For the love of landscape By Liz Rogers

PAdams_Coastal Paddocks_no size.jpg

Artist Philip Adams creates from the inside out. Reflections of his beloved Australian landscape spread out before the viewer in search of the never-ending. The endlessness of exploration. The expansiveness of connection - with the earth and the unknown.

Considered indications of colour leap from this artist’s work where layer and texture tango. Although Philip paints what he sees, his oil and acrylic (or collage) on canvas and paper creations are worlds within worlds and surge from his interior memories. His expert brush strokes result in pure visual pleasure.

“I love the possibilities of space and the Australian wildlife that inhabits it,” Philip says. “I fell in love with nature as a child holidaying in Balnarring. We’d run to Point Leo. (He now lives in Bung Bong, in central Victoria.) New landscapes excite and invite me.” His wife Pat continues: “He’s always looking out the window. Searching.”

Philip’s work has been in shows since 1970 and hangs in private collections in England, France, Germany, Japan, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Explore this world- renowned artist’s work across two distinct presentations with works on paper from September 23 and large canvases during mid-December at the sublime Manyung Gallery Sorrento, where the light is just right for showcasing these serendipitously sizeable contemporary Australian landscapes – and fall in love.


A: 60 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

A: Unit 7, 35 Progress St, Mornington (warehouse)
A: 6-10 Claremont Ave, Malvern

A: 113A Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento

T: 9787 2953 all sites