nurse herself.

After meeting cricketing great Glenn McGrath, who founded the McGrath Foundation with his wife, Jane, to provide breast cancer support, Jo advocated for The Bays Hospital to work with the McGrath Foundation in order to adapt her role into a McGrath Breast Care Nurse. After receiving the good news that the application was successful, Jo completed her graduate certificate in breast cancer nursing and has been working as McGrath Breast Care Nurse since 2014. It was a move that meant that Jo could now work to support all people with a breast cancer diagnosis, regardless of whether they were in the public or private system. 

This also meant that The Bays Hospital became a new location for breast care nurses. The McGrath Foundation works with all state and territory health departments as well as nominated health services to determine locations for its nursing team’s services. 

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are healthcare professionals who provide physical, emotional and psychosocial support to people with breast cancer and their families. It’s also a free service that doesn’t require a referral. There are 132 breast care nurses across Australia; their roles include attending medical appointments, providing medical support, acting as a point of contact between a patient and their medical team, and decoding medical jargon. Evidence suggests that early access to a breast care nurse improves the experience and outcomes of a person with breast cancer immensely. 

“Many people diagnosed on the Peninsula will have several specialists and hospitals to attend, and I think of myself as an educator and translator to enable people to understand the nuances of their diagnosis,” said Jo. “This means people are empowered to make informed decisions about their treatment. It’s also so rewarding knowing that you can make a difference to people who are going through a really difficult time.”

Her most memorable experience so far was attending the Pink Test in Sydney earlier this year with one of her patients, Amber, while one of her most rewarding moments was being honoured with the opportunity to speak at the funeral of a patient she’d cared for over a long period. 

“I feel strongly about empowering, educating and supporting my patients. I often say that being a McGrath Breast Care Nurse who has had breast cancer is a little like being a midwife who has had a baby — it doesn’t make you a better nurse but it does give you another perspective.” 

While Jo said the medical care she received during her own breast cancer experience was excellent, there was little psychosocial care available on the Peninsula. However, the help she received from a small group of young women who gathered to support each other prompted Jo and her breast care nurse Sue to co-found Breast Intentions in 2004 and the Mornington Peninsula Women’s Cancer Support Group in 2011 for all women dealing with all types of cancer.

In 2009, Jo attended an international conference in Brisbane called Reach to Recovery, a global network that runs events for people who have had breast cancer, their health professionals, and their families. Jo has moved forward to volunteer as a nurse overseas in developing countries and has attended and presented at the conference in Taiwan, Paris, South Africa and Beijing. This year she and her daughter, Katie, are co-facilitating a workshop for cancer nurses and presenting at Reach to Recovery in Prague.

“I honestly love my job and the opportunities it has presented. Every day I make a difference to people with breast cancer and their families.” 

To volunteer or fundraise for the McGrath Foundation, visit; to ask about volunteer positions at The Bays Hospital, phone 5975 2009; to join Breast Intentions, call 0429 929 071. Peninsula McGrath Breast Care Nurses can be contacted on 0477 770 360.


Get moving again at Sorrento Osteo


Sorrento welcomes new osteopathic clinic The Sorrento Osteo to the area. The clinic is centrally located on Ocean Beach Rd within Carmel at Sorrento's heritage building. Osteopath Dr Jack Morris has more than nine years of clinical experience and is looking forward to helping you with any musculoskeletal aches, pains and injuries.

Jack aims to support patients to achieve long-term results by taking the time to explain the potential causes of their injury and educate on self-management and prevention strategies. He treats people of all ages for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems.


Jack is particularly interested in treating sports injuries and supporting young athletes’ development. He has previously worked as a sports trainer for several local sporting clubs. He uses DMA Clinical Pilates, motor control and mobility techniques, taping and dry-needling to complement his osteopathic manual techniques.

“Our goal is to have you moving better and feeling better over the short and long term.”

Jack is fully registered with AHPRA and is a member of Osteopathy Australia. He has experience working in clinics on the Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland, Casey and the Gold Coast.


A: Suite 1, 142 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

T: 0421 715 770


FB: thesorrento.osteo

INSTA: thesorrento_osteo

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