Lip Bombs bring it on By Liz Rogers

lip bombs secret party.jpg

When you first listen to the Belair Lip Bombs banging out their brand of surf/punk, you might be forgiven for thinking you were held up in some 1980s downtown dive where the lights are low and the music makes you high. This is the stuff that takes you back to Blondie, The Cramps, Iggy Pop and The Slits, then kicks you up the posterior into the future for a glimpse of 20-something rock that shocks with a whack of pure guitar grunt. Mornington Peninsula Magazine got the ‘goss’ from Lip Bombs guitarist Mike Bradvica about what they’ve been up to.

How long have you guys been together?

A bit over a year now. Mike, who plays guitar, and Liam, who plays the drums, are Frankston boys, while Jimbo on bass comes from Seaford. Maisie on vox used to live in Frankston but has just moved to Ascot Vale. We’ve pretty much played all the major venues in Melbourne now but there’s a few more to go. The MCG would be sick — ha ha!

Why Belair Lip Bombs?

Vintage Belair Lip Bomb wheels came from California back when the whole skate craze was popping. We thought the name sounded cool and we all kinda skate so we thought yeah, why not?

How would you describe your sound?

We all love heavy punk and grunge but we also love melodic and slow music too. We always show each other what we are listening to, which I think is pretty cool. We’ve been described as punk/surf/grunge rock but we’re not influenced by anyone really except ourselves.

Have you always been into making music?

We’ve all been making music since we were young. I personally don’t know what else I’d be doing with my life if music didn’t exist.

What does a Belair Lip Bombs crowd look like?

When we first started our audience was pretty much just our own mates and whoever happened to be there. Now we’ve started to get a bit of a following, which is sweet. Mostly teens and young adults. We’ve had some pretty sick gigs so far. Our 2am Yah Yah’s headline in Fitzroy went pretty wild. Recently we were asked to sign someone’s shirt for the first time, which was a kinda strange feeling.

Who writes the tunes?

Maisie writes most of them but she throws out her ideas when we rehearse and the rest of us add our stuff and flesh it out. 

Tell us about your EP, Songs To Do Your Laundry To, which was launched May 25.

We recorded it with our ‘sick’ mixer mate Max over two days in Frankston in January this year. We thought “Nah” to releasing a single because there were only three songs and it was better to release them all in one bang.

So what’s next?

We are playing a bunch of gigs in town throughout June and are thinking of starting to record a full-length EP or LP. Overseas gigs would be great too — but baby steps.

Follow them on Facebook @lipbombz to find out where they’ll be playing next. 

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