Sweet smell of success at EAU

Mornington Peninsula Magazine asks EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts what it takes to create their beautiful product. Sit back and smell the roses!

What makes EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts so special?

We use three pure salts which are renowned for their therapeutic qualities hand-blended with Australian pink clay. Epsom salts have shown to be easily absorbed through the skin, reducing inflammation, helping muscle and nerve function. Himalayan salts contain over 84 minerals and trace elements which assist with aches and pains. Dead Sea salts stimulate blood circulation and assist with skin disorders, improving skin hydration. Australian pink clay can deliver moisture and energy to tired, dull skin and lightly exfoliates the skin. Each and every one of our pure essential blends have their own therapeutic qualities – we use only pure essential oil blends.


How did the idea for EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts come about?

I previously worked in retail with some of the most talented small businesses on the Mornington Peninsula and their creativity was contagious. You can’t do anything on your own and with so many local businesses’ support, the idea was conceived. The process of blending oils is such fun and when you hit a blend that is sensational it is time for a glass of wine to celebrate. There have been many mistakes along the way but I do know that the advice and time given to me by other small business owners has been critical in launching EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts.


EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts are hand-blended. Please describe the process.

We make to order, small amounts each time, and we package on the day they leave our tiny ‘She Shed’. We actually hand-blend all our ingredients four times, and when I say by hand, I mean hand. We start with blending our three salts to ensure that each of them is equally distributed with the pink Australian clay. The hardest part is ensuring that all the pure essential oils are perfectly balanced to give each of the five blends the most beautiful and individual fragrance with their own therapeutic benefits. We do everything ourselves from the blending to the packaging and where possible the delivery.


EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts believes in total wellbeing – what does that mean?

Total wellbeing means that the mind and body are looked after equally. We chose to support headspace – the National Youth Mental Health Foundation dedicated to improving the wellbeing of young Australians. This vital organisation provides early intervention mental health services to 12 to 25-year-olds.  A proportion of each and every product that leaves our She Shed is donated to headspace.


Where do we find EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts?

We only launched our five blends at the end of October and the response has been amazing.  The local businesses who now stock EAU include Zen Living Mornington, Wise & Co Dispensary Balnarring, Sissy Mt Eliza, Blue Mini Café Rosebud, Peninsula Hot Springs Fingal, Epicurean Red Hill, Main Ridge Harvest, Giving and Living Somerville, White Nest Blairgowrie and Sorrento – we are so grateful for their support. Our online store is going well with salts going as far away as the United Kingdom and Toowoomba!


They look like they would be a great Christmas present?

They make a gorgeous present all year round but for Christmas they are perfect.  REVIVE, CALM, INDULGE, RENEW or UNWIND – there is a blend for everyone.


What is next for EAU Mornington Peninsula Natural Bath Salts?

We are working on two new blends for launch in February, so the She Shed is smelling amazing as we experiment like mad.


Wholesale inquiries welcome

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