Natural intelligence and the subaquatic By Liz Rogers

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Step inside Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza this month to view an exemplary exhibition of photographic works by master photographers Beth Mitchell and John Bodin. Both moment-catchers present incredible works that reflect dialogues with the natural world to create art that hangs brilliantly on the walls of both domestic and commercial interiors.

This is photography that speaks to the mind and heart and gives the viewer time and space to reflect on the wonder of nature and what lies beneath. Beth’s The Dome series is “inspired by the brilliance of old-world cultural and artistic explosion and captures the circling of the four seasons by exploring the symbol of Renaissance beauty in rebirth”. This magical collection of strong and seductively romantic female forms taken below the waterline and printed on metallic pearl are full of colour, light and reflective richness.

John’s magnificent photographic works come from a place where natural intelligence reigns. Aesthetics is key in this series of nature-scapes where moments in time reflect the power of environment and the gift of internal monologue pondering it gives. Silent, vast and dramatic, these mood-lifting works act as an escape from the artificial intelligence of the modern-day world and take you into a haven of ambient beauty. John believes that “one ocean transcends all continents”, and his non-site-specific work reflects this notion. One nature. One life.

Manyung Gallery has made yet another artistically adventurous statement with this wonderful photographic exhibition that’s perfect for Peninsula art-lovers who think big. It’s on from March 3-18 at Manyung Gallery Mount Eliza, 60 Mount Eliza Way. Don’t miss it.



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