Taylah Carroll, 21 has been hooked on music most of her life. This Mornington melody maker creates music to soothe the soul and is managed by a boutique agency in Prahran called Melodic Management. I caught up with her via FB and email while she was backpacking through Peru and Colombia!

Back on the Peninsula and having completed her Bachelor of Arts, she’s ready to devote all her time to the medium she loves. Get set to hear more of Taylah in 2017. Follow her at TaylahCarrollMusic on FB or on Instagram @taylahcarrollmusic to see how.

Have you always been a musician?

There is no time I can recall that I haven't been in love with music and performing.

When did you start singing/ playing?

When I was six or seven I joined a children's performing company, so I suppose that's when I started singing and performing music in an organised capacity. I was putting on little shows when we had people over for dinner and performing whenever and wherever I could long before signing on to CPCA (Children's Performing Company of Australia) though.

I started piano to accompany my vocals and song writing. I started taking lessons in high school, though I only attended them sporadically and didn't really like them. I much prefer to play by ear or to simply compose. I picked up the guitar about two years ago and have been teaching myself little bits and pieces.

How do you get started on a song? Where do they come from?

It depends on the song. They all come out differently. Sometimes I start with a lyric or phrase. Sometimes I write out the whole song lyrically and find a vocal melody or I'm playing around with an instrument and find a melody that I love and a song will flow on from there. Sometimes they seem to write themselves, as though they flow through me, like a stream of consciousness. These are the ones that are often the strongest songs.

What instruments do you play?

I primarily play piano, but have recently been writing more on guitar. Now that I've finished my undergraduate degree I really want to buy an electric guitar and a synth. To play the trumpet would be amazing too, although I hear it's super difficult.


How would you describe your style?

I always find this question challenging to answer and usually just say alternative, but recently a friend described it as "sad indie pop". I think that encapsulates better than I could.

Any favourite peninsula musicians/ artists?

Ruby Whiting is one of my closest friends and creates beautiful heartfelt, wandering tunes. Harrison Storm is great. Millie Souter who did the promo artwork for my Ep launch is a wonderful visual artist too.

Where have you played on the Mornington Peninsula and how was the experience?

I've played a lot at Gods Kitchen, The Bay, Portsea Pub and venues of the like.  It's been great playing on the Peninsula and being a part of the music scene here. I have made many amazing friends and been given loads of opportunities to perform.

Where were you brought up and where do you live now?

I did my primary school years in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs in Blackburn and Mt Waverley and moved to Mornington when I was 11 just before high school. I am currently based at my family home in Mornington.

What's your favourite Peninsula beach and why?

Cameron's Bite in Blairgowrie. We used to moor our boat there. It is secluded and quaint, the water is always a beautiful blue in the summer, and a tiny rickety white pier stretches into the bay from the sand.

Do you write poetry?

I started writing poetry in year seven as a form of catharsis and long before I started writing songs. The songs (not including some terrible ones written when I was about six), only really started to come out of me once I could play with instrumentation as well.

What course are you doing at Melbourne University?

I just completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and Minoring in media and communications. Philosophy filled my electives and is my true love within the realm of academia.

Favourite fashion spots?

To shop? I love Aurelia and Herman in Main Street Mornington. And for homewares, gifts, and jewellery - Greedi Lulu and Page 8.

How will you spend the rest of your holidays?

I'm in Colombia now and I will be backpacking here for the next two and a half weeks. I then finish with a week in Mexico and will be back home with my family for the rest of the break. I intend to hug and hang out with everyone I love, walk lots, go to the beach lots, and start writing more songs.

What does the future hold for you?

Now that I've completed my BA, I'm giving myself a year or two to solely concentrate on music. I will be playing more shows, writing new music and producing a new Ep. I haven't really thought much further than that, although I would love to go to India.

Which musicians inspire you and why cover Life on Mars?

I love the song! It's my favourite Bowie song. It evokes nostalgia in me and the melody is just so lovely. My musical inspirations include Tori Amos, Sarah Blasko, Laura Marling (lyrically), and, not so much an inspiration but a new love, Julia Jacklin. She has inspired me to write lately.

Fiona Parry-Jones

Fiona Parry-Jones, known as the ‘colour guru’, delves into the dreams of her clients to create beautiful homes with personality. She is the owner of Von-Haus Design Studio, which offers a range of colour and design services that are tailored to each individual client.

Having recently moved to the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and little boy, Fiona and her team are motivated with a mission to bring excitement and charm to every project. We sat down to talk about her love of the Peninsula and how it inspires her design.

What made you move to the Mornington Peninsula?
We wanted a change of pace from the hectic inner city lifestyle and somewhere close to a beach that would be a good place for our little boy to grow up. The new roads make it so easy to still commute to clients, both city bound and locally, and I love how friendly people are here.

Do you think the Mornington Peninsula has its own particular style?
Yes, it does have its own style. I feel the Peninsula has a more relaxed, beach vibe with the variety of styles in architecture and design to enhance this. There is a lovely sense of community all over the Peninsula, which makes each suburb have its own special style unique to the area, ranging from rustic country to elegant Hamptons depending on where you go.

What type of design do you love at the moment?
I love any type of design that embraces colour in unique ways. It’s hard for me to pick one trend or design style because I am always looking at new ways to bring different styles together. What I do love is how colour is coming back into kitchens. Kitchens and bathrooms should have personality and why not make them colorful too!

Where are your favourite places to shop for design pieces on the Mornington Peninsula?
Tyabb Packing House has always been a top favourite of mine since I first discovered it back in 2003 when I came over from the UK. I love Mynd interiors in Frankston and all the markets too. My newfound discoveries are The Colour English in Mount Eliza and Greedi Lulu in Mornington. It’s very dangerous living so close to such beautiful shops but I’m very passionate about investing in local artisans and retailers.

Where do you draw inspiration from on the Mornington Peninsula?
I draw a lot of inspiration from the diversity of elements the Peninsula has to offer. I feel very spoilt here to have both amazing landscapes and beaches as creative reference. Every weekend I will try to explore a new area and I have come across some amazing talent with local retailers and artisans.

Where did your love of colour come from?
It started at university when I was studying fine art, I investigated the significance of colour on the human body and how we interacted with it through visual art.  This led me to learn more about the effects of colour in our daily lives and particularly in our homes. From there my obsession grew to interior design and the ways I could use colour to make homes beautiful as well as reflecting the personality of people who live there.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?
I recently completed a very colourful project in Northcote where the client wanted every room to have a different colour theme. They had an amazing collection of artwork that helped to explore this more and there was a special kids zone where their artwork became the wallpaper for the room. It was such a fun project and was wonderful to see how the family all had input on the overall use of the space and style.

What can people expect from your ‘Colour Your Home’ workshops?
There are lots of people out there buying houses and renovating, but don’t know what style they like or how to pull their ideas together. This workshop is a great starting point for any interior decorating project and helps you map out the direction you want to go in. You leave with a moodboard ready for your next step, along with a pack filled with information on local suppliers in the area to help with your purchasing decisions.

Fiona is running a ‘Colour Your Home’ workshop at Co.Co Place in Mornington on November 12. Tickets: www.von-haus.com.au/events For more information visit von-haus.com.au

Marlene Miller

What sets Marlene Miller apart from the rest is her eye – an eye for spying a history-laden find to add to her already eclectic array of wonderful antiques in Sorrento. This southern tip of the Peninsula person has been collecting for around 30 years and her store on Ocean Beach Road takes you to a world where craftsmanship and detail take centre stage and age is a thing of beauty.

I’ve had a few chats with the marvellous Marlene in the past and have found out two things for sure. One, she likes to laugh a lot and two - she is not so common after all.  

(And by the way - isn’t it amazing how waiting for a ferry can change your life’s course?)

Did you find things as a child and bring them home?
The only time I did find something was when I picked up a toy from the Doherty's lawn (they were a big family who lived down the street). I took it home and got into a lot of trouble for it. I had to go and confess! I have not ‘picked’ up another thing since.

What makes you want to collect?
It is just so lovely to be surrounded by beautiful things and preserve history at the same time. I think it is really important for our future generations as well.

Is there a history of collecting in the family?
Not really, but my grandmother had very beautiful things. I am lucky enough to have some of those things now.

What’s the oldest piece of furniture you’ve had in store?
I have a lovely old Georgian Oak drop-side table at the moment which is close to 200 years old.

What is the most interesting piece of jewellery you’ve found?
I love the Gold Rush jewellery and do have quite a lot of it, but one of the most interesting pieces I have is a beautiful 15ct brooch/necklace (with love tassels). It has the photograph of a lovely lady in the back and she is wearing the necklace. You the lift up piece at the front and there is a photo of her husband. It’s probably dated around l860. Another great piece is a black cameo necklace made from the lava from Pompeii c.1830.

What’s the oldest book you’ve got and what is it about?
So many old books have come down from the book room upstairs over the years. Some of them go back to the 1700s. I’ve just gone up to find one called 'The Horse, in the Stable and Field' printed in 1875. There are lots more but the book room is a little messy and it takes a while to find things!

How long have you been in Sorrento and what do you love most about the area?
I grew up having holidays houses in the area, but in 1985 I noticed a derelict building (106) in the street for sale. Whilst waiting for the ferry to Queenscliff one day, I signed up to buy it.  I was pretty much into art back then and thought Sorrento needed more galleries and I also loved doing up buildings. I sold my partially renovated house in Brunswick and holiday house in Sorrento - left my really good job which I loved and have been here ever since. The art passion turned into a passion for antiques.

Why live near the sea?
Probably because of the relaxed atmosphere, fresh air and the lovely people who live here and visit the area.

How does Sorrento compare to other places here and overseas that you’ve been to?
Extremely well.  It is a beautiful place to live and has everything I need here.

Do you have any favourite spots to eat on the Peninsula?
We take turns to eat at our fabulous restaurants. We are very spoilt with such good food, coffee and ambience.

How would you describe your style (if you have one)? Do you think there is a Peninsula style?
Maybe a bit edgy so I am told. I think Peninsula people are rather casual in their style.

Do you have a favourite period of design you keep being drawn back to? What’s your favourite period in history?
Design wise I do not think you can beat the 1920s. I do not think there has been anything like it before or after.

How has Ocean Beach Road changed since you opened? (When was that?)
Ocean Beach Road was very country when I opened in 1985. You could see the tumbleweed rolling down the street at weekends.  I do like the way it has evolved and think the buildings blend really well.

Do you think there is a future in collectables? How has the collectables business changed?
Antiques have been out of fashion for a while, but teenagers are now starting to love them. Girls are buying the old cups/saucers for their friends for birthdays and loving the old books because they are interested in the history. The beautiful old furniture will again be appreciated, but it’s getting harder to find as there are not many antique shops left. It is much harder to find good antiques these days for some reason. You would think it would be easier as they are out of fashion - but it’s not.

Open seven days a week 10am(ish) till 5pm (closed Christmas and Good Friday)
A: 128 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento
T: 5984 1762
M: 0438 537 757

Singer/songwriter Harrison Storm

There’s a storm coming - or for many who already know Mornington local Harrison, it’s already landed.

Harrison grew up in Mornington, moved to the city to study civil engineering for two and a half years and came back to ‘the best place on earth’ after realising that music and the beach were his true loves. He’s never looked back. Visit YouTube to check out his music.

When did you first become interested in being a musician?
I'd been mucking around on mum’s guitar growing up and started really getting into it in high school. In my last year at Mt Eliza Secondary College I decided to jump up at a lunchtime performance with no-one really knowing I sung or played guitar. The response was pretty inspiring and I haven't stopped since. 

How would you describe your style?
It’s quite soft, relaxed and personal. Growing up by the beach has had a huge impact on my sound. 

What music inspires you and any local bands you’d recommend?
I listened to a lot of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac growing up, so I'm drawn to more introspective singer songwriters like Ben Howard, Nick Mulvey and Angus and Julia Stone. As far as local acts go, Young Vincent, Zombitches and Ruby Whiting are all making interesting music that I recommend checking out.

Where have you played and where can we see you play in the future?
I busk nearly every week on Bourke St and Queen Vic Markets in Melbourne. It's always a humbling experience to meet all the different sorts of people who walk the streets. I also play the odd wedding and have just supported Woodlock at The Grand in Mornington. After seeing The Beautiful Girls play at The Grand and hearing about other acts like Saskwatch and The Basics playing there too, it's pretty exciting for me as someone who is a fan of live music and lives in Mornington. I hope these sort of awesome acts keep playing there. My next local gig will be at MOTH (Music on the Hill) in Red Hill on July 1 with Sweet Jean.

Do you have any views on the state of the music scene on the Mornington Peninsula?
There are a bunch of talented musicians on the peninsula who need somewhere to play, so the more places that support original live music, where the focus isn't selling $10 jugs but rather the artist, the better.

And lastly, are there any other artists on the peninsula who come to mind when thinking about talent?
Besides the musicians, there’s a lot of other great art being made.  I follow photographer Hayden O’Neill on Instagram and love the way he captures the ocean and the Mornington Peninsula. 

FB: www.facebook.com/harrisonstormmusic
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/harrisonstorm

Jade Szonyi, travel blogger, Mum With Wings

Mt Eliza’s Jade Szonyi is a mother of two, an international flight attendant and a travel blogger with a rising Instagram profile. This month marks the first anniversary of the 32-year-old’s blog Mum With Wings (@mumwithwings) and in that time she has racked up 16,100 Instagram followers. She reflects on how it all happened.

Tell us about Mum With Wings and how you got those 16,000-plus Instagram followers!
I am a local Mornington Peninsula mother of two (Lottie, 6, and Sol, 3) and I have been an international QANTAS flight attendant for more than 10 years. I love looking after families on board and I was nicknamed the ‘on board nanny’ at QANTAS way before I even had my own children. I LOVE taking my children travelling around the world. Travelling teaches children so much and I believe it to be the best way to learn. My first overseas trip was to Sri Lanka when I was seven and it was a life-changing experience. I started Mum With Wings because my friends and their friends were constantly messaging me and asking for advice before they travelled with their children. So I decided to condense my experiences and knowledge into a blog. I want to encourage more families to travel and not be so scared of the thought. If parents are prepared before the flight, the journey will be much smoother once in the air. 

Social media is an amazing platform for sharing my tips. Mum With Wings has had a great response and has grown very quickly. It has also been a really good creative outlet for me. Before I was a flight attendant I studied Media and Communications at RMIT, I’ve always loved writing and photography, but nothing too technical, it has to be fun! Social media gives me that freedom to not take things too seriously.  I reply to every comment and question on my social media channels, I think interacting with my audience has helped it grow, I’ve also done a few things for QANTAS’ social media and an Expedia Blog which gave me huge exposure to a global audience. The content I share does really help families, I think that’s why it’s been well received. I’m a real mum doing what I love. I’ve assisted thousands of families on international flights over the last 10 years and I have learnt from their experiences too.  That’s the knowledge I draw from.  I also really appreciate what we have here on the Mornington Peninsula and I think like a tourist in my own back yard. I love sharing the best of my home region. The peninsula is such an amazing place for families, I do lots of local reviews and family friendly Mornington Peninsula posts. I often have the opportunity to serve Mornington Peninsula wines when I’m working in first class on board the QANTAS A380 and this makes me so proud of my home. 

What’s a normal day like for you?
I am really just a normal local mum. It’s the school run, the kinder run, cooking dinner, coffee at local cafes. I fly part-time so I only go to work once or twice a month max. I feel like a stay-at-home mum who gets a break in a hotel room in LA or Dubai every now and then.  My blog is something I do when I can. I don’t put too much pressure or deadlines on myself to get that done. If the sun is shining I take the kids to the beach. The blog post can wait.  I post on my Instagram a few times a day and I like to try to get one new blog post published every week if I can. The content has now built up on the blog and it really is a great resource for me to direct the many questions I receive daily to.

Favourite local spots?
I LOVE all our peninsula beaches and our national parks, Seawinds and The Briars, especially in autumn. I love visiting the wineries in Red Hill. Flinders is such a beautiful place. Sorrento. Too many! I can’t choose.  I like mixing it up and exploring different areas. My hammock in my backyard might just be my favourite spot.  

Favourite destinations with children?
Hawaii would have to be the most child-friendly place that I have been. Little things like kids’ drinks being served in a takeaway cup with a lid and straw are really big things when travelling with kids.  An immigration line with priority for families can be so nice at the end of a long flight. I have loved taking my kids around Europe and the USA. Closer to home we have had amazing adventures in Laos, Thailand and Indonesia.  

W: www.mumwithwings.com.au
Instagram: mumwithwings
FB: www.facebook.com/Mumwithwings

Stef Boadle, founder of More Tea and Co. Co Place

When Steph Boadle moved to the peninsula about 5 years ago, she knew it was time to create her own brand.  She had left behind a corporate career, which involved such things as launching Jetstar in Australia (while managing an ad agency), and attending Harvard Business School in Boston on a scholarship - studying entrepreneurship and negotiation.  

When it came time to do her own thing, Stef knew it had to be something she was passionate about.  Being a reformed coffee drinker and an avid tea lover, she wanted to make properly brewed tea accessible to people outside the home.  Not one to do things by halves, she gained her tea certification and she used this expertise to choose only the finest quality teas from across the globe.  But the star of More Tea became Stef's invention, her beautiful glass and bamboo tea bottles. She designed these to give people the option of taking their quality, properly brewed tea on adventures with them. In recent times, there have been imitation bottles popping up here and there, but the peninsula can lay claim to being the birth place of the original (and arguably the best) of these.  Thanks Stef! 

Stef has now opened a great little creative co-working space, Co. Co Place in Mornington and she says, "I can’t tell you, even in my own business, how much More Tea has gone in leaps and bounds, just from being around and being re-inspired by other people.  The more productive someone is next to you, it just feeds you.  I'm over the moon with how it's worked out and I can’t wait for the future."

What are a couple of your favourite blogs/websites and why?

Definitely Ted. It's a great way to stay connected with what is going on, and different views of the world. I do receive the Harvard Business Review blogs.  Again, a great way to keep up to date with what’s new, and see some of the great things that people are doing. I follow a few tennis players on Instagram for inspiration and training tips. Instagram becomes like a lot of little blogs for me.  Most of the products I buy I find on Instagram, and I like to support small business.  The social media examiner is a blog I will read, it is fabulous. And I’ll tell you where I get all my recipes, Melbourne Food Files.  It’s really great because I’m not the best cook but its all simple good food.  And impressive.

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots?

Definitely the Milk Bar in Mount Martha and the Mount Martha tennis club.  And the Golf Club in Cape Schank.  Those are my happy places.

Describe your style:

I definitely dress to where we live and who I am. The uniform here is cons. No heels allowed! I'm very simplistic, tom-boyish even.  I’m either doing active stuff in my active wear (I play tennis a few times a week), otherwise it’s mostly jeans, t-shirt and cons. Relaxed style. Even if Im going to Melbourne, I can still be me.  My style is just to be who I am. 

Do you think Mornington Peninsula fashion has a certain look or feel?

it is definitely that fitness and active lifestyle. Nothing over the top. No one takes themselves too seriously around here and if they do its pretty obvious.  I don’t think there is a set uniform but there are a lot of people who are just happy in their own skin.

by Penny Ivison






Cait Miers, Photographer



Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

I’m a photographer from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. I freelance meaning I work for different companies and brands, shooting campaigns and editorials.  And I submit my own personal work to magazines and blogs etc. 

Describe your style:

I think my style is quite natural but also colourful. I look for the in between moments, the off guard and the awkward, as I see them as the most beautiful. My style for surfing and ocean photography is very elegant and feminine, always trying to capture women in their natural form. I love stripping back scenes, no make-up, minimal accessories and shooting personalities. 

Do you think Mornington Peninsula style/fashion has a certain look or feel?

Yep! Very coastal, quirky and relaxed. I think it’s got a lot to do with the slow paced lifestyle and the people who grew up here. Everyone’s pretty down to earth and I think that shows in the way they dress!

What are a couple of your favourite blogs or websites and why?

My friend has a rad blog/site www.saltgypsy.com which is amazing, has everything you need to know about women surfers in the industry. I also draw inspiration from blogs like Oracle Fox and A Bikini A Day as they just have beautiful presentation and I get super inspired by the way they grow their businesses. 

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots?  

Commonfolk in Mornington has got to be my favourite. I’m always in there! I love Store Fifteen Cafe too in Main St, they have the best smoothies. Mr Curtis in Mt Martha is perfect for a down time wine on a Friday afternoon too!

by Penny Ivison


Cait Miers for Assembly

Cait Miers for Assembly

wave print, Cait Miers

wave print, Cait Miers

Elli Jean by Cait Miers

Elli Jean by Cait Miers

Mel from Evergreen Clothing

Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

I am 29 years old and have lived in Mornington for the past 4 years (and will never leave!) Proud mamma to my little man Zac, and have another one on the way - due in May. I own Evergreen Clothing, in Blake St, Mornington, and pretty much have the best job in the world!

Describe your style:

Most days you will find me in jeans and a t-shirt, (long gone are the days when I wore heels to work everyday!) so pretty casual and comfortable. But I can't go past a bold, bright print or anything off-the-shoulder. I've always been a bargain-hunter, looking good without spending a fortune is important to me: hence, Evergreen Clothing was born.

Do you think Mornington Peninsula style/fashion has a certain look or feel?

Being near the beach always creates a bit more of a relaxed fashion vibe. And lends itself so well to a more bohemian feel with gorgeous print skirts or dresses with sandals and a heap of accessories.

What are a couple of your favourite blogs or websites and why?

On Instagram, I am absolutely loving @innika at the moment. This girl does colourful prints to perfection - @jetsetmama is my other favourite account. Not so much for fashion but just for a good laugh and gorgeous pics.

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots? 

We are loving Mr Pauls at the moment. It tends to be our go-to on a Friday night. The food and service are always spot on.
The Filling Station is my daily coffee (and more often than not, cake) fix. Since being pregnant I cannot get enough of the Bambino either (mini bacon and egg roll), so good! 

by Penny Ivison

Find Mel on instagram @evergreen_clothing or facebook.com/evergreenclothing

Humble Body

Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

We created Humble Body to spread the word about hemp and how good it is not only for our bodies but the world!

We are striving to be a leading force behind the shift in society to using resources that we can truly rely on, without sacrificing our natural environment.

Humble body believes in challenging the status quo of body care.
We believe that caring for your body should involve enriching the skin you’re in and the planet we live on. This is why all of our products are hemp based, organic, natural and made in Australia.

Describe your style:

Passionate, aware and conscious.

Do you think Mornington Peninsula style/fashion has a certain look or feel?

We have all grown up on the Mornington Peninsula and love all that it has to offer. The beach vibes and coast feels definitely play a role in the fashion but we believe the Mornington Peninsula is home to all styles and that’s why we love this place so much!

What are a couple of your favourite blogs or websites and why?

The Nook Gallery – These local legends always have new and interesting shows/galleries happening at their space! Afends.com these guys are amazing and they make hemp based clothing HOW COOL!

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots? 

Our weekly catch up meetings are at the Royal Hotel in Mornington. What a spot for a meeting! Views, bar and amazing food! One of our other favourite spots is Emu Plains Market in Balnarring. We love the atmosphere, the people and the local talent is mind blowing.

by Penny Ivison


Cynthia from Sorrento Furniture

Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

In conjunction with my husband Gerard Walsh, we own and operate Sorrento Furniture from our premises at 10 Bennetts Rd, Mornington. 
Specialising in custom made lounge furniture, it is always exciting completing and installing a brand new piece for happy clients.  It never, ever grows old. A few weeks ago the brand new furniture and homeware store, Windswept Designs opened in Sorrento.  We were fortunate enough to be asked to have several of our pieces in their showroom.  So, now Sorrento Furniture is finally in Sorrento.  Insert happy dance here!

Describe your style:

Eclectic.  My style is definitely eclectic with my look changing daily, I like to mix it up a bit!  Love layers, bargain finds, and animal prints.  You can never
have too much leopard, snake print or shoes, but no matter what I wear it has to be comfortable and accessorised.  I actually don't think it's possible
to over accessorise!

Do you think Mornington Peninsula style/fashion has a certain look or feel?

Mornington Peninsula definitely has a relaxed, holiday vibe to it, but it is at its heart, eclectic, which isprobably why I feel so at home here.    Casual, down at the beach style can be seen walking alongside colourful Race Day designer vibrancy, corporates and of course, active wear addicts - you know who you are! How many places do you get to see those looks together?  

 What are a couple of your favourite blogs or websites and why?

I admit it.  I am storage/organising obsessed at home. I simply adore a good tip on organising or a storage solution.  Where else would I go but Pinterest? On a side note - Pinterest owes me hours of my life back!   I also surf on into the website www.staycalmgetorganised.com.au for some useful tips on organising and storage
as well as loads of useful tips for everyday.  

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots? 

Assaggini Wine and Tapas Bar Mornington is a favourite haunt of ours mid week.  Good food, good wine list, great staff.  Provincia Food Store, Safety Beach. I Spend every second night at this magnificent Deli, Food Store or as I like to call it - Heaven!   

Absolute, hands down favourite coastal walk to date, starting at the Fingal Picnic Ground, down to Fingal Beach, head towards Gunamatta, return via the bush coastal walk. I ached by the time we had finished, but worth every sore step. Scenery was amazing!  Absolutely amazing!

by Penny Ivison


Jess from Scout's Honour

Tell us a bit about you and what you do:

My name is Jess, and I am the owner of Scout's Honour, a lifestyle store in beautiful Dromana. It keeps me quite busy, working 7 days, but, I love it! It is exactly where I am meant to be! I am presently in the midst of preparing myself for my first Christmas and summer season! My spare time is spent with my partner and our 2 border collies, Scout and Colin, and our crazy cat Penny. I am a craft junkie, I love live music, shopping, cooking and drinking tea.

Describe your style:

Denim, tees and a leather jacket are in high rotation in my daily wardrobe. I tend to wear a lot of black, grey and white... And I have a thing for shoes and leopard print... And leopard print shoes!

Do you think Mornington Peninsula style/fashion has a certain look or feel?

I think that the Peninsula style is so varied, but there is a relaxed feel throughout, and importantly, people own their look.

What are a couple of your favourite blogs or websites and why?

No matter how many tabs I have open at any one time, I always have Pinterest open. I spend far too much time there, just looking at and reading about whatever it is I am interested in, in that moment! I also follow the blog by Pip Lincolne Meet Me at Mikes. I have for years now... I have such a girl crush on her and her outlook on life!

Can you tell us one or two of your fave local spots? 

We are SO spoilt for choice on the Peninsula. Be it great food, great shopping or stunning beaches... We have it in spades. Working 7 days means early breakfast dates at The Milbri in Rosebud, who serve up sensational coffee (and cocktails!) I also love heading down to the Independent Wine Store in Rye after I close up in the afternoon. These lovely ladies are so knowledgeable about what they sell and they serve amazing deli plates, that showcase so many local producers. Even better, it is available to take home with you! As for beaches, I am happy at any, regardless of the season! But I do have a soft spot for Somers. It feels so much more peaceful, even in the heart of summer!

Penny Ivison